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Ideas and Tips for Hosting Your Engagement Party!

Throwing an engagement party is not a prerequisite for marriage but it allows you to savor and celebrate that you have made the decision to spend the rest of your life with your wonderful partner.  It also gives you a chance to show off that sparkly new bling on your ring finger!  You’re getting married!  It’s definitely time for a party!



Engagement parties were originally started to celebrate commitments for couples that are having an extended engagement of at least a one year period.  If you are getting married quickly then there really is no need for one and you most likely will be so busy planning your wedding that you wouldn’t have any time to prepare for one.


Traditionally the bride’s parents would host this occasion, but today’s society proves to be anything but typical so do what you like.  It can be hosted by either parents or even by the couple themselves.  Since the main purpose of this festivity is to celebrate your engagement and provide an opportunity for extended family and friends to get to know one another don’t feel pressured to make this a grandiose event.


A backyard BBQ or picnic is a laid back and fun way to go that is very popular.  Just because it is a BBQ doesn’t mean you can’t get a little elaborate.  This simple, yet elegant table is easy to set up and take down if you don’t have time to throw together a lot of embellishments to your table.  You are honoring your engagement here after all so please opt out of the old paper plate and plastic table ware for this event.  Break out the deluxe dinnerware and get to celebrating!


Above is another awesome way to dress your table for a cozy, clean, simple, out door celebration.


If you want to create a exclusive and unique atmosphere why not reserve a private or sectioned off area for your guests at a local pub, bar, or your favorite watering hole?  Maybe it is the location where you first met your love.  Decorate your area with these hanging pictures of the lovely couple from balloons.  Setup for this inexpensive décor is as easy as the take down.


There are many different possibilities for where to hold it and it doesn’t’ have to be stuffy either.  Here are some ideas for you:


-Are you a theatrical pair or one that just loves watching movies together?  Rent out an old movie theatre.  Why not have a video montage of your courtship or even make one to simulate how it all happened.


-A bowling alley – many of them have are equipped for hosting special events and this really makes for a night of laughter and fun for everyone.  You can pick an old school bowling alley or a trendy and hip non-traditional one.  Either way it is sure to be a good time.


-A botanical garden will create a gorgeous setting to kick off the festivities and requires very little décor.  Since flowers are such a huge part of any wedding this is a classic choice to throw your first party as an engaged couple.


-A local pizza parlor is another option.  Everyone loves pizza and even if you don’t have a favorite pizza place you could use this theme at home and have a pizza buffet, or even hire a chef to make pies on demand.  Guests can bring beer or wine, or even bring your own toppings.


-If you prefer a classier affair go with a winery.  Many of them offer private tours that include tastings and pairings.  What could be better than that?  Especially to celebrate the pairing of you and the person you are spending the rest of your life with?


Tips For Having The Unique Wedding of Your Dreams

Photo Booth of the Stars knows every bride wants their wedding to be a day all of their own.  You want to break out of the mold and have a standout celebration!  Here are some ideas we love for making your day unique and true to you.

You can create a stunning lounge area for guests entertainment with out breaking the bank.  You can easily find vintage furniture from craigslist, or a second hand store for a fraction of the price of renting it.  Find pieces that work with your décor and go together in some way.  They don’t have to be matchy-matchy mix it up and create a fun space for guests to converse throughout the evening.  If you are planning an outdoor reception, this is a really pleasant touch that is rather unexpected.

We love the look of this vintage inspired lounge area!  None of it matches but it doesn’t matter.  It is classy, elegant, and rather inviting.  We would surely sit on that couch with champagne in hand!  The mis-matched side tables are such a cute touch as well.  Be sure to leave room for guest’s appetizer plates and cocktails though.

When it comes to wedding details there is no right or wrong answer.  Go with what you love and forget the rest.  You do not have to purchase the typical fully tight rounded bouquet.  We came across this loose just picked arrangement and relished in the exclusive beauty.

Isn’t this clean craspedia bouquet just exquisite for a fall wedding?  In case you are not familiar with this honey yellow ball of beauty, it is also known as Billy Ball flowers.  They are available all year round, and are native to Australia and New Zealand.  These are truly unique on their own, or any addition to your bouquets.  Many florists offer them tinted in a variety of colors to meet your needs.

