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2014 New Years Eve Party Planner

We still can’t believe it is time for New Years once again.  Of course we at Photo Booth of the Stars have thrown together some tips that will have you ready to welcome in 2014 in no time!

New Years Eve parties should be all about “Auld Lang Syne.”  Not sure what that even means?  No problem, here is a little background information for you from written by Christina Ng who breaks it down for you.


The confusion over the song is arguably almost as much of a tradition as the song itself. As revelers stumble and mumble through the verses–singing the “auld lang syne” part much louder than the rest of the song because it’s really the only part people know–someone always asks what the words mean.


The title of the Scottish tune translates to “times gone by” and is about remembering friends from the past and not letting them be forgotten.

Despite its strong association with New Year’s Eve, “Auld Lang Syne,” written by Robert Burns in the 1700s, was never intended to be a holiday song.  Guy Lombardo is credited with popularizing the song when his band used it as a segue between two radio programs during a live performance at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York in 1929.  By coincidence, they played “Auld Lang Syne”  just after the clock hit midnight, and a New Year’s tradition was born.


The song, and the confusion that comes with it, has been immortalized in countless movies and TV shows.


So, there you have it.  The focus of your party should be about remembering friends from the past and not letting them be forgotten.  So don’t focus so much on this being a grandiose event, your only requirements should be friends, food, and champagne to pop at midnight!  Here are some tips for planning your New Years Eve Party!


Tip #1

Make a guest list.


The most important element of your party is the people that come to your event and that they mean the most to you.  As long as you have that you have a recipe for success in play.


Tip #2

Stick to a budget.


Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.  You can find tons of deals on Christmas merchandise right now.  Use your imagination, just because it is Christmas, doesn’t mean you can’t use it for New Years.  There is so much glittery and sparkly décor, garland, ornaments, etc., for Christmas that you can totally incorporate for your party.  Fresh flowers can be found at grocery stores and markets that cast hints of black, silver and gold and they look very festive for New Years.  Also if you are still enjoying your Xmas tree, take down the holiday themed ornaments and you can then transform it by adding more silver and gold and create a New Year’s Eve tree!


Tip #3

Keep food simple.


Have pre-made only so you are not spending all of your time in the kitchen and you actually get to enjoy the party, or have it catered.


Tip #4

Create stations.


Have separate areas set up for the bar, a photo booth rental, a dessert table, a game area, etc.  This will allow the party to keep flowing and allow for good conversation.


Tip #5

Create a playlist.


Have your ipod stocked and ready to rock with music that will play all night!  Tailor music to fit the crowd by including their favorite bands and songs.  Not sure what your crowd listens to?  When you send out your e-vite be sure to have guests include 2 or more of their favorite songs, or bands so that you can have them in your playlist.


Tip #6

Have things to do for guests.


Be considerate of your guests since some of them may not have the day off of work and this can become a long night for them.  Include games that will help everyone to interact.  Your photo booth is a sure fire way to get people talking and having fun, but also incorporate some other games so your guests won’t be left staring at their watches and counting the minutes until the ball drops.  If you need some inspiration for a DIY photo booth back drop check out our last post HERE.  It’s important to make guests feel comfortable.


Tip #7

Don’t focus on alcohol.


It is important that your guests are being responsible so for all of the designated drivers and others who aren’t drinking come up with some fun concoctions that they can indulge in.  You could have a milkshake station, Italian sodas, or just a virgin punch of some sort so they have something special to toast in the New Year.



The bottom line is to enjoy being with your friends and don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to New Years parties.  For the free printable and more information on all of the lovely pictures from this post you can go HERE.


From all of us here at Photo Booth of the Stars we want to wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to another great year of making great memories for you and yours!  Call our Chicago area Photo Booth of the Stars office today at 815-975-8762 and reserve your date!



5 Fun Photo Booth Backdrops For Your Next Party!

We all know a photo booth rental is a must-have item at any party so that everyone in attendance has pictures of themselves to take home with them.  YAY!  Celebrities are showing off all of the fun they are having by posting their photo booth strip shots on every media outlet under the sun while they are working red carpets, charity events, and even their family holiday parties as shown below by the Kardashian family who hosted their annual Holiday party on Christmas Eve.

