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We hope you are enjoying the final days of summer. It is coming and going by so fast, as always. We are going to make the most of what time we have left of nice weather and have some more BBQ fun with family and friend’s sand you should too.

We love finding new ideas all over the web to make our events and soirees a hit and today we are going to share some really fun outdoor and BBQ photo booth fun ideas for you all to enjoy.

Ok, on a hot day of entertaining, these sparkling Peach-Mint Ice Pops with Prosecco look like the perfect thing to have on your bar!

We found them on an older article from Fox News Magazine, where they featured 10 frozen boozy treats to beat the heat. The recipes include:

  • The Frozen Frenchy
  • The Peach-Mint Ice Pops with Prosecco from the above picture
  • Frozen Orang Dreamsicle
  • Absinthe Slushy
  • Strawberry Surfer Gelatini
  • Cool Melon Mint Wine-Sicles
  • Strawberry Margarita Pops
  • Frozen Mint Julep
  • Fernet-Branca Ice-Cream Sandwhiches
  • Loaded Frozen Pina Colada

Each and every single one of these look as good as the next! You can check out all ten recipes HERE.

We thought we would share this picture of a great salad bar set up. It is really important when entertaining outside to keep things cold. Especially if they contain mayonnaise or refrigerated ingredients so no one gets sick. This picture is a great example of how simple keeping things cold can be. You don’t need a fancy chiller table or anything overly extravagant. Simply fill a container with ice cubes or crushed ice and place the food in containers right on top to stay cool.

Yard games are a necessity when entertaining out doors and boy did we hit the mother load when we came across this pin for giant DIY Jenga! Your guests will be in awe when they head outside to see this giant, statuesque game set up. Game on!

That’s not all we found! Here are the other DIY yard games we found:

  • Painted Horseshoes
  • Ring Toss
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Designer Beer Pong Table
  • Cornhole
  • Big Bananagrams
  • Gnome Lawn Bowling (YES!)
  • Twister
  • Pinata Kit

Head over to Brit + Co and see all of the cool ideas and how to create them for your own fun HERE.

Be bright and go bold at summer parties! Summer is all about fun and freshness and your party should be no different. We just love these fun, bright, geometric, touches from this summer party we found. Don’t you?

These photo booth props are perfect for your summer cookout, or beach themed party. We love the ice-cream, seashells, and the cute little sun tan lotion tube! Don’t for get to SPF!

We love this DIY home décor project that easily translates to a perfect summer photo booth backdrop. Pick out some fresh and bright colored plates that of course match your theme perfectly and hang on your wall.


Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Sparkling Wine Popsicle

Cold Salad Bar

Giant Jenga Game

Bright and Fresh Summer Party Pics

Beach and Summer Photo booth Props

DIY plate décor

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