Ideas and Tips for Hosting Your Engagement Party!

Throwing an engagement party is not a prerequisite for marriage but it allows you to savor and celebrate that you have made the decision to spend the rest of your life with your wonderful partner.  It also gives you a chance to show off that sparkly new bling on your ring finger!  You’re getting married!  It’s definitely time for a party!



Engagement parties were originally started to celebrate commitments for couples that are having an extended engagement of at least a one year period.  If you are getting married quickly then there really is no need for one and you most likely will be so busy planning your wedding that you wouldn’t have any time to prepare for one.


Traditionally the bride’s parents would host this occasion, but today’s society proves to be anything but typical so do what you like.  It can be hosted by either parents or even by the couple themselves.  Since the main purpose of this festivity is to celebrate your engagement and provide an opportunity for extended family and friends to get to know one another don’t feel pressured to make this a grandiose event.


A backyard BBQ or picnic is a laid back and fun way to go that is very popular.  Just because it is a BBQ doesn’t mean you can’t get a little elaborate.  This simple, yet elegant table is easy to set up and take down if you don’t have time to throw together a lot of embellishments to your table.  You are honoring your engagement here after all so please opt out of the old paper plate and plastic table ware for this event.  Break out the deluxe dinnerware and get to celebrating!


Above is another awesome way to dress your table for a cozy, clean, simple, out door celebration.


If you want to create a exclusive and unique atmosphere why not reserve a private or sectioned off area for your guests at a local pub, bar, or your favorite watering hole?  Maybe it is the location where you first met your love.  Decorate your area with these hanging pictures of the lovely couple from balloons.  Setup for this inexpensive décor is as easy as the take down.


There are many different possibilities for where to hold it and it doesn’t’ have to be stuffy either.  Here are some ideas for you:


-Are you a theatrical pair or one that just loves watching movies together?  Rent out an old movie theatre.  Why not have a video montage of your courtship or even make one to simulate how it all happened.


-A bowling alley – many of them have are equipped for hosting special events and this really makes for a night of laughter and fun for everyone.  You can pick an old school bowling alley or a trendy and hip non-traditional one.  Either way it is sure to be a good time.


-A botanical garden will create a gorgeous setting to kick off the festivities and requires very little décor.  Since flowers are such a huge part of any wedding this is a classic choice to throw your first party as an engaged couple.


-A local pizza parlor is another option.  Everyone loves pizza and even if you don’t have a favorite pizza place you could use this theme at home and have a pizza buffet, or even hire a chef to make pies on demand.  Guests can bring beer or wine, or even bring your own toppings.


-If you prefer a classier affair go with a winery.  Many of them offer private tours that include tastings and pairings.  What could be better than that?  Especially to celebrate the pairing of you and the person you are spending the rest of your life with?


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