Photo Booth of the Stars Staff Pinterest Picks!

It is time once again for the Photo Booth of the Stars Staff Pinterest Picks!  As you know, this list consists of the top staff picks relating to weddings, special events, and all things worth celebrating!


There is so much to choose from now that fall is in FULL swing.  With the abundance of apples falling off the trees everywhere you look, we thought it is only appropriate to include apple pins!  We found this deliciously gorgeous pin from A Subtle Revelry and aside from the obvious beauty of the apples thought these sweet treats would be an exciting way of entertaining when hosting children.


People are always looking for new ways to entertain children while hosting an event and this idea is perfect for fall!  It really doesn’t take a lot of tools to create these pretty apples!  If there are apple trees near by your venue then this is a must!  Let the kids go pick there very own apples to decorate!


All you need is:


To make the painted caramel apples you will need: 5-6 medium apples (non-waxed), washed and dried, 1 11-ounce package of caramel melts, small twigs, strips of tin foil, various decorations such as nonpareils, sanding sugar, and colored writing gel or icing.

Prepare twigs, food-safe if possible. If twigs are collected from your backyard, clean them and apply a small piece of tin foil to one end, covering the tip and sides that will be in contact with the apple.

With a knife, puncture a small hole in the apple where the stem should be. Stick a twig, foil tip down, into the hole and gently press down until it holds. Repeat with other apples.

Prepare caramel per package directions. Coat apples one by one with the caramel. Then if you wish, immediately coat apples with decorations such as nonpareils, jimmies, sanding sugar, etc. For designs, allow caramel apples to cool completely first. Use colored gel or icing in tubes to apply different designs to the apples. For example, we made dots, lines, swirls, and a zig-zag design. Be creative with this fun, festive, and edible seasonal project.

For an extra sweet variation on the project melt chocolate candy melts and place in a squeeze bottle with tip; create lines, polka dots, and other designs.

This idea does not have to be limited to children-friendly events either.  Just imagine how pretty these would look set out for favors at your next event or wedding.  Just gorgeous and perfect for all you DIY brides!


Glitter Spray Branches

Next up we have these sparkling branches sprayed in glitter paint.  Budget friendly décor does not get any better than this!  There are so many ways in which you can utilize these branches at your event.  Here are a few options we thought of immediately:


Photo Booth rental backdrop

-Centerpieces (obviously)

-Accents around your venue or filler décor in a space that may not be so pretty such as the restrooms of the venue, a stairway, etc.

-Escort table and you could hang escort cards from the branches

-Home décor


We are expecting to see these quite a bit this season.


And finally, we came across this candy station pinned by Mindy Rice and simply had to share.  It is just perfect for any fall/winter celebration!  The perfect pallet!  It is gorgeous as is but is also a great template to add to depending on your event.  You could add some apple garland, or if you want to use this during the winter season add some pine cones and some berry strands.

candy station

We hope you enjoyed our pins for this week and look forward to picking more creative and festive ideas!  Thank you Pinterest!    

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