Don’t settle for the classic guest book that usually ends up lost in a box somewhere or collecting dust on a shelf!  Instead, get original.  Is there something meaningful that you cherish such as the poster from the movie you saw on your first date?  Why not use that as your guest book.

If you fancy entertaining and playing games, use Jenga for your guests to write on.  Every time you play you will be reminded of your beautiful day.  If you collect wine corks or other items use them!  If you love to travel feel free to use a map.

We are overjoyed when couples incorporate their photo booth rental and allow guests to sign their photo strip and leave you a special message.  Imagine flipping through the pages and seeing all of your closest friends and family members goofy and candid photos.  It truly is a euphoric experience for newlyweds.

We LOVE the idea of this quilt guest book idea.

The options are truly endless and if the thought of a guest book slips your mind.  Don’t panic, just use what you have!  No one will know, and it will actually look like you put time and planning into this decision.  It’s a win-win!

Check out this DIY ring bearer box we came across and of course and fell in love with it at first sight!  We hope this post inspires you!

All photos are courtesy of Pinterest.




It’s all Fun and Games inside our Photo Booths


Make the most out of your photo booth rental and create a game to inspire some fun poses from your guests!  We have come up with a few ideas to get your guests inspired at your next event.

Of course props are a really cute and trendy way to get everyone into the posing spirit.  Give your guests a little encouragement by posting a list of poses for them to act out.  Here is a list of what Photo Booth of the Stars has discovered to be the most popular.



  • The stack of heads
  • Goofy smile
  • Cross eyed
  • Top hat on
  • Bride and groom kissing
  • Bride and groom sweet pose
  • The hitch-hiker
  • Boa and sunglasses on with big smiles
  • Sexily applying lipstick in the non existent mirror
  • Pulled down sunglasses with eyebrows raised and tilted head
  • Two guys back to back with arms crossed with tough guy looks on their faces
  • Charlies Angels
  • Oh my!  What a surprise- faces
  • Everyone dancing
  • Duck face
  • Blow kisses at the camera
  • One person kisses the other on the cheek while they make a goofy face with tongue out



Just to list a few.  Be creative!  Customize the list to your event too and make it special and you can bet your guests will be raving about it for a long time to come.  Photo booths alone make any event a blast so adding a few easy elements to the mix will only make for wackier and rather candid pictures and memories for everyone in attendance.

Make your own Photo Booth Charades Game!










Grab a bucket, basket, or hat and create a list of charades ideas on little strips of paper.  Same rules apply in the photo booth as they do in the standard Charades game.

Think of a movie, book, celebrity, or something from another category prior to the event.  Place the strips of paper with your chosen words in whatever cute container you chose to use and have it placed by the photo booth props.  Each person entering the photo booth will grab their word and using gestures and acting abilities once you have your strip of photos see if your guests can guess what your word was.




You can even have separate containers of charade ideas based upon group categories, couples, and singles.  This is such a unique way to really get the party going and a must do if you are having kids at your wedding or event.

Here are some suggestions we put together just to make your lives easier.

  For a wedding or wedding shower:

  •  What did the groom look like when he first saw the bride?
  • What is the bride’s favorite pose?
  • What expression will the newlywed’s have on their face tomorrow morning?
  • How did the bride react when he proposed?
  • Will they live happily ever after?

Other word suggestions for weddings and other events:

  • Dance
  • Sexy
  • Too cool
  • Romantic
  • Gangster
  • Silly
  • Twerk
  • Titanic
  • Psycho
  • Predator vs. Prey
  • Driving
  • Hey good Lookin’

Use your imagination and hopefully this list of poses will give you a great starting point.  Using just a few unique prop items, a creative list of words, and a photo booth you’ll be thrilled at the success of your next event!






Easy DIY Halloween Decor!

keep calm trick or treat


Halloween is right around the corner and we are can’t contain our excitement!  It is definitely one of the best holidays for decorations so we are happily sharing some great décor ideas and projects we have came across while perusing the World Wide Web.

Naturally, we always have photo booths on the brain so we are always thinking of ways to incorporate fun and festive ideas we come across into your photo booth rental.  All of the following ideas would be great accessories for your photo booth, home, and venue décor.

