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4th of July Party Food

July 4th parties are just around the corner. When Photo Booth of the Stars thinks of July 4th we think of fireworks, BBQ’s, red white and blue, mosquitos, and lots of outdoor fun. Food fare and beverages are always the biggest details for any party and especially a 4th of July party which usually goes from afternoon until well until the evening.

Of course you know we just love our Pinterest and we have done some digging for some Patriotic delectable for you to serve up at your party.

This easy to make “Independence Punch” looks as good as it tastes. This will quench party goers thirst by using cranberry juice, whatever type of blue sports drink you prefer, and for the white use sparkling water or a diet clear soda with ice. This one will hit the spot especially being out in the heat. It’s a must try.

One thing that any party or event planner will tell you is the more you can do to get ready for your party ahead of time the better. We love finding make-ahead ideas for food and décor and these pretzels definitely fit the bill. We have come across many different designs for the dipped pretzels through our searching the web for various occasions and they are always appealing to the eye as well as the stomach. They are all around a hit.

They are really easy to put together. Using white chocolate bark preferably over a double boiler melt the chocolate. Add food coloring to color the chocolate to your chosen colors if you would like to use them for another celebration besides the 4th. You can then dip them in sparkly sprinkles like shown in the above picture. Very festive and you can find all of the ingredients at your local supermarket.

While you have the chocolate bark melting away you might was well make these chocolate and sprinkle dipped strawberries too! You could remove the leaves off of the top and then use candy or cake pop rods or skewers to poke through the top of the strawberry. You can display them in a basket or whatever container goes with your décor by poking them through floral foam to keep them in place.

Depending on your party plans, you could have some of these 4th of July star sandwiches as light lunch fare if you are going to be having lots of different foods spread throughout the entire day. You could do peanut butter and jelly for the kids, turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, egg salad, chicken salad, or whatever your heart’s desire.

If you crave something a little more elegant then use tea sandwiches cut to shape. We found a list of 50 different tea sandwich recipes that would be sure to fit the bill for you on the Food Network. If you like the sound of Ham, Brie, and apple or Steak au Poivre then you are going to want to check it out HERE.

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Don’t miss out in the Photo Booth Fun!

If you have ever been unsure of what to do in a photo booth than this post is for you! We have some really fun ideas that will help you to never miss out on a photo booth opportunity again. You will want to jump in any photo booth you see and strike a pose with a fun photo booth prop every time you come across one with these ideas.

The whole concept of a photo booth rental is to amuse your guests and liven things up by letting them get a little “lively.” If you have ever been a guest that felt intimidated by the photo booth than you should keep this in mind, the sole purpose of renting one is fun! So have FUN!!!! Don’t miss out on it, we guarantee that you will have some fun memories with the photo booth picture strip as evidence to prove it.

There are a variety of options of poses that you can do whether you are in a group or even if you go in by yourself. Smaller groups offer a lot of options, for instance, if you are going in with an all-girl group, the Charlie’s angel pose is great. A group of 3 is always good to make a kiss sandwich out of the middle person.

One really cool idea that makes for some really fun shots if you have a really large group is to have them do the train through the booth. This allows the photo booth to capture the entire group going through it and some really funny pictures to look back on after your wedding or corporate event. Guests really seem to get into this one and it makes for some quality entertainment for sure!

For the ladies, some of the best advice is to pretend you are doing a super model shoot. Strike all of your different poses as you would if you were going to be on the cover of Seventeen, Glamour, or Redbook. Tousle your hair and the more dramatic facial expressions you can create the better! Really play up the role of your newfound modeling career while you are in there.

Guys can get in on the action by acting out a fake fight. This one can get really interesting if you have some chalkboard sign props! You can imagine the ideas that you guests or groomsmen will come up with this idea.

Saluting the camera is always popular and you can get as militant as you wish for this one, or just be laid back and really do whatever you feel. The drinking problem pose is a great one for the men, and women. Take your cocktail in with you and try to look as drunk as possible. Pretty simple right? The elevator is pretty easy to figure out. Move up or down slowly, or even across the width of the photo booth lens.

With the variety of photo booth props available you can let your imagination run wild. So next time you see a photo booth hop on in and have a blast!

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Photo Booth Prop Roundup


It’s time for a Photo Booth prop roundup. With all of the storms we have had in the Chicagoland this week, it has reminded us how perfect Photo Booth rentals are for indoor and outdoor activities.  Here are some really fun prop ideas we found that your guests will love at your wedding, back yard barbeque, graduation party, birthday, or whatever you are going to be celebrating with Photo Booth of the Stars.

