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Graduation Party Photo Booth Fun!

Just like that, it’s time for graduation parties galore! To Photo Booth of the Stars, that means it’s time to party and rejoice your grad’s hard work, determination, and motivation that got them to this amazing milestone. Here are some ideas that the Class of 2015 are going to love!

The Design Nest

We fell in love with the beautiful color palette in these photo booth props from The Design Nest. They are just the item for your blooming graduate and their friends to strike their best poses in the photo booth rental. They will get a kick out of the various sayings, and just to sweeten the deal – they are a free printable set!

Some of the sayings include:

  • Most popular
  • Couple most likely to get married
  • Nest dressed
  • Class clown
  • Most popular
  • Party animal
  • And more!

Head on over to The Design Nest and print out your own download that your invitees are going to adore by clicking HERE.

Botanical PaperWorks

If you are looking for some props for your photo booth rental on a larger scale, we’ve found some that we couldn’t resist sharing with you!

We came across these little splendors over on Botanical PaperWorks. You can get the whoe 12-sign set – which is also a free downloadable printable by clicking HERE.

Some of the sayings for this set include:

  • Now what?
  • Future world leader
  • Destined for great things
  • I’m just here for the food
  • OMG I did it
  • And more!

Not only will your guests like standing with these props – they will get a snicker out of them!

Work in Progress Kits

In need of a last minute idea for photo booth fun? Chalkboards are the top go-to for props, and are just the ticket to get you out of a pinch if you are in a frenzy. Place a few on the table with some chalk and erasers, and just watch the fun happen!

Guests will begin creating phrases that will be so memorable and completely personalized by them, for them, for the event. The pleasure you are going to have looking over the pictures caught in the photo booth is inevitable.

We unearthed the picture for this genius idea over on Work in Progress Kits blog, which you can check out by clicking HERE.

Big Dot of Happiness

While on the topic of chalkboards – you have to take a peek at this 72 piece graduation party decoration set from Big Dot of Happiness. The pennant banner and triangle décor kit is made for your buffet, sweets table, or anywhere you wish to add a little pizazz at your party! It’s truly unique and will mesh beautifully with your chalkboard photo booth props!   You can order your set by clicking HERE.

Big Dot of Happiness

These decorations will hang delightfully in the backdrop of your photo booth! The pack comes with 6 of these little ‘Tassel Worth The Hassle’ decorations.

Big Dot of Happiness

An alternative backdrop idea for your photo booth rental is this photo garland banner. You can really show off your grad with this one! It comes with room for 12 of your favorite photos. Which ones will you pick?

What are some of your favorite photo booth ideas for graduation parties? Share them in the comments below!

Author: L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Get Prepared For St. Patrick’s Day!

Never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don’t want to press your luck!

St. Patrick’s Day is in the air around the Photo Booth of the Stars. In fact, we are almost positive a Leprechaun snuck in and left behind some lucky photo booth props – we are not complaining!

We thought it would be fun to join in the celebration and share some really neat ideas that we found on the web that will have you feeling “green” for the festivities. These ideas were each hand-picked by our Photo Booth of the Stars Staff and we think you will enjoy them!

Landee See Landee Do

This Burlap Mantel Décor from Landee See Landee Do is the perfect décor for St. Patty’s Day! We were drawn to the greens and the gold that really seem to pop. Because it is minimal décor, it is just enough and doesn’t feel overdone. It really gives off a fun, positive, vibe. You should definitely check out how she did it HERE.

Five Heart Home

Of course, Photo Booth of the Stars just loves a good printable and every event should include some of them! We love this Irish Blessings Printable we found from Five Heart Home.   Head on over and grab your own cheerful little printable HERE.

Picture found on The Busy Budgeting Mama

In need of some festive party or wedding favors? These adorably dressed chocolate kisses are great! We think that they would be widely appreciated as classroom favors as well. The kids are going to love getting these lucky little kisses!

We found the cute picture of the favors over on The Busy Budgeting Mama, who had originally came across this idea from It Is What It Is – Pictures, Projects, and Printables. Great work ladies! We are glad we came across this! You can head over by clicking HERE to get your own free little printables so you can whip up some of these little favor bags yourself.


