It’s all Fun and Games inside our Photo Booths


Make the most out of your photo booth rental and create a game to inspire some fun poses from your guests!  We have come up with a few ideas to get your guests inspired at your next event.

Of course props are a really cute and trendy way to get everyone into the posing spirit.  Give your guests a little encouragement by posting a list of poses for them to act out.  Here is a list of what Photo Booth of the Stars has discovered to be the most popular.



  • The stack of heads
  • Goofy smile
  • Cross eyed
  • Top hat on
  • Bride and groom kissing
  • Bride and groom sweet pose
  • The hitch-hiker
  • Boa and sunglasses on with big smiles
  • Sexily applying lipstick in the non existent mirror
  • Pulled down sunglasses with eyebrows raised and tilted head
  • Two guys back to back with arms crossed with tough guy looks on their faces
  • Charlies Angels
  • Oh my!  What a surprise- faces
  • Everyone dancing
  • Duck face
  • Blow kisses at the camera
  • One person kisses the other on the cheek while they make a goofy face with tongue out



Just to list a few.  Be creative!  Customize the list to your event too and make it special and you can bet your guests will be raving about it for a long time to come.  Photo booths alone make any event a blast so adding a few easy elements to the mix will only make for wackier and rather candid pictures and memories for everyone in attendance.

Make your own Photo Booth Charades Game!










Grab a bucket, basket, or hat and create a list of charades ideas on little strips of paper.  Same rules apply in the photo booth as they do in the standard Charades game.

Think of a movie, book, celebrity, or something from another category prior to the event.  Place the strips of paper with your chosen words in whatever cute container you chose to use and have it placed by the photo booth props.  Each person entering the photo booth will grab their word and using gestures and acting abilities once you have your strip of photos see if your guests can guess what your word was.




You can even have separate containers of charade ideas based upon group categories, couples, and singles.  This is such a unique way to really get the party going and a must do if you are having kids at your wedding or event.

Here are some suggestions we put together just to make your lives easier.

  For a wedding or wedding shower:

  •  What did the groom look like when he first saw the bride?
  • What is the bride’s favorite pose?
  • What expression will the newlywed’s have on their face tomorrow morning?
  • How did the bride react when he proposed?
  • Will they live happily ever after?

Other word suggestions for weddings and other events:

  • Dance
  • Sexy
  • Too cool
  • Romantic
  • Gangster
  • Silly
  • Twerk
  • Titanic
  • Psycho
  • Predator vs. Prey
  • Driving
  • Hey good Lookin’

Use your imagination and hopefully this list of poses will give you a great starting point.  Using just a few unique prop items, a creative list of words, and a photo booth you’ll be thrilled at the success of your next event!






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