Oriental Trading background

We came across this spook-tacular backdrop décor Design-A-Room Cemetery Pack!  It is a vinyl pack that includes everything you need to decorate your room!  It includes 1 fence background, and one cemetery background.  Each are 30ft by 4 ft plus four 3ft by 6ft sheets that include mausoleums, 1 sign, 4 bats, 1 set of bats with the moon, 3 crows, and 4 skeletons each with tombstones and 5 regular bats.  You get a total of 34 pieces per set!  It is less than $50 too and would make such a fun backdrop for you photos!

If you are a DIY-er than you are sure to love, love, love this easy wall of bats idea from Marvelous Mommy!

Marvelousmommy wall of bats

She used her cutting machine to cut her bats, but you can cut them by hand using card stock, or construction paper.  This would be a great way to get the kiddos involved as well!   Check out her easy to follow tutorial too and you will be hanging up your wall of bats in a snap!  If you are looking for budget photo booth décor option, we just did the leg work for you.  Now get cutting!

We fell in love with this Ombre Owl Artwork that Vivienne made using dollar store Halloween décor.  It looks like a million bucks!  She used little owl cutouts she found at the dollar store and a piece of plywood and achieved this brilliant piece of art work!  It’s amazing what a few inexpensive items and some creativity can birth!

Dollar Store Owl Decor

This Halloween Count down is a necessity for a Halloween event!  This sign was made using fence posts and a couple of pieces of wood.  This is so simple and affordable to put together and completely customizable for your event.  What a great use of clipboards for the countdown numbers too!  Who doesn’t love a good sign?

These hanging spider socks would make a fun addition to your photo booth strip pics.  You can have them staggering across and front to back.  We know we are looking forward to seeing this at some of our upcoming school events as well as corporate parties.

Spider stockings

Get creative and go above and beyond photo booth props.  You have the ability to create a whole festive world inside your photo booth.  Make some glittery signs like these to use for props.  Instead of using heavy frames, use cardstock, glitter paint, and paint stick to hold them up for striking a pose.  Share some of your festive Halloween décor ideas with us.  We’d love to see your work!  Glitter Signs

8 Expert Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

pb budget

There is no worse way to enter a marriage than in debt!  Follow these smart and easy tips and shave thousands of dollars off of your wedding.


When you schedule your photo booth rental be sure to get information on all of the available packages.  There is no need to purchase a guest book when your photo booth can include an album in which your photo booth attendant will place photo strips inside that you can then use as your guest book!  Also, when you order your engagement-photo albums have additional pages added in so you can also use it for your wedding guest book.

pb favors

Wedding favors are not a necessity but a portable wedding photo booth is!  Many couples forgo favors and opt for showing their guests a good time by incorporating that fee into other areas of the budget.  If you have the budget for favors it is a nice touch, but if it’s not within reach I assure you no one will miss the little goody bag at the end of the night.


No need to have a full bar when you can offer beer, wine, and a few signature cocktails.  Who doesn’t like a festive cocktail, and if they don’t they have beer or wine to fall back on.  You can’t go wrong!  If a champagne toast is not included in your wedding package don’t feel pressured to include it in your budget.  Save yourselves a few hundred dollars and let everyone toast with their wine that is typically included in dinner service.

pb wed pigs

If you are wearing a long wedding dress, there is no need to splurge on your shoes.  No one is going to see them anyway!  Save your feet, and yourself some money by wearing comfortable and inexpensive shoes.  You will be glad you did!


You will shave hundreds, even thousands off of your budget by choosing your date wisely!  Pick an off peak date and you can save not only from the venue rental fee but many venues will offer a percentage off of catering and linens if included as well as a reduced service charge.  These savings really add up!  Not to mention certain vendors will apply an off-peak discount as well.


Decrease your wedding planning time.  The longer time you have the more money you will spend.  Same goes for if you are throwing a birthday party or any event.  The longer span of time you have to plan it the more you keep buying for it.  Without even realizing it you have spent well over budget.  By planning a last minute wedding you can save a fortune!  The shorter time will allow you to focus on the items that really matter and not get sucked into the idea of an elaborate wedding like many brides do.