These googly eyes from KittyDuneCuts are a fun prop for any party. They are cut from stiffened felt so they will hold up a lot better than paper allowing you to use them time after time. Check out Kitty’s etsy store and snag a pair for your photo booth or get several that you can use as double duty for wedding or party favors.

These are the perfect props for entertaining a rowdy bunch that loves to celebrate! They would be also hilarious for the sophisticated crowd that needs a little lightening up. They should help break the ice and get some conversations started. You can find them on Etsy.

Here is a great DIY for all of you crafty people! You can use this variety of props for any occasion from Oh Happy Day.

This set of ten photobooth props are so cute for the next baby shower you are hosting or if you are the one expecting. The set comes with 4 chalkboards that are pre-written on that you can customize for your convenience. It also includes 2 pairs of the lips with 2 sets of ties and bows. We found this over on Etsy of course. You can head over to IttyBittyWedding and get a set of your own.

These festive props are a great touch to your bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding, or just for fun. They are so cute and glittery and the glitter doesn’t shed which is a major bonus!  Get yours at TheManicMoose.

Frozen theme parties are all the buzz now that the movie is so popular. If you are throwing a Frozen themed party, you have to head over to Popobell’s store on Etsy and grab a set of these photo booth props. They will be a hit!

DIY photo booth signs and props are so fun to make! If you are looking for a little indoor entertainment this week make some props like the ones above from Invitations by Dawn.  Get a head start for your 4th of July party, or next birthday party that you will be featuring a Photo booth of the Stars rental to kill some time this week.

Here are some patriotic printable photo booth props. If you aren’t familiar with ordering pintables online it couldn’t be easier. Like Paper & Cake says you literally print, cut, and then party! You can download your set of mustaches, lips, Uncle Sam’s hat, Uncle Sam’s bowtie, Uncle Sam’s goatee, the Statue of Liberty crown, Statue of Liberty torch, fireworks, shooting stars, and American flag.

Happy Photo Booth propping!!!!!




A New Twist on Some Old Entertaining Favorites

Food and beverages are the heart and soul of entertaining. Impress your guests with some new twists on some typical entertaining favorites at your next party.

Veggie platters are great for summer events and outdoor parties. They hold up well in the heat, and they are also cool and refreshing for your guests to bite on into.

Photo found on Pinterest via:

Above you see the age old classic vegetable tray that you have probably seen at numerous gatherings and cookouts throughout your life. Now, let’s put a little spin on it and see what we can come up with.

Photo found on Pinterest via:

The vegetable platter tray above is a very subtle twist but by using the eggplant as a dip bowl creates a bit of a wow factor. By layering the vegetables on top of purple and green kale it creates a stunning and elegant presentation. We also love the crackers in the pretty container and the scale is a very nice touch as well. Beautiful display if we do say so ourselves.

Photo found on Pinterest via:

Photo Booth of the Stars has yet to meet a person that didn’t like lasagna. It is a staple for family dinners and a great option when serving dinner for a good amount of guests.

Photo found on Pinterest via:

Check out this makeover on one of our all-time favorites. Mini Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups! It’s all in the display and these roll ups are both adorable and delicious.

In addition to how appealing they are to the eye and the belly, they are super simple to make and even better you can have them prepared ahead of time and ready to throw in the oven on the day. Now that is our type of appetizer!

You can head on over and get the entire step-by-step tutorial HERE!

Photo found on Pinterest via: Ariana Mosoff

One of our most cherished salads is the Ceaser salad. It’s got that creamy dressing, romaine lettuce, croutons, and of course parmesan cheese. How can you not love it?

Photo via Food and Wine

Try out these Ceaser salad spears next time you entertain and give your old salad bowl a break for the night. These spears don’t even require any silverware which is always a plus. You can get the recipe and directions HERE and whip up a batch of these for your next party, or even just an appetizer for dinner sometime this week. They are so good!!!

Found on Pinterest Via Gourmet Project

Food doesn’t always have to be gourmet or fancy in order for people to really enjoy it and make it memorable. Creating a stylish food presentation is what really makes your party stand out and also creates a great conversation piece for your guests to mingle and chit chat about your hard work that went into putting everything together.

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Great Tips For Father’s Day!

In case you forgot Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, as in just days away. If you are scrambling for gift ideas fear not Photo Booth of the Stars is here for you.  There is still some time and we have put together some tips to help you get your pop’s a gift that he so much deserves.