Celebrities are not the only ones getting in on the photo booth action.  Whether you are planning a New Years Eve bash, office holiday party, wedding, or just feel like adding a little something to your next party you are hosting at home, one way to really set the tone and get any party started is by creating a fun backdrop that will have everyone inspired to strike a pose and have a ball!  Here are some ideas that we hope will inspire you to create a festive backdrop for your next event.

We found this glamorous backdrop over at  Although they admit this DIY is a bit time consuming, we think it is well worth it for the dramatic effect this backdrop would add to your theme.  We just love the shades of ribbon they used for this piece.  They were nice enough to post a step by step tutorial and list all of your supplies as well.  All you need is 120 yards of ribbon, thumbtacks, needle and thread, tape, scissors, and a 4 foot wooden dowel.  So festive!  You could do this with fabric in colors or patterns that go with your theme or wedding colors as well.  It would look so awesome inside your photo booth rental at your wedding reception.

We love the look of this DIY herringbone backdrop.  It is a bit labor intensive and more of an intermediate DIY project so keep that in mind before attempting to create this look last minute.  According to this killer backdrop will take around 15 hours to complete.  The pattern is made by sewing together chevron cut shaped pieces of paper in a vertical type of bunting.  You can find the entire tutorial here.


Can you believe these gorgeous cascading paper flower garlands?  Just gorgeous! posts a tutorial n how they made this using a garland template printed onto letter weight papers.  The garland is hung from a branch found at a floral wholesale house.  The results are breathtaking and the full tutorial for this can be found here.

This circle backdrop just makes you feel cheerful and happy with all of the bright colors!   It’s a great way to add lots of colors to your party or event.  It was made with some paper, glue, and a sewing machine!  Not too shabby.  See the full tutorial here.

With New Years being right around the corner, we have to include some giant sequins that are screaming out Happy New Years!  We found this tutorial over at as well as the circles from above.  They used 60mm sequins which are also called pailettes.  The finished product is amazing and has us feeling ready to celebrate!

Are you ready for a celebration?  Then call our Chicago area Photo Booth of the Stars office today at 815-975-8762 and reserve your date and get your DIY backdrops ready for your party!


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Throw a Last-Minute Fuss-Free Holiday Party

Are you itching to get in on the holiday party festivities?  It’s never too late to throw a last-minute holiday party!  So fear not all of you holiday procrastinators that are probably out right now wrestling the crowds at the stores in search for that one gift you forgot to get until today.  Oops!  Its ok, we are sharing some ideas that will only take a few moments and are super simple.


One way to have a fuss-free party is to ditch the stiff, formal dinner party and opt for a casual, open-house-style cocktail party.  Finger foods only here folks.  You can find a large variety of delicious already made appetizers in the freezer section of your local grocery store.  Pick out several different options and serve them up buffet style.  Use a crock-pot or warmers to keep everything nice and warm.  Dips and vegetables, cheese and crackers, and hummus are all great low maintenance choices as well.  No panicking here just finger foods, quick cocktails, easy décor, and plenty of holiday cheer!



Although you won’t have time to mail out custom invitations you can still send something special to your guests.  Get online and select a festive holiday designed e-vite and send it to everyone on your guest list.  There are many free outlets for you to choose from, and those that charge are very inexpensive and well worth it.


We came across some great tips over at Cooking Channel tv that we thought we should share.  They have put together five essential ingredients for hosting your own last-minute holiday cocktail party.


  1. Gilded elements from nature
  2. Holiday knick knacks
  3. Assorted ornaments
  4. Hors d’oeuvres
  5. Printable cocktail labels – and they even provided the template for you which we love!  Thanks.


They suggest using a sideboard or dining table for your drinks and appetizers buffet.  We agree with this completely.  It’s always a good idea to have food spread throughout the event space so it is easily accessible and allows for your guests to mingle while they nibble.  If you have all of the food set up in the kitchen on the counter, then everyone will be crowded into that one area battling it out for the last cocktail weenie.  We’ve all seen it.

