Great Tips For Father’s Day!

In case you forgot Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, as in just days away. If you are scrambling for gift ideas fear not Photo Booth of the Stars is here for you.  There is still some time and we have put together some tips to help you get your pop’s a gift that he so much deserves.

Is your dad the golfing or sporty type? Create one-of-a-kind sports equipment for him by painting, decorating, and dyeing whatever sports items he loves. You could use his favorite colors, or meaningful phrases or quotes, whatever your Dad will find the most special.

Not only will your dad love his custom golf balls, the standard white golf balls are hard to keep track of out on the course so now you have given him the perfect solution.

A really simple way to paint a golf ball is to do it just as you would dye an Easter egg, only with paint versus colored liquid. Place about an inch of your selected paint color in a plastic cup. Use a spoon to spin the ball around until it is completely covered. There you have it. Pretty simple, and you can see the entire step by step tutorial HERE.

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If you aren’t the crafty type or you don’t really trust your skills in the art department then leave the hard work to Unforgettaballs and order up one of their amazing baseballs. They include the finest collection of art work printed on baseballs in the world. The offer many different designs and even have a Father’s Day Baseball for you to give to dad on Sunday. Check them out HERE!

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If your dad is the handy man type you can surprise him with his very own tool set makeover! He will never expect it and it will be something he will likely have forever. Next time he grabs his hammer or wrench he will for certain think of you.

There are so many unique and fun duct tape products and washi tapes on the market that decking out tools can be a very inexpensive and easy DIY. You can easily paint the wooden handles of his hammer(s) just be sure to put on a clear coat sealant of some sort to lock in your snazzy art work.

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Is your Dad the Grill master? Get him some grilling gear! A nice set of grilling tools is a great idea. You can make your own spices or rubs to package up and give to dad or order/purchase some gourmet ones to treat him with. If you really want to add a nice touch print out some personalized labels to really put the cherry on top and make it that much more special to open.

Head on over to Cincy Shopper and grab their gift in a jar pork rub recipe with free printable labels to go with it. It is inexpensive and you don’t even have to leave the house to get this gift!

Now you have no excuse to give your dad an amazing gift this Father’s day! Cheers to all the Father’s!!!

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