A last minute wedding can help you score that beloved venue you have always dreamed of for a fraction of the cost as well.  If the venue has an open date they want to fill it, and if it is only a few months out to the date you are shooting for that is definitely at your advantage.  It leaves a lot of negotiating room at your fingertips.


Wedding cakes can be very costly and with good reason.  A lot of labor is involved in making a cake of that magnitude.  Add to that sugar-paste flowers, and ruffles and you can have a very labor intensive piece of dessert.  Instead of having such elaborate details included in the cake design, do it yourself.  Use real lace or ribbon and pin it into the fondant, or use real flowers and scatter them around the cake.  This will cost you next to nothing as opposed to a baker molding and creating these delicate embellishments by hand.


There are so many ways to cut costs of a wedding.  Be creative and most of all do not feel pressured to have a certain style of wedding.  Have the day you want at a price you can afford.




Expert Tips to Reduce No-Shows at Your Next Event


event reminder fails

Don’t let this happen to you!


If you have ever planned a party or event then you know the amount of time and energy one must put in to ensure the many details come together to form a phenomenal event for all attendants.  Now, wouldn’t it be awful if you and/or your team worked tirelessly for weeks on end devising and coordinating an event to find out that by the time the event comes, no one shows up.  Sure, you sent out your save the dates, but is that enough?


Studies have shown that by getting your attendees to make a commitment will immensely reduce the number of no shows at your next event.  Even if you charge a few dollars people are more prone to follow through if they have invested something into the event.  If you are having speakers, be sure to give that information in the invite since a great speaker will really draw a crowd.  Make the invite or event webpage appealing and include the speaker’s picture and bio.


Be prepared to send the invitations multiple times.  Every time you turn a corner someone is asking you to sign up for email promotions and coupons.  Emails are very easily mistaken for spam therefore many of your e-vites will be lost in translation.  Thank goodness there are great ways around this little flaw which we will get to a little later on.


Now, when sending out your invitation emails it is great to offer a limited time discounted rate with a cutoff date.  This will allow you to send multiple emails regarding the event without becoming a nuisance.  A few days prior to the expiration date you can send a reminder email, and then once it has expired you will send another reminder for your event.  This is a great way to ensure attendees will receive your emails.  It’s always a great idea to be creative in the subject line as well to ensure it will be opened.  Instead of saying be sure to attend our annual Gala state something like Here’s 3 things you will be missing if you are absent at this event!


Time to market the event!  Facebook, tweet, and blog about this fantastic upcoming event and everything that will be involved.  Post pictures of the menus, speakers, grab bags, raffle prizes, anything that pertains to the event.  If your recipients didn’t get the e-vite they will definitely get the message through another social outlet.


Tweeting is a productive tool for marketing your event especially with the vast array of apps that allow you to schedule tweets.  So set your tweet schedule and start as early as possible.  Here are some great examples of tweets you can post:


-Thank your sponsors and mention them. Thanks to Photo Booth of the Stars you will get to strike a pose at our event!

-Early registration starts this Monday!

-Early Registration is open! (You get the idea.)

-Tweets with a testimonial quotes about a speaker (find these on LinkedIn)

-Mention your speakers – Wow!  Just read Photo Booth of the Stars last blog!  They are the experts at luxury photo booth rentals!


Make sure to send out a brief reminder 24 hours or a few days before an event to ensure your attendees have the best possible experience.  Include the parking arrangements so guests won’t have to guess or possibly get towed.  Give them concise directions on how to check in once they arrive.  Event itinerary should be included in a printable version for attendants to print and bring with them as well.  Of course on the day of the event you will be tweeting about it and post on facebook about it just in case anyone’s reminder slipped through the cracks.


Follow these great tips and you can be sure that you and your staff’s hard efforts will not go unseen by no-showers at your next wedding or event!




Photo Booth of the Stars Staff Pinterest Picks!

It is time once again for the Photo Booth of the Stars Staff Pinterest Picks!  As you know, this list consists of the top staff picks relating to weddings, special events, and all things worth celebrating!


There is so much to choose from now that fall is in FULL swing.  With the abundance of apples falling off the trees everywhere you look, we thought it is only appropriate to include apple pins!  We found this deliciously gorgeous pin from A Subtle Revelry and aside from the obvious beauty of the apples thought these sweet treats would be an exciting way of entertaining when hosting children.