There is a really fun game we have been playing with everyone at Photo Booth of the Stars and you are going to love it! It’s called “What’s Your Leprechaun Name?”

We found it over on Learning Station Music. They have put together a fun little chart so you can figure out your Leprechaun Name from the first letter of your name, and the month you were born. Head over and try it out HERE, but be forewarned by your trusty friend at Photo Booth of the Stars, you might get addicted. We sure did!

Chocolate Covered Oreos are a delicious and easy treat to make that everyone loves! They are a hit at every party and always the first to go!

If you haven’t tried your hand at these sweet little treats, you can find a complete tutorial (with pictures and a printable!!!) over at See Vanessa Craft. She makes it look very unintimidating! Check it out HERE and be sure to send some our way after you make them.

We hope this inspires you helps you prepare for whatever it is you are planning for St. Patty’s Day. Stay tuned for green photo booth props, backdrops, and more fun coming your way!!!

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Photo Booth of the Star’s Valentine’s Day Gift Picks

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and Photo Booth of the Stars is making the most of it this year!

Here’s our list of our favorite V-day gifts to give and receive. We think you are going to love these ideas.

B Lovely Events

At Photo Booth of the Stars, we are all about printables, whether they are photo booth props, décor items, or even calendars, we can’t get enough of them. It’s only natural that we would love these Free Printable Treat Toppers from B Lovely Events!

Not only can you grab some of these free adorable little printables, but you can also check out their tutorial that shows how to create your very own by PicMonkey! Head on over by clicking right HERE.

If you have never used or heard of PicMonkey, then go to your corner! But seriously, it’s really simple to use and you can get really creative with the software so definitely check it out!

The Dating Divas

Some of the most heartfelt gifts are ones you make yourself. Well, now you don’t have to do it entirely by yourself with these savvy coupon books from The Dating Divas. You can get your own free pintables from them, or make your own by following their tutorial. Check it all out HERE.

Courtesy of Sriracha2Go

We love this idea for the person in your life that is just too hot to handle, or maybe they just love Sriracha on everything. They will be able to have it at their disposal with this thoughtful and creative gift idea. Thanks, Martha Stewart

Do Small Things with Love

You know we are always a fan of anything photo booth-related, so we of course fell in love with this DIY Photo Booth Picture Strip for Valentine’s Day from Do Small Things With Love.

Nancy has put together this easy-to-follow tutorial that is all done for free with the help of PicMonkey.  All you need are 4 digital pictures of you and your sweetie, then follow the tutorial and you have a one-of-a kind gift for your loved one. Check it all out HERE and let us know how they turn out! We’d love to see them.

Crafts by Friends

If your sweetie has a sweet tooth, you are going to love this list of fun sayings that are candy-related for all occasions.

From Bottle Caps to Kit Kats, this list will have you covered to melt your loved ones heart like they are a big piece of chocolate. Check out the list HERE so you can create a cute card, or sign for your loved one to enjoy this coming Valentine’s Day.

Thrive Style

You and your adult friends will love these wine fruit snacks from Thrive Style. They are good and good for you, which Photo Booth of the Stars loves! While you are there, you can check out the recipe that they have for Margarita Gummies. We are going to have some fun with those come Cinco de Mayo! You can check both out HERE.

What are some of your favorite V-day gifts to give and receive?

Author: L. Fulton-EventsbyL




Fabulous Fall Cocktails

Well Chicagoland, we have been having some incredibly gorgeous weather and Photo Booth of the Stars has been enjoying all of the weddings, parties, and events that have been going on over these past few days of fall bliss.

Today we are sharing some fabulous fall cocktails with you to enjoy as your signature drinks at your fall festivities, or even just to enjoy tonight. It is so much fun to make different cocktails and there are so many to choose from. Make a party out of it!

Let’s get this Photo Booth party started with something pumpkin related since you can’t have fall without them. This drink we are featuring is called a Spiced Pumpkin Cocktail and we found the recipe over at The Blond Cook and it is delicious!

Have you ever been at Binny’s perusing the various flavors of vodka there are and you come across one and you just think to yourself, eew!?!? This is not one of those times, PUMPKIN PIE VODKA?? Think of the possibilities, or better yet Google Pumpkin Pie Vodka drink recipes like we did and start concocting libations.