We love the “wow” factor the makeshift tabletop Christmas tree adds to the buffet as well.  They just arranged leafy branches in a large glass container and attached an assortment of trim and ornaments-so easy.  You can do the same with branches from your own yard if you don’t have any leafy trees to clip from.  If you are lucky enough to have a Christmas tree stand nearby you can purchase tree trimmings from them for very little money and then you will get the added bonus of the Christmas tree scent throughout your house.  Now we’re talking festive!


In case you didn’t know, Photo Booth of the Stars loves Pinterest as well as weddings, corporate events, bar and bat mitzvahs, and anything worth celebrating.  So here are a couple of our favorite holiday décor pins for your last minute holiday party.


These over sized mason jars are magical and look so awesome but illuminating them with LED fairy lights inside each jar.  You can get the step by step for making these jars over at Making Lemonade.



Check out this great centerpiece that you can throw together in no time, and most likely have all of the items on hand to make the tiered gift centerpiece.  Even better if you have already wrapped your gifts, just place them on pedestals and you are ready to entertain.


Now you have no excuse to host a last minute holiday party.  Have fun and enjoy these moments with your friends and loved ones!  We wish you all a very merry Christmas from all of us at Photo Booth of the Stars!




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How To Look Picture Perfect Every Time!

Christmas is almost here and with that in mind Photo Booth of the Stars wants to give you the gift of looking photogenic even though you may not be.  You deserve it, you’ve been good this year!   Although a lot of company holiday parties and corporate events are being pushed to January this year, you still need to be photo ready for your family gatherings.  We wanted to share some great tips to help you strike that perfect pose this holiday season!

As you know planning a special event can add a lot of stress on a person and that is not good for ones skin.  We’ve got a tip that will have your skin looking flawless in your pictures without having to spend time on Photo Shop for touch ups.  Get as much light on the face as possible.  It’s that easy, if you are indoors get as close to the window or light as possible, and use a flash no matter where you are.  The light of the flash bounces off the skin and illuminates it allowing the light to conceal all of your imperfections.

In order to look great in every photo you need to nail down the right pose!  Don’t stand up straight with both arms behind your back.  It looks completely un-natural!  That is not the look you are going for.  The most flattering pose for any body type is when you are standing partially sideways to the camera.   Take it one step further and plant one foot in front of the other while placing all of your weight on your back foot.  Think red carpet, why do you think all of those women pose the same way?  It’s the most flattering method of standing.  Never stand square on in front of the lens.


Another common dilemma for photos is looking hunched over.  A very simple way to avoid this problem is to imagine you are squeezing a lemon in between your shoulder blades.  We are pretty sure Jennifer Garner is squeezing lemons in the picture below.  There is no way you will come across slouchy if you follow this tried and true method.  If you are taking lots of pictures the next day you might be a bit sore from using those muscles but no pain no gain!

We can’t think of anything worse than to have a picture shot from your wedding day, which is said to be the biggest day of your life and there it is… the horrible double chin.  Even if you don’t truly have one in reality, if you are positioned just the wrong way during a photo shoot, you will appear to have a double chin.  This can easily be avoided by pulling your head slightly forward and downward to tighten those muscles in the chin area and to avoid drooping. So whether you are taking a photograph for your wedding, birthday, anniversary party, or any special event just keep in mind to stick your head out (envision a turtle’s neck) and downward and you will be looking good.

When you are inside your photo booth rental please keep in mind that the most flattering shots are taken when the lens is eyelevel or higher.  So if you are really tall be sure to bend down a little bit so you are at least eyelevel and you will walk away with picture perfect shots on your photo strip.  Don’t for get to use these tips at your next soiree and you will see a huge difference in the outcome of your photographs.  You may actually LOVE them!  Here are 3 more simple tips to leave you with.

  • Do not say CHEESE.  It makes everyone look tense and is not the least bit flattering to your face.
  • If you wear glasses take it off for the photograph to avoid any dark shadows they will cast on your face.
  • Apply some color on your lips before the picture.  It will really brighten up your face and if you don’t have any color on them they will disappear right into your face in the picture.

Call our Chicago area Photo Booth of the Stars office today at 815-975-8762 and reserve your date and put these tips to the test!



