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How To Get Your Winter Skin Picture Perfect

The holidays are filled with wonderful moments with friends and loved ones and often some not so wonderful moments too.  One thing you can always count on this time of year is photos galore!  Tis’ the season to take tons of pictures at your family gatherings and cocktail parties, so we at Photo Booth of the Stars threw together a little list of tips and tricks to have your skin looking and feeling your best so you can be ready for your close up!


Cleanse & Moisturize Daily


Sounds pretty obvious right?  WRONG!  Cotton pads are an essential player in correctly washing your face.  Simply placing a cleanser onto your face and washing it away will not get rid of all of the dirt.   Instead, gently massage your cleanser onto your face and remove with cotton pads.  Do this repeatedly until the pads come away clean.  This will ensure you are getting rid of all of that deep down dirt, then pat skin dry do not rub.  After you are all clean apply your moisturizer of choice into you skin before it is fully dried to lock in extra moisture.


This cold winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin so now is the time to kick your skin routine into full gear.  No one wants to attend a Christmas wedding with dry flakey skin on their face.  Use a moisturizer that works for your skin type at that time.  Also look for appropriate oils that won’t clog your pores such as avocado, primrose, or almond oil.


Shorten your shower time and turn down the temperature.  Hot water strips the lipids from your skin and will leave your skin more exposed to the winter weather drying.  Only exfoliate skin once a week to avoid these effects as well.


Start to repair your skin now so that your skin will be as healthy as possible when it comes time for your company party or Christmas events.  Start using additional masks targeted at whatever complexion issue you are experiencing as well as adding a serum to your routine to target any areas that need additional attention.


Eye Care


Your eyes are what generally stand out the most in a photograph so give them some special attention for your special day.  The camera has a way of enhancing red eyes so use whitening drops to get rid of tired red eyes on special occasions.  Take a little time to curly your lashes with an eyelash curler to open your eyes and give two coats of your favorite mascara to really help bring out those eyes.


No Oily Skin

Keep blotting pads in your purse at all times and especially when attending any sort of special event.  Just as the camera picks up those red eyes, oily skin takes the cake when captured in photos.  Eliminate the shine by using oil blotting papers before you leave the house and absorb excess oil as needed through out the entire night.  These pads are a must have when attending longer events like New Years parties, or if you are a bride or bridesmaid and know you will be photographed over longer periods of time.  (Note to brides keep in your bridal bag and have plenty on hand for your maids.)


Keep Clicking

If you are taking the pictures use your cameras shutter feature to keep the photos coming.  Some of the best images shot happen between poses.  This will allow you greater chances of capturing that perfect shot you are seeking. This feature is especially helpful when shooting a large group of people also.  It can be a difficult task to get a group of friends and loved ones to all smile and look the same direction at the same time, especially after a few cups of egg nog.


Follow these tips and you can enjoy your holiday photos worry free and looking your best.  Call our Chicago area Photo Booth of the Stars office today at 815-975-8762 and reserve your date!


Photo Credit in Order:  Rachel Whitney Photography, P&G, Alex Livesey/Getty, Sarah Brown, Deposit Photos