Head over to the Blond Cook and get the recipe HERE and enjoy this deliciousness tonight and throughout the fall season. It is going to be a favorite of you as well as your guests attending your upcoming events.

Naturally we had to include an apple related beverage and this Apple Cider Punch was just what we were looking for.

The visual appeal of this cocktail is out of this world. It is the perfect fall shade of orange and will compliment any table setting out there.

We found this cocktail on Cosmopolitan along with several others that looked divine!!!! The apple cider, grape juice, sparkling apple cider, orange juice, apple slice combination really sparked our interest. You can check out the entire recipe and whip up a batch of these pronto!

Pumpkins and apples are amazing all on their own, but combine the two with Pumpkin Apple Cider Cocktails. Yummm!!! It is made with that lovely pumpkin pie flavored Pinnacle vodka just like the spiced apple cider. We got this recipe again from The Blond Cook and you can get it too HERE.

Sangria is a Photo Booth of the Stars favorite cocktail and with this recipe from Cooking Channel TV we can now enjoy it throughout the year.

Nutmeg, cloves, sliced apples and pears mixed with white wine, champagne, and Damiania liqueur sound like heaven to us and hopefully to you too. You can get the recipe to indulge in for yourself HERE.

We hope that these lovely cocktails will allow you all embrace fall. Each one of them will pair equally fabulously with your next wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or any event that you are celebrating this fall season. Enjoy!


Author:  L.Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Outdoor Entertaining Musts!

We hope you are enjoying the final days of summer. It is coming and going by so fast, as always. We are going to make the most of what time we have left of nice weather and have some more BBQ fun with family and friend’s sand you should too.

We love finding new ideas all over the web to make our events and soirees a hit and today we are going to share some really fun outdoor and BBQ photo booth fun ideas for you all to enjoy.

Ok, on a hot day of entertaining, these sparkling Peach-Mint Ice Pops with Prosecco look like the perfect thing to have on your bar!

We found them on an older article from Fox News Magazine, where they featured 10 frozen boozy treats to beat the heat. The recipes include:

  • The Frozen Frenchy
  • The Peach-Mint Ice Pops with Prosecco from the above picture
  • Frozen Orang Dreamsicle
  • Absinthe Slushy
  • Strawberry Surfer Gelatini
  • Cool Melon Mint Wine-Sicles
  • Strawberry Margarita Pops
  • Frozen Mint Julep
  • Fernet-Branca Ice-Cream Sandwhiches
  • Loaded Frozen Pina Colada

Each and every single one of these look as good as the next! You can check out all ten recipes HERE.

We thought we would share this picture of a great salad bar set up. It is really important when entertaining outside to keep things cold. Especially if they contain mayonnaise or refrigerated ingredients so no one gets sick. This picture is a great example of how simple keeping things cold can be. You don’t need a fancy chiller table or anything overly extravagant. Simply fill a container with ice cubes or crushed ice and place the food in containers right on top to stay cool.

Yard games are a necessity when entertaining out doors and boy did we hit the mother load when we came across this pin for giant DIY Jenga! Your guests will be in awe when they head outside to see this giant, statuesque game set up. Game on!

That’s not all we found! Here are the other DIY yard games we found:

  • Painted Horseshoes
  • Ring Toss
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Designer Beer Pong Table
  • Cornhole
  • Big Bananagrams
  • Gnome Lawn Bowling (YES!)
  • Twister
  • Pinata Kit

Head over to Brit + Co and see all of the cool ideas and how to create them for your own fun HERE.

Be bright and go bold at summer parties! Summer is all about fun and freshness and your party should be no different. We just love these fun, bright, geometric, touches from this summer party we found. Don’t you?

These photo booth props are perfect for your summer cookout, or beach themed party. We love the ice-cream, seashells, and the cute little sun tan lotion tube! Don’t for get to SPF!

We love this DIY home décor project that easily translates to a perfect summer photo booth backdrop. Pick out some fresh and bright colored plates that of course match your theme perfectly and hang on your wall.


Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Sparkling Wine Popsicle

Cold Salad Bar

Giant Jenga Game

Bright and Fresh Summer Party Pics

Beach and Summer Photo booth Props

DIY plate décor

Sizzlin’ Summer Style!