Is your dad the golfing or sporty type? Create one-of-a-kind sports equipment for him by painting, decorating, and dyeing whatever sports items he loves. You could use his favorite colors, or meaningful phrases or quotes, whatever your Dad will find the most special.

Not only will your dad love his custom golf balls, the standard white golf balls are hard to keep track of out on the course so now you have given him the perfect solution.

A really simple way to paint a golf ball is to do it just as you would dye an Easter egg, only with paint versus colored liquid. Place about an inch of your selected paint color in a plastic cup. Use a spoon to spin the ball around until it is completely covered. There you have it. Pretty simple, and you can see the entire step by step tutorial HERE.

Photo via

If you aren’t the crafty type or you don’t really trust your skills in the art department then leave the hard work to Unforgettaballs and order up one of their amazing baseballs. They include the finest collection of art work printed on baseballs in the world. The offer many different designs and even have a Father’s Day Baseball for you to give to dad on Sunday. Check them out HERE!

found on Pinterest via

If your dad is the handy man type you can surprise him with his very own tool set makeover! He will never expect it and it will be something he will likely have forever. Next time he grabs his hammer or wrench he will for certain think of you.

There are so many unique and fun duct tape products and washi tapes on the market that decking out tools can be a very inexpensive and easy DIY. You can easily paint the wooden handles of his hammer(s) just be sure to put on a clear coat sealant of some sort to lock in your snazzy art work.

Photo found on Pinterest via

Is your Dad the Grill master? Get him some grilling gear! A nice set of grilling tools is a great idea. You can make your own spices or rubs to package up and give to dad or order/purchase some gourmet ones to treat him with. If you really want to add a nice touch print out some personalized labels to really put the cherry on top and make it that much more special to open.

Head on over to Cincy Shopper and grab their gift in a jar pork rub recipe with free printable labels to go with it. It is inexpensive and you don’t even have to leave the house to get this gift!

Now you have no excuse to give your dad an amazing gift this Father’s day! Cheers to all the Father’s!!!

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Sweet Summer Cocktail Recipes

Photo via GlitterGuide

Summer days are the best for entertaining and inviting guests to celebrate…well, anything! It’s summer! The weather is beautiful, the kids are out of school, and fun is in the air! It is definitely one of the best times to throw a festive function since you have so many possibilities for outdoor venues, or the option to host the event at your own home since you have extra space now that the outdoor area is open for guests. You know a party is not a party without some cocktails or mock-tails, so Photo Booth of the Stars has put together a roundup of some sweet summer cocktails for you and your friends to enjoy at your next party.

Photo: iStockPhoto via

Whether you are serving up drinks indoors or out, your guests will love these beverages. They are simple, festive, and oh so nice to enjoy on a nice warm summer day, or a beautiful evening watching the sun go down.

Celebrations and champagne go hand in hand. The ultimate celebratory drink is definitely one including champagne. So if you are celebrating a wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary, or the opening of an envelope try this Champagne Punch recipe from Martha Stewart. Martha has a knack for always getting it right and this punch is no exception. It is as gorgeous as it is delicious and your guests will love cooling off with one of these at your next cocktail hour.

Here are the ingredients you will need and they are pretty basic! Love that!

  • 3 tablespoons grenadine
  • 3 tablespoons Cointreau
  • 2 tablespoons brandy
  • 1 3/4 cups champagne
  • Raspberries, apples, or other seasonal fruit

Get the step by step instructions HERE and you can whip up your very own batch of this treat.

If you are in the mood for a more mature, dignified type of cocktail the Xanadu is a must try. The flavor combination of this delight are so fresh and clean and just simply perfect for summer time. It is another simple recipe but is something that will impress your guests and is one of those drinks that people will talk about long after your party.

Picture via SteamyKitchen

All you need is to take a basil leaf with about ¼ oz. of simple syrup and muddle it in a rocks glass. Then fill the glass up with ice and the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice of a small slice along with around 1.5oz. of gin and top with a splash of club soda. To make things oh so festive garnish it with a sprig of basil and a slice of grapefruit. Then enjoy and let your guests rave away at their merriment.

Photo via

Another unforgettable cool cocktail for your guests to imbibe with is the cucumber basil and lime gimlet. It’s a twist on the classic cocktail that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Again the fresh basil leaves now mixed with slices of cucumber, vodka, lemonade, and lime juice will leave who everyone who sips on this feeling satisfied and revamped. You can check out the recipe HERE and cheers to your next party!

Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Have A Festive Non-Alcoholic Party

People can tend to go into panic mode about how to entertain without having alcohol at a party or event. There is no reason you can’t throw a festive bash while keeping it dry. Serve non-drinkers and kids something special at your next part or gathering.

It is such a luxury to be exposed to so many different flavored waters and beverages available today that the possibilities for mocktails and punches are to the moon. When hosting a dry event keep the non-alcoholic bar fully stocked. With the amount of money you will be saving by not having any booze you will be able to afford to splurge on a variety of different beverages that you might not typically stock.

If you are scrambling for concoctions to make for your dry party you can easily replace any bubbly with sparkling grape juice, club soda, or lemon lime soda. There is no need to stress out because there are endless quantities of recipes out there for you to pull from. Here are some delicious ones you might want to try at your next soiree or why not today?

We found these two recipes over at Tablespoon. You can head over there to check out the complete step-by-step recipes as well as 20 other non-alcoholic ideas HERE.

For starters this family-friendly sangria looks amaaazing! Who doesn’t like the beauty and freshness of a fruit filled sangria? The eye catching passion fruit garnish sure to get some attention which is always a great thing. Substitute the typical vino for ginger ale, juice, or sparkling water and you will have quite the treat on your hands that kids and adults alike can indulge in.

How gorgeous does this Quick Cranberry Punch look? With its three ingredients, It could not be any easier to pull together either. Definitely a winning combination!

If you are looking to wow your guests, it is always about the details. One that you should never overlook is your glassware. Serving up a drink in a classy glass always makes things seem more special. The presentation is everything and can make or break a drink or a meal. Even if it is just club soda and a lime, the moment you have a glass in your hand that is not your typical drinking container

Now that beverages are covered, it’s all about the food. Serve up some fun unique items for your guests to enjoy. Think outside of the box and create food bars, buffets, or stations that will get guests moving around and mingling. They don’t need alcohol to loosen up, get them moving and conversations flowing.

Image found on

When you are hosting events no matter when but specifically during the day, or during hot summer weather try to remember that not everyone will want to have alcohol anyway. There are so many things that go through a person’s head when getting ready to host a party so it is easy to overlook this detail. It’s a great idea to have some nice options both alcohol and virgin for your guests. They will really appreciate having a special option at your gathering.

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Tips For Taking Better Photographs With Your Phone


PB Pic CameraOne of the best things about Photo Booth of the Stars is getting to be a part of making memories and important milestones in our client’s lives. Our photo booths provide our clients with images that captured the pivotal moments at their wedding, prom, birthday, or any special event. The photo booth picture strips are an easy way for you and your guests to walk away from your big day and have a physical piece of it hold onto forever.

PB Quote Pic

We know how important good pictures are and it can often be frustrating trying pulling off good images on your own. Here are some tips for taking better photos with your smartphone so that you can begin capturing some really amazing memories of your own when you are not inside one of our photo booth rentals.

Let’s face it we live in a day and age where almost everyone is attached to their smartphones so learning new tips and tricks for snapping some good photos on one sounds like something we should all put on our agendas. We have already done all of the heavy lifting for you and browsed the web for some of the best tips we could find, so you don’t have to.

PB Rdy for your close up

The most common tip we have come across is to get close to your subject. This will allow the small sensor on your phone to provide you with a wide depth field so you can get entire objects in focus. If you have ever taken a photograph and the object you are trying to capture is very dark and hard to see because of so much brightness happening in the background, get up close block out the darkness all together. This is a really great approach if you are looking to get smaller detailed shots.

Do not use the flash on your smartphone. Most flashes are actually just LED flashlights that are very bright and harsh on the image you are capturing. It can also make everything very distorted and make your friends and love ones to appear with yellow skin, devil eyes, and looking really morphed. Not really what you ideally want to remember.

Pb Lens

Clean off your lens before you shoot. One little smudge of grit and grime and you will have images that are dark and won’t look good no matter how much editing you do on one of you fancy apps. Your phone comes in contact with a lot of grit and grime each day so before you snap your next selfie, wipe down that lens to increase your chances of a great photo op.

Lighting is the key to a successful photo. Always make sure that your subjects are facing the light and that you are not. The resolution setting on your phone is also a very critical issue that needs to be addressed. Be sure that your phone is set to the highest resolution if it is something you feel will be worth keeping around. You will be glad you did later!

PB Phone

The best tip for taking good pictures is to practice and to explore different angles and different subjects so you get familiar with your phone’s  camera app and all of the features that it includes.

Happy photo shooting!


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