July 4th parties are just around the corner. When Photo Booth of the Stars thinks of July 4th we think of fireworks, BBQ’s, red white and blue, mosquitos, and lots of outdoor fun. Food fare and beverages are always the biggest details for any party and especially a 4th of July party which usually goes from afternoon until well until the evening.

Of course you know we just love our Pinterest and we have done some digging for some Patriotic delectable for you to serve up at your party.

This easy to make “Independence Punch” looks as good as it tastes. This will quench party goers thirst by using cranberry juice, whatever type of blue sports drink you prefer, and for the white use sparkling water or a diet clear soda with ice. This one will hit the spot especially being out in the heat. It’s a must try.

One thing that any party or event planner will tell you is the more you can do to get ready for your party ahead of time the better. We love finding make-ahead ideas for food and décor and these pretzels definitely fit the bill. We have come across many different designs for the dipped pretzels through our searching the web for various occasions and they are always appealing to the eye as well as the stomach. They are all around a hit.

They are really easy to put together. Using white chocolate bark preferably over a double boiler melt the chocolate. Add food coloring to color the chocolate to your chosen colors if you would like to use them for another celebration besides the 4th. You can then dip them in sparkly sprinkles like shown in the above picture. Very festive and you can find all of the ingredients at your local supermarket.

While you have the chocolate bark melting away you might was well make these chocolate and sprinkle dipped strawberries too! You could remove the leaves off of the top and then use candy or cake pop rods or skewers to poke through the top of the strawberry. You can display them in a basket or whatever container goes with your décor by poking them through floral foam to keep them in place.

Depending on your party plans, you could have some of these 4th of July star sandwiches as light lunch fare if you are going to be having lots of different foods spread throughout the entire day. You could do peanut butter and jelly for the kids, turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, egg salad, chicken salad, or whatever your heart’s desire.

If you crave something a little more elegant then use tea sandwiches cut to shape. We found a list of 50 different tea sandwich recipes that would be sure to fit the bill for you on the Food Network. If you like the sound of Ham, Brie, and apple or Steak au Poivre then you are going to want to check it out HERE.

Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

M&M Patriotic Pretzel Rods Pin Found on ourbestbites.com

Patriotic Drink Pitcher Pin Found on redtri.com

Patriotic Pretzel Rod Flag Pin

Patriotic dipped strawberries Pin Pinned by Heidi Fish

Tea Sandwiches image found on Food network

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