Tips For Taking Better Photographs With Your Phone


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We know how important good pictures are and it can often be frustrating trying pulling off good images on your own. Here are some tips for taking better photos with your smartphone so that you can begin capturing some really amazing memories of your own when you are not inside one of our photo booth rentals.

Let’s face it we live in a day and age where almost everyone is attached to their smartphones so learning new tips and tricks for snapping some good photos on one sounds like something we should all put on our agendas. We have already done all of the heavy lifting for you and browsed the web for some of the best tips we could find, so you don’t have to.

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The most common tip we have come across is to get close to your subject. This will allow the small sensor on your phone to provide you with a wide depth field so you can get entire objects in focus. If you have ever taken a photograph and the object you are trying to capture is very dark and hard to see because of so much brightness happening in the background, get up close block out the darkness all together. This is a really great approach if you are looking to get smaller detailed shots.

Do not use the flash on your smartphone. Most flashes are actually just LED flashlights that are very bright and harsh on the image you are capturing. It can also make everything very distorted and make your friends and love ones to appear with yellow skin, devil eyes, and looking really morphed. Not really what you ideally want to remember.

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Clean off your lens before you shoot. One little smudge of grit and grime and you will have images that are dark and won’t look good no matter how much editing you do on one of you fancy apps. Your phone comes in contact with a lot of grit and grime each day so before you snap your next selfie, wipe down that lens to increase your chances of a great photo op.

Lighting is the key to a successful photo. Always make sure that your subjects are facing the light and that you are not. The resolution setting on your phone is also a very critical issue that needs to be addressed. Be sure that your phone is set to the highest resolution if it is something you feel will be worth keeping around. You will be glad you did later!

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The best tip for taking good pictures is to practice and to explore different angles and different subjects so you get familiar with your phone’s  camera app and all of the features that it includes.

Happy photo shooting!


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