Expert Tips to Reduce No-Shows at Your Next Event


event reminder fails

Don’t let this happen to you!


If you have ever planned a party or event then you know the amount of time and energy one must put in to ensure the many details come together to form a phenomenal event for all attendants.  Now, wouldn’t it be awful if you and/or your team worked tirelessly for weeks on end devising and coordinating an event to find out that by the time the event comes, no one shows up.  Sure, you sent out your save the dates, but is that enough?


Studies have shown that by getting your attendees to make a commitment will immensely reduce the number of no shows at your next event.  Even if you charge a few dollars people are more prone to follow through if they have invested something into the event.  If you are having speakers, be sure to give that information in the invite since a great speaker will really draw a crowd.  Make the invite or event webpage appealing and include the speaker’s picture and bio.


Be prepared to send the invitations multiple times.  Every time you turn a corner someone is asking you to sign up for email promotions and coupons.  Emails are very easily mistaken for spam therefore many of your e-vites will be lost in translation.  Thank goodness there are great ways around this little flaw which we will get to a little later on.


Now, when sending out your invitation emails it is great to offer a limited time discounted rate with a cutoff date.  This will allow you to send multiple emails regarding the event without becoming a nuisance.  A few days prior to the expiration date you can send a reminder email, and then once it has expired you will send another reminder for your event.  This is a great way to ensure attendees will receive your emails.  It’s always a great idea to be creative in the subject line as well to ensure it will be opened.  Instead of saying be sure to attend our annual Gala state something like Here’s 3 things you will be missing if you are absent at this event!


Time to market the event!  Facebook, tweet, and blog about this fantastic upcoming event and everything that will be involved.  Post pictures of the menus, speakers, grab bags, raffle prizes, anything that pertains to the event.  If your recipients didn’t get the e-vite they will definitely get the message through another social outlet.


Tweeting is a productive tool for marketing your event especially with the vast array of apps that allow you to schedule tweets.  So set your tweet schedule and start as early as possible.  Here are some great examples of tweets you can post:


-Thank your sponsors and mention them. Thanks to Photo Booth of the Stars you will get to strike a pose at our event!

-Early registration starts this Monday!

-Early Registration is open! (You get the idea.)

-Tweets with a testimonial quotes about a speaker (find these on LinkedIn)

-Mention your speakers – Wow!  Just read Photo Booth of the Stars last blog!  They are the experts at luxury photo booth rentals!


Make sure to send out a brief reminder 24 hours or a few days before an event to ensure your attendees have the best possible experience.  Include the parking arrangements so guests won’t have to guess or possibly get towed.  Give them concise directions on how to check in once they arrive.  Event itinerary should be included in a printable version for attendants to print and bring with them as well.  Of course on the day of the event you will be tweeting about it and post on facebook about it just in case anyone’s reminder slipped through the cracks.


Follow these great tips and you can be sure that you and your staff’s hard efforts will not go unseen by no-showers at your next wedding or event!




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