People can tend to go into panic mode about how to entertain without having alcohol at a party or event. There is no reason you can’t throw a festive bash while keeping it dry. Serve non-drinkers and kids something special at your next part or gathering.

It is such a luxury to be exposed to so many different flavored waters and beverages available today that the possibilities for mocktails and punches are to the moon. When hosting a dry event keep the non-alcoholic bar fully stocked. With the amount of money you will be saving by not having any booze you will be able to afford to splurge on a variety of different beverages that you might not typically stock.

If you are scrambling for concoctions to make for your dry party you can easily replace any bubbly with sparkling grape juice, club soda, or lemon lime soda. There is no need to stress out because there are endless quantities of recipes out there for you to pull from. Here are some delicious ones you might want to try at your next soiree or why not today?

We found these two recipes over at Tablespoon. You can head over there to check out the complete step-by-step recipes as well as 20 other non-alcoholic ideas HERE.

For starters this family-friendly sangria looks amaaazing! Who doesn’t like the beauty and freshness of a fruit filled sangria? The eye catching passion fruit garnish sure to get some attention which is always a great thing. Substitute the typical vino for ginger ale, juice, or sparkling water and you will have quite the treat on your hands that kids and adults alike can indulge in.

How gorgeous does this Quick Cranberry Punch look? With its three ingredients, It could not be any easier to pull together either. Definitely a winning combination!

If you are looking to wow your guests, it is always about the details. One that you should never overlook is your glassware. Serving up a drink in a classy glass always makes things seem more special. The presentation is everything and can make or break a drink or a meal. Even if it is just club soda and a lime, the moment you have a glass in your hand that is not your typical drinking container

Now that beverages are covered, it’s all about the food. Serve up some fun unique items for your guests to enjoy. Think outside of the box and create food bars, buffets, or stations that will get guests moving around and mingling. They don’t need alcohol to loosen up, get them moving and conversations flowing.

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When you are hosting events no matter when but specifically during the day, or during hot summer weather try to remember that not everyone will want to have alcohol anyway. There are so many things that go through a person’s head when getting ready to host a party so it is easy to overlook this detail. It’s a great idea to have some nice options both alcohol and virgin for your guests. They will really appreciate having a special option at your gathering.

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