People are always looking for new ways to entertain children while hosting an event and this idea is perfect for fall!  It really doesn’t take a lot of tools to create these pretty apples!  If there are apple trees near by your venue then this is a must!  Let the kids go pick there very own apples to decorate!


All you need is:


To make the painted caramel apples you will need: 5-6 medium apples (non-waxed), washed and dried, 1 11-ounce package of caramel melts, small twigs, strips of tin foil, various decorations such as nonpareils, sanding sugar, and colored writing gel or icing.

Prepare twigs, food-safe if possible. If twigs are collected from your backyard, clean them and apply a small piece of tin foil to one end, covering the tip and sides that will be in contact with the apple.

With a knife, puncture a small hole in the apple where the stem should be. Stick a twig, foil tip down, into the hole and gently press down until it holds. Repeat with other apples.

Prepare caramel per package directions. Coat apples one by one with the caramel. Then if you wish, immediately coat apples with decorations such as nonpareils, jimmies, sanding sugar, etc. For designs, allow caramel apples to cool completely first. Use colored gel or icing in tubes to apply different designs to the apples. For example, we made dots, lines, swirls, and a zig-zag design. Be creative with this fun, festive, and edible seasonal project.

For an extra sweet variation on the project melt chocolate candy melts and place in a squeeze bottle with tip; create lines, polka dots, and other designs.

This idea does not have to be limited to children-friendly events either.  Just imagine how pretty these would look set out for favors at your next event or wedding.  Just gorgeous and perfect for all you DIY brides!


Glitter Spray Branches

Next up we have these sparkling branches sprayed in glitter paint.  Budget friendly décor does not get any better than this!  There are so many ways in which you can utilize these branches at your event.  Here are a few options we thought of immediately:


Photo Booth rental backdrop

-Centerpieces (obviously)

-Accents around your venue or filler décor in a space that may not be so pretty such as the restrooms of the venue, a stairway, etc.

-Escort table and you could hang escort cards from the branches

-Home décor


We are expecting to see these quite a bit this season.


And finally, we came across this candy station pinned by Mindy Rice and simply had to share.  It is just perfect for any fall/winter celebration!  The perfect pallet!  It is gorgeous as is but is also a great template to add to depending on your event.  You could add some apple garland, or if you want to use this during the winter season add some pine cones and some berry strands.

candy station

We hope you enjoyed our pins for this week and look forward to picking more creative and festive ideas!  Thank you Pinterest!    

Work Hard Play Hard!



There is something really fun and unique about being involved in a corporate event as opposed to any other type of event.  Typically in the beginning everyone is a little nervous and stiff, not really sure what to expect, and sometimes even a little unsure they want to be there when they could be doing a million different other things non-work related.  But, as the event progresses everyone gets a little loosened up and things can surely get lively!  It is a really fun experience to get to sit back and watch everyone sort of transform and have a blast while enjoying their colleague’s presence in a way that they may never have appreciated before this whole bonding experience.

There are a lot of fun and creative things to make your corporate event a hit and keep in mind if you are hosting this event during your staffs free time it is really important that you take that into consideration and make it enjoyable for everyone involved since your staff is taking time out of their lives to be at this event.

Be sure to make the seating guest friendly as well.  If you are having entertainment be cognizant of placement and ensure that everyone has a decent view.  Also if the your venue and vendors allow try and make it as conversation friendly as possible.  Square tables are ideal for this as shown below courtesy of Pinterest.  But if that is not available just do what you can with what you are working with.  Tell your venue that you want your guests to be able to converse with ease and with their expertise you should have no problem coming up with a great floor plan.  Just be sure you address upon looking into the venue.  If seating is not ideal the least you can do is sprinkle highboys throughout the space so that people can mingle throughout the space.


square seating


There is a plethora of activities you can incorporate throughout the event to keep guests entertained.  A really inexpensive way to get conversations started is to scatter different fun facts throughout the event pertaining to your company.  For instance if your company is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary cards like these shown below that we found on Pinterest can be placed throughout the venue sharing fun facts about the year your company was founded.  On the opposite spectrum you could hire entertainment such as a magic act or some really unique entertainment for your guests to enjoy if you have the budget.Fun Facts


Portable photo booths are another budget-friendly entertainment option that will entertain everyone through out the night.  This really helps the guests bond as well as captures some amazing candid shots.  Have you ever wanted to see your boss wearing a pink boa?  Well, this is your chance!  There are so many great props to use and your guests will have memories that will last forever that they get to take home with them.