Since summer parties and festivities are in full swing it’s time to get you fashionably ready to attend and partake in such fun.

It is an awful feeling, you know that pit in your stomach when you have an upcoming wedding or event to attend and don’t have the slightest clue what to wear. Fear not! Summer is the time to be light and bright and should be an easy-breezy stress free time to you to enjoy all of the weddings and events the season has to offer.

Here are some summer staples you should add to your repitour so you won’t ever have to do the horrific what to wear song and dance this season.

If you are attending one or many weddings this summer you may be feeling the pressure to put yourself together for the big day these ideas will help you pull together the perfect outfit for any event.

This royal blue high-low gold belted dress we found on Polyvore is the perfect option to stay cool while still staying chic at your next summer soiree. This is definitely one of those pieces that you will be able to get more than one use out of as well which is always a great bonus. This light and airy piece will have you looking oh so amazing on a blind date and even allow that chilly summer evening to allow prince charming to keep you warm.

We love this short Ponte knit fit and flare dress that features stripes and a flirty flow for your next summer bbq, graduation party, anniversary get together, and more.  Bonus it comes in regular or petite and you can find it at Nordstrom.  This is such a stylish yet casual look that you could even sport to your next outing to the mall with your girls.

Go from daytime to nighttime seamlessly by adding a cute little blazer into the mix. We found this Lady Korean Fashion Lapel double-breasted slim blazer jacket on Pinterest via  It is a steal at $26.99 and there are so many different ways to wear.  Now you are ready for a night out on the town with the girls, corporate event, or wedding, and you will still be comfortable allowing you to be the confident party goer you are.


Need to go the more formal route? This grey embellished dress is a great fit for you and only $44 to boot!  We came across this beauty over on

This fun little polka dot dress is so bright, fresh, and just downright fun.  The Sweetest Occasion put together this look for a casual daytime summer wedding and we couldn’t agree more.  It is the perfect way to go and still look adorable while feeling comfortable and we are all about that.  Move over heels!

Have fun with your summer style and be adventurous! Anything goes these days and we love it. As long as you feel good you will look good! So go with whatever makes you happy!


Photo Credit: 1/2/3/4/5

Author: L. Fulton-EventsbyL



Add these 4th of July Decor Ideas to your Party

Happy July everyone!

It’s so hard to believe how quickly July has come around once again. Are you all ready to celebrate America’s Independence Day? Photo Booth of the stars is!

Last week we covered some delicious 4th of July food ideas and today we are covering the décor and other fun filled items to kick off the celebration.

Summer weather is in upon us and if you are heading out to the park this week for a picnic, you are going to love these printable patriotic lunch bags from 30 Handmade days. If you weren’t planning an upcoming picnic these little bags will make you want to go on one! They would be equally brilliant to use as favors for your 4h of July party.

Head on over to 30 Handmade days and get the printable so you can get your bags printed and ready to go.

Now, since the 4th is right around the corner you better get those invitations sent out stat. Of course you can always go the e-vite route and get your invitations on which is a great way to get the invites out with a quickness.

But if you do have a little time on your hands a mailed invitation always seems so much more special. They don’t even have to cost a dime. You can get some free party invitation pintables at Moritz fine designs. There are 5 different options to pick from and each one is as cute as the next.

Add some light ambiance to you backyard gathering with these awesome patriotic luminaries found on Hometalk by Melissa@KeepCalmandDecorate. If you are going to be outside then sticking a citronella candle in would be a must.

This is a great way to recycle your used glass candle holders and is great inspiration for so many other ideas and holidays.

We are loving these patriotic lip and mustache photo booth props for you to print cut and enjoy! We got them off of Fox Hollow Cottage. They are so adorable and will be an excellent touch for your photo booth rental.

If you will be attending a parade held for the 4th of July, you will want to make some of these adorable wands to tote along with you and get celebrating. You can find the DIY on Eighteen25 which is very simple to make and only takes a few items including wooden dowels, some different ribbons of your choice. You can use anywhere from 3-10 depending on your preference and they can be red, white, blue, and whatever patterns you desire. Other than that you just need some screw eyes, and spray paint if you wish to paint the dowel rod in a color. Very easy!

