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There is something really fun and unique about being involved in a corporate event as opposed to any other type of event.  Typically in the beginning everyone is a little nervous and stiff, not really sure what to expect, and sometimes even a little unsure they want to be there when they could be doing a million different other things non-work related.  But, as the event progresses everyone gets a little loosened up and things can surely get lively!  It is a really fun experience to get to sit back and watch everyone sort of transform and have a blast while enjoying their colleague’s presence in a way that they may never have appreciated before this whole bonding experience.

There are a lot of fun and creative things to make your corporate event a hit and keep in mind if you are hosting this event during your staffs free time it is really important that you take that into consideration and make it enjoyable for everyone involved since your staff is taking time out of their lives to be at this event.

Be sure to make the seating guest friendly as well.  If you are having entertainment be cognizant of placement and ensure that everyone has a decent view.  Also if the your venue and vendors allow try and make it as conversation friendly as possible.  Square tables are ideal for this as shown below courtesy of Pinterest.  But if that is not available just do what you can with what you are working with.  Tell your venue that you want your guests to be able to converse with ease and with their expertise you should have no problem coming up with a great floor plan.  Just be sure you address upon looking into the venue.  If seating is not ideal the least you can do is sprinkle highboys throughout the space so that people can mingle throughout the space.


square seating


There is a plethora of activities you can incorporate throughout the event to keep guests entertained.  A really inexpensive way to get conversations started is to scatter different fun facts throughout the event pertaining to your company.  For instance if your company is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary cards like these shown below that we found on Pinterest can be placed throughout the venue sharing fun facts about the year your company was founded.  On the opposite spectrum you could hire entertainment such as a magic act or some really unique entertainment for your guests to enjoy if you have the budget.Fun Facts


Portable photo booths are another budget-friendly entertainment option that will entertain everyone through out the night.  This really helps the guests bond as well as captures some amazing candid shots.  Have you ever wanted to see your boss wearing a pink boa?  Well, this is your chance!  There are so many great props to use and your guests will have memories that will last forever that they get to take home with them.

Of course at any party, wedding, or any event food is a major factor.  Your guests may not remember the name of the band that played but you better believe they will remember if you ran out of food, or it was served 30 minutes late.  Always have more food than you could possibly need.  It doesn’t matter if your budget allows for nachos and hot dogs or lobster and filet mignon, just make sure there is plenty to go around.  If you are hosting an evening event, with a cocktail hour be sure to have appetizers for your guests.  Keep in mind if people are coming straight from the office that they did not have time to eat.  This could cause several issues especially when alcohol is involved.

Corporate Favor Cookies

It is always nice to let your guests leave with a little token of appreciation.  It can be elegant and luxurious as a $5,000 gift bag, or it could be as modest as a cookie with your company logo on it.  Just remember something is better than nothing.  Everyone likes a little swag and it will make your staff feel appreciated as well.

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