Of course at any party, wedding, or any event food is a major factor.  Your guests may not remember the name of the band that played but you better believe they will remember if you ran out of food, or it was served 30 minutes late.  Always have more food than you could possibly need.  It doesn’t matter if your budget allows for nachos and hot dogs or lobster and filet mignon, just make sure there is plenty to go around.  If you are hosting an evening event, with a cocktail hour be sure to have appetizers for your guests.  Keep in mind if people are coming straight from the office that they did not have time to eat.  This could cause several issues especially when alcohol is involved.

Corporate Favor Cookies

It is always nice to let your guests leave with a little token of appreciation.  It can be elegant and luxurious as a $5,000 gift bag, or it could be as modest as a cookie with your company logo on it.  Just remember something is better than nothing.  Everyone likes a little swag and it will make your staff feel appreciated as well.

Add photo booth services to your event this year and be sure to send your guests off with great memories and photo strip to keep forever! Click here or call 815-975-8762 for photo booth booking information.      

Tips on How to Choose a Venue

No matter what the event you are throwing the venue is the single most important element of the soirée.  There are a lot of options out there in terms of  venues and it is important you know what you are looking for in a venue.  So before you even make an appointment to tour a venue figure out exactly what you want.

If you are looking into venues for your wedding there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself.  Do you want a traditional wedding, meaning have the ceremony at a church followed by a reception at another location, or are you interested in having the ceremony and reception at the same site?  This single question alone can really narrow your options.

ck list clipboard


When searching venues for corporate events one should take into consideration the different milestones of the event.  Will there be a sit down dinner, a guest of honor, awards being announced, etc.  This will dictate whether you should look into a banquet hall or arena versus an outdoor open area for your annual company picnic.

Venue pic

Once you have determined the atmosphere for your event the next major factor is budget and availability.  If you are on a really tight budget do keep in mind that you can save thousands of dollars by booking a venue in their off season, or even on a weekday.  So if you are throwing a corporate event and looking for some new venue ideas, look into wedding venues and you’d be surprised the great deals you can get from booking on a weekday, and especially a daytime event.


When you are selecting a venue for your wedding it is very important to keep the location in mind especially if you will be having a lot of out of town guests.  Try and make it convenient for them as they are taking time out of their lives to come and celebrate your Big Day and showing you how much they love you.  Take into consideration hotel accommodations and travel for them.


Space is another important concern.  Find out how many people the space can fit comfortably and make sure to factor in things like the photo booth rental, gift table, dance floor, registration, trophy table, dj, and whatever other extras and activities you may be hosting.  Will the space accommodate any large items or staging you require?  Is there audio and video provided within the space?  If you love the space and it has everything but you are not going to be able to show the PowerPoint presentation of your newest product launch, then you can rule that venue out immediately.


If you have your heart set on having food catered from some place that has a lot of sentimental value behind it then you need to be sure the venue allows for outside catering.  Many venues provide catering on location, and if they don’t they will only allow you to choose from their preferred list of vendors.  If the caterer you want is not on the list, it can cost you a pretty penny, if they even allow it so be sure to keep that in mind.


For any event the bulk of the budget is the food and beverages.  Find out if the venue provides bar packages, or if you can bring your own in.  If they allow you to bring your own, is there a corkage fee?


Selecting a venue is a major decision and above everything one of the most important things to consider is the staff.  Do you get along well with the venue coordinator?  Do they understand the importance of your event and seem willing to help make the event go perfectly for you, or are they cold, straight to the point, and really un-interested in your wants for your event.  A venue can make or break your day so be sure to do your research, check the venues reviews, and get referrals from people you trust.


Photo Booth of the Stars knows the importance of your special event which is why we are extremely selective when endorsing vendors and we only recommend the best to our clients.  Photo Booth of the Stars will do everything they can to make your event memorable one for everyone who attends!


Click here or call 815-975-8762 to reserve your photo booth today!!