Want to really impress your guests at your party? Create some star-quality lawn décor by taking a star stencil and some white flour. You could edge your entire out door space, walkway, or where ever you feel these stars would make a nice touch.

Have a fun and safe 4th everyone!



Have A Festive Non-Alcoholic Party

People can tend to go into panic mode about how to entertain without having alcohol at a party or event. There is no reason you can’t throw a festive bash while keeping it dry. Serve non-drinkers and kids something special at your next part or gathering.

It is such a luxury to be exposed to so many different flavored waters and beverages available today that the possibilities for mocktails and punches are to the moon. When hosting a dry event keep the non-alcoholic bar fully stocked. With the amount of money you will be saving by not having any booze you will be able to afford to splurge on a variety of different beverages that you might not typically stock.

If you are scrambling for concoctions to make for your dry party you can easily replace any bubbly with sparkling grape juice, club soda, or lemon lime soda. There is no need to stress out because there are endless quantities of recipes out there for you to pull from. Here are some delicious ones you might want to try at your next soiree or why not today?

We found these two recipes over at Tablespoon. You can head over there to check out the complete step-by-step recipes as well as 20 other non-alcoholic ideas HERE.

For starters this family-friendly sangria looks amaaazing! Who doesn’t like the beauty and freshness of a fruit filled sangria? The eye catching passion fruit garnish sure to get some attention which is always a great thing. Substitute the typical vino for ginger ale, juice, or sparkling water and you will have quite the treat on your hands that kids and adults alike can indulge in.

How gorgeous does this Quick Cranberry Punch look? With its three ingredients, It could not be any easier to pull together either. Definitely a winning combination!

If you are looking to wow your guests, it is always about the details. One that you should never overlook is your glassware. Serving up a drink in a classy glass always makes things seem more special. The presentation is everything and can make or break a drink or a meal. Even if it is just club soda and a lime, the moment you have a glass in your hand that is not your typical drinking container

Now that beverages are covered, it’s all about the food. Serve up some fun unique items for your guests to enjoy. Think outside of the box and create food bars, buffets, or stations that will get guests moving around and mingling. They don’t need alcohol to loosen up, get them moving and conversations flowing.

Image found on

When you are hosting events no matter when but specifically during the day, or during hot summer weather try to remember that not everyone will want to have alcohol anyway. There are so many things that go through a person’s head when getting ready to host a party so it is easy to overlook this detail. It’s a great idea to have some nice options both alcohol and virgin for your guests. They will really appreciate having a special option at your gathering.

Author: L. Fulton-EventsbyL

How Much Food and Drinks To Serve the Party

One issue that is bound to come up when planning a wedding or event is how much food and drinks are necessary to serve the party?  The worst thing that could possibly happen when hosting an event is running out of food, drinks, or unthinkably both!  Not a good situation.

Food, cocktails, and photo booth are essentials for celebration and guests are looking forward to treating themselves in honor of a special occasion.  Many people will cut back on caloric intake to make sure they can squeeze into a little black dress or just to look their best for a special occasion.  Perhaps they are expecting to indulge a little as a reward of their hard work and resistance when your event date finally comes and righteously they should.  Now, consider the disappointment when they excitedly walk over to the hors d’oeurve tray to find that they have ran out.

How do you feel when you are hungry?  Anxious, irritable, and not functioning at your maximum capacity?  It’s really hard to enjoy things in life if you are hungry.  No matter how fabulous an event, if your audience is hungry they will not get as much enjoyment out of it as you had hoped and it can really cloud their memory of the entire event. The first thing that will usually come to mind is that the food ran out and your guest left hungry.

So, how do decide the right amount of items to have so you can serve your guests and ensure they will leave happy, well at least fed?  Planning the right amounts are part science and part art.  Things to consider are:

How many adults are attending?

How many children?

How long is the event?

How long is your photo booth rental?

What type of party is this going to be?  Cocktail party?  Dinner party?  Dessert party?

Are you having bar tenders, if so how many?  Will there be drink stations?  Are you having a signature cocktail?


When it comes to food always buy MORE!  For instance if you are serving sandwiches at a luncheon, plan for one and a half sandwiches per guest.  When serving appetizers prior to a full meal you can expect guests to eat about 6 pieces per person.  If no meal will be served double the amount and even add a few extra pieces just in case you run into situations where a guest hadn’t gotten a chance to eat prior to your party.

