If you have ever been unsure of what to do in a photo booth than this post is for you! We have some really fun ideas that will help you to never miss out on a photo booth opportunity again. You will want to jump in any photo booth you see and strike a pose with a fun photo booth prop every time you come across one with these ideas.

The whole concept of a photo booth rental is to amuse your guests and liven things up by letting them get a little “lively.” If you have ever been a guest that felt intimidated by the photo booth than you should keep this in mind, the sole purpose of renting one is fun! So have FUN!!!! Don’t miss out on it, we guarantee that you will have some fun memories with the photo booth picture strip as evidence to prove it.

There are a variety of options of poses that you can do whether you are in a group or even if you go in by yourself. Smaller groups offer a lot of options, for instance, if you are going in with an all-girl group, the Charlie’s angel pose is great. A group of 3 is always good to make a kiss sandwich out of the middle person.

One really cool idea that makes for some really fun shots if you have a really large group is to have them do the train through the booth. This allows the photo booth to capture the entire group going through it and some really funny pictures to look back on after your wedding or corporate event. Guests really seem to get into this one and it makes for some quality entertainment for sure!

For the ladies, some of the best advice is to pretend you are doing a super model shoot. Strike all of your different poses as you would if you were going to be on the cover of Seventeen, Glamour, or Redbook. Tousle your hair and the more dramatic facial expressions you can create the better! Really play up the role of your newfound modeling career while you are in there.

Guys can get in on the action by acting out a fake fight. This one can get really interesting if you have some chalkboard sign props! You can imagine the ideas that you guests or groomsmen will come up with this idea.

Saluting the camera is always popular and you can get as militant as you wish for this one, or just be laid back and really do whatever you feel. The drinking problem pose is a great one for the men, and women. Take your cocktail in with you and try to look as drunk as possible. Pretty simple right? The elevator is pretty easy to figure out. Move up or down slowly, or even across the width of the photo booth lens.

With the variety of photo booth props available you can let your imagination run wild. So next time you see a photo booth hop on in and have a blast!

Author: L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Vintage Photo Booth via Pinterest Found on rootedinlove9.blogspot.com

Photo Booth Sign via Pinterest Found on wonderful-wedding-inspiration.blogspot.com

Black and White Vintage Photo Booth via Pinterest Found on images.lightstalkers.org

Faces collage via Pinterest Found on data.whicdn.com

Props via Pinterest via Found on etsy.com


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