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How To Put a Homemade Twist On Store-Bought Gifts


Holiday parties and events are in full swing and if you are like us at Photo Booth of the Stars you are busier than ever.  There just is not enough time in the day to get everything done from booking your party venues, checking off your Christmas shopping list, and getting the house ready for out of town guests, ugh we are getting tired just thinking about all of the things that need to get done before Christmas.


While making homemade gifts are a very nice sentiment many of us just don’t have the time to pull it off.  If you are one of us juggling all of the holiday party planning RELAX.  We put together a few quick ways to put a homemade spin onto your store bought items so that your recipients still feel that personal touch without ever knowing you didn’t take hours to make their gifts.


Creating gifts that are a little hand made mixed with a little store bought are easier than you might think.  If you are attending holiday parties, be sure to include a gift for the host/hostess.  A go-to gift is a nice bottle of wine or drink of choice.  That alone is a nice gift, but add a quick homemade touch by simply purchasing a festive holiday tea towel and wrapping it around the bottle, tie it off with a pretty bow and add a gift tag and you are good to go.  This same idea could be used on a vinegar and oil set as well or for wedding gifts.  Just swap out the holiday tea towel and incorporate the wedding theme and colors.


Instead of buying a pre-packaged gift basket, create your own personalized and semi homemade one with items your receiver will love.  Wine bottles, gourmet olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, white wine vinegar, pastas, or whatever your heart desires.  Wrap them up in your cloth of choice, whether it be a tea towel, a nice pair of cashmere gloves, or even a scarf.

Then, find a nice wine holder, crate, vintage organizer, really it can be anything you know your receiver will love.  Place your beautifully wrapped items in the wine holder or whatever you decided on and you have a very nice unique and completely personalized gift basket that is oozing with your homemade touch.


We came across this great DIY from crème de la craft that gives a step by step tutorial on wrapping gifts in ways including stitching pieces of felt together, using a wool sweater sleeve, and also a tea towel.  We just love the look of these gifts.  Just note, if you are wrapping your bottles with the tea towels, be sure the towel is just slightly taller than the object you are wrapping.

Giving someone a gift card?  Don’t just stick it in one of those cards or tins, wrap it up with a towel or scarf.  It’s a gift inside of a gift that is quick to do and looks like you spent extra time on the gift, even though it really takes the same amount of time as gift wrap.


These chalkboard painted mugs are sure to be a hit!  We found the mug on and there are 59 other homemade gift ideas for you to scroll through!  They are fast to make, and you can even do it to wine glasses so names can be written on the bottom during holiday entertaining!


We hope this gives you some inspiration to add some personalized touches to your holiday gifts this year if you haven’t already!  Happy holidays to you from Photo Booth of the Stars!  Don’t forget to call our Chicago area Photo Booth of the Stars office today at 815-975-8762 and reserve your date!




How To Get Your Winter Skin Picture Perfect

The holidays are filled with wonderful moments with friends and loved ones and often some not so wonderful moments too.  One thing you can always count on this time of year is photos galore!  Tis’ the season to take tons of pictures at your family gatherings and cocktail parties, so we at Photo Booth of the Stars threw together a little list of tips and tricks to have your skin looking and feeling your best so you can be ready for your close up!


Cleanse & Moisturize Daily


Sounds pretty obvious right?  WRONG!  Cotton pads are an essential player in correctly washing your face.  Simply placing a cleanser onto your face and washing it away will not get rid of all of the dirt.   Instead, gently massage your cleanser onto your face and remove with cotton pads.  Do this repeatedly until the pads come away clean.  This will ensure you are getting rid of all of that deep down dirt, then pat skin dry do not rub.  After you are all clean apply your moisturizer of choice into you skin before it is fully dried to lock in extra moisture.


This cold winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin so now is the time to kick your skin routine into full gear.  No one wants to attend a Christmas wedding with dry flakey skin on their face.  Use a moisturizer that works for your skin type at that time.  Also look for appropriate oils that won’t clog your pores such as avocado, primrose, or almond oil.


Shorten your shower time and turn down the temperature.  Hot water strips the lipids from your skin and will leave your skin more exposed to the winter weather drying.  Only exfoliate skin once a week to avoid these effects as well.


Start to repair your skin now so that your skin will be as healthy as possible when it comes time for your company party or Christmas events.  Start using additional masks targeted at whatever complexion issue you are experiencing as well as adding a serum to your routine to target any areas that need additional attention.


Eye Care


Your eyes are what generally stand out the most in a photograph so give them some special attention for your special day.  The camera has a way of enhancing red eyes so use whitening drops to get rid of tired red eyes on special occasions.  Take a little time to curly your lashes with an eyelash curler to open your eyes and give two coats of your favorite mascara to really help bring out those eyes.


No Oily Skin

Keep blotting pads in your purse at all times and especially when attending any sort of special event.  Just as the camera picks up those red eyes, oily skin takes the cake when captured in photos.  Eliminate the shine by using oil blotting papers before you leave the house and absorb excess oil as needed through out the entire night.  These pads are a must have when attending longer events like New Years parties, or if you are a bride or bridesmaid and know you will be photographed over longer periods of time.  (Note to brides keep in your bridal bag and have plenty on hand for your maids.)


Keep Clicking

If you are taking the pictures use your cameras shutter feature to keep the photos coming.  Some of the best images shot happen between poses.  This will allow you greater chances of capturing that perfect shot you are seeking. This feature is especially helpful when shooting a large group of people also.  It can be a difficult task to get a group of friends and loved ones to all smile and look the same direction at the same time, especially after a few cups of egg nog.


Follow these tips and you can enjoy your holiday photos worry free and looking your best.  Call our Chicago area Photo Booth of the Stars office today at 815-975-8762 and reserve your date!


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Time To Throw A Winter Party Or Wedding!

With all of the lovely winter snowy weather we are having here, we thought it is only appropriate to share some winter wedding and event inspiration.  There is something about the cold weather that is so romantic and we have scoured the web to find some breathtaking photographs to share with you of all things winter.


If you are planning a winter wedding a big thing to take into consideration is your floral budget.  Flowers can be very expensive this time of year so be prepared to pay a little more for your flowers than in the summer/spring months.  Baby’s breath is a good option that looks great during any season and will provide a lot of bang for your buck.



We found the perfect winter wedding bouquet alternative to pricey flowers.  These pine cone wedding bouquets add an elegant rustic touch.  For all of you DIY-er brides this looks like the ideal project for you.  We think these would make a great addition to your home décor or holiday party arrangements as well.


Head on over to your local craft center and pick up a large foam ball.  Grab your hot glue gun, some branches, pinecones, and you are well on you way.  Stick the branches in one end of the ball and place in a can, jar, or even a vase as long as you are careful not to knock it over.  From there just start gluing your pinecones around the entire foam ball until it is fully covered.  Layer and arrange different sizes until you achieve the look you would like.


You could make Christmas ornaments using this general idea and smaller balls; you could make a festive pinecone bunting as well.  Add some pops of color by trickling some dried berries throughout your bouquets.  Feeling glitzy and glamorous?  Dip your pinecones in some gold or silver glitter, or any color that works with your theme for your wedding or event.


This would be a very cute, and unique save the date for a winter wedding.  It really sets the tone.  Ladies, if you aren’t engaged yet but your dream wedding is a winter one get out there and snap a picture before the snow melts.


It’s only natural to have a snowflake photo booth backdrop at your celebration.   You can find snowflake cutouts or ornaments anywhere right now, and string them together with ribbon or twine for a fast and adorable DIY backdrop that your guests will love!  Make some awesome photo booth wintery props to really kick things off!


Pull out the classic snowflake and Santa Claus winter photo booth props for all to enjoy from the young to the elders.


We love these Santa clause wooden beard props we came across on Etsy.   They are sure to bring out your inner Santa Claus and add fun for the holiday party, kid’s photo with Santa, breakfast with Santa or just as a simple decoration for around the house.


Don’t forget to add some sparkle to your winter tablescape to make your winter event shine.  Look how great the baby’s breath looks in the centerpiece.  So pretty and that branch chandelier just makes you want to pull up a seat and get festive!

Call our Chicago area Photo Booth of the Stars office today at 815-975-8762 and reserve your date!