Are you a visual learner?  Here is a great little chart we came across from Heather over at, she loves charts too!  You can even Pin it so you can refer back to it when needed.  Love that Pinterest!


What type of drinks do your guests like to partake in?  Consider this before you stock up on wine to find out that they are all beer drinkers.

It’s great to have a nice variety for your guests to choose from.  That’s not to say you need to have a fully stocked bar, but depending on the number of guests it’s nice to have a few different beer options, wine options, as well as cocktails.

Here is a handy dandy little Party Food and Beverage Calculator from that you can use to enter how many guests you are expecting, and if children are invited as well.  By entering those two amounts it will generate a nice list for you with amounts you need for wine, beer, basic liquor, optional liquor, juice and soda, seltzer and tonic, juice boxes, appetizers, and more.  Click here to check out the calculator.

If you are planning your wedding they also have a wedding wine and liquor calculator too.  You just enter the number of guests, what you are serving, and the time of day you are celebrating and it will give you a nice little estimation for your drinks.  Click here to see the wedding calculator.

Author:  L. Fulton-Events by L

Credit:  Pinterest pinned by Kerry Rossow, RitzyBee,,, pinterest pinned by Regenboogboom


3 Easy Ways To Liven Up Your Wedding

Image: Courtesy of The Knot

We’re pretty sure many of you have weddings on the brain!  Tis’ the season to get engaged and if you have already started the wedding planning process then you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the options out there.  It can be tricky to zero in on what you truly want and the endless hours of Pinterest surfing are probably not helping you.

The most important thing to remember is that the day should be about you and all of the things that mean the most to you to make your day spectacular.  Also, you want to make it a day memorable to all of your guests and not have them eyeing the exits half way in the reception.  Go ahead and take a break from sifting through all of the DIY’s know to man that you could include and check out these ideas to liven up your wedding reception so everyone has the time of their lives!


Image: Courtesy of simpALYpapers on Etsy

The Wedding Program

Weddings almost never start on time so your guests end up waiting around a bit for all of the fun to begin.  Guests can get a little anxious, especially if the weather conditions end up not being ideal.  Give your guests something to do to keep them comfortable while you prepare your walk down the aisle.

Image: Courtesy of InnovativeGoodies on Etsy

Your guests will certainly appreciate if you fill your program with fun facts about the bride and groom and wedding party.  You can share a lot of interesting facts with them from how you met your fiancé, to how you chose your maid of honor.  This will not only provide your guests a little entertainment while they are waiting for your magical walk, but it’s also an opportunity to make your wedding extra special and intimate for everyone.


Image: Courtesy of Here Comes the Guide

Hire a planner or at least a Day of Coordinator

You have spent endless hours choosing flowers, selecting napkins, chargers, flatware, the photo booth rental, etc.   Umm….who is going to see to it that they all show up and set up accordingly?  I think you might be a little too busy posing for pictures, saying I-do, cutting your cake, you know getting married and celebrating your union?  Hiring a planner or coordinator is the best way to keep your plans in check and ensure the execution goes the way you had envisioned for however long you have been tirelessly planning this joyous occasion.


Image: Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Have Good Food!

Multiple Grilling Sections are a great way to incorporate delicious food while allowing guests to mingle while they munch!  No stuffy wedding here, just good people, good food, and great memories.  Try to think of what foods you would want to eat.  One of the biggest complaints we have heard from wedding goers is the food was blah.  That is the worst thing that can happen because even if you had Elton John signing at your wedding the first thing your guests will typically comment on is, “The food was so bland, but they did have Elton John singing so that was awesome.”

In case you didn’t know tradition has been tossed out the window for years now.  You don’t have to have a sit down dinner at your reception.  Today weddings are completely tailored to each bride and groom thus creating a multitude of menu options to choose from.  From Spanish tapas, big Italian dinners, pizza buffets, burger stations, etc.  We are really excited to see what 2014 has in store for menu items at all of the weddings our photo booths will be at.

Call our Chicago area Photo Booth of the Stars office today at 815-975-8762 and reserve your date 2014 is booking fast!