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Real Tips For Throwing A No-Stress Bachelorette Party

Throwing an epic bachelorette party should not be a dreaded event, instead it should be a time to build amazing memories with the bride to be that will last forever.


We have put together tips of wisdom from maids of honor and brides to help you and everyone involved have a fantastic time!


–        Everyone will try to throw in their two cents as to the type of shower she should have.  Just keep in mind it is her shower so give her one she will like, regardless of anyone else’s input.

–        If the bride is not in her early 20’s, she may not be into the whole go wild Vegas style party.  Instead go to a winery, or rent a beautiful house for everyone to go and celebrate in a more intimate fashion.   If she loves to cook, go to a BYOB cooking class or hire a private chef to come to you and give lessons.

–        Leave the guest list to the bride to be.  You may not be fully aware of any family feuds or drama the bride to be is involved in.  Do yourself a favor and let her determine who she feels comfortable having there.

–        As planning any party or event it can be an overwhelming task.  Since there are endless venues available there is a significant amount of research that can go into planning for a bachelorette party.  Delegate one person to research venues, photo booth rentals, catering, etc.  One person, for each category.  This way you get all of the information but you are not causing 2 or more people to be working on the same thing at one time.  It’s more productive this way.

–        If you are planning a bachelorette party weekend, and especially one out of town, an itinerary is very helpful.  You don’t have to go all out and have them printed you can go a little green and send through email.  Be sure to list what will be taking place so that guests can pack properly and bring the appropriate attire for each occasion.

–        Be sure to send save the dates.  Everyone lives a busy lifestyle, so be sure to take that into consideration as will as providing ample time for everyone to save if needed in order to squeeze this party into the budget.  If possible send printed invitations as this is a very special event.

–        Details, details, details!  Decorating is a must!  Keep with whatever theme you have selected and go wild.

–        The bride doesn’t have to wear a BRIDE TO BE sash and crown anymore.  Get creative!  Let her wear a color that stands out while everyone else wears the same color, or wear the wedding colors and she can wear her favorite color.  Whatever you do be sure she stands out.

–        Make it a surprise!  She has enough to worry about, after all she is kind of planning a wedding here.  Involve her in as little as possible.  Just be thoughtful as to what you are doing, where you are going, and the length of time away you will be spending.  Be sure she doesn’t have any fittings or appointments that she could miss by being gone before you book anything.

–        Arrange for transportation.  This will likely not be a sober occasion so be smart and don’t let anyone drink and drive.

–        Take lots of pictures, and be sure to have a photo booth rental with amazing props.  This will give the bride a chance to take an individual picture with each girl and a chance for them to each have a moment together to enjoy before she is a married woman.


The most important tip goes to the Bride, be sure to thank everyone for coming and for all of the work your maids put into this for you.  Don’t ever let them feel unappreciated by all of their efforts.


Now relax, and go plan a fabulous bachelorette party that is sure to be remembered!  Call today and book your photo booth 815-975-8762 or click here!

5 Things You Must Do To Enjoy Holiday Entertaining


The holidays are all about being with friends and loved ones and enjoying the time you are blessed to get to spend together.  Unfortunately entertaining can also be a really stressful and daunting time as well.  This year you can be a guest at your own party by following these tips from Photo Booth of The Stars.


  • Stay organized.

Whether you are hosting or attending a holiday event any wedding or event planner will tell you organization is the key.  If you are going to a holiday party find out what you can bring to it and then make a list.  Try to get all of your supply shopping done at once that way you can avoid the jam packed stores and parking lots during this glorious holiday season.  If you are traveling make a list of what you need to pack and have it ready in advance.


You can find endless amounts of free printable holiday organizing checklists on the web.  We found the one above at Canadian Living.  There are plenty of them out there to choose from and you will have no problem finding one to meet your needs.



  • Don’t take on too much.

With all the holiday parties, company parties, and cookie exchanges, shopping, and everything involved in the season it is easy to bite off more than you can chew.  Be realistic on time and be sure to factor in a little wiggle room.


Most people want to make each holiday better and more special than the last and a huge trend in doing this is to DIY anything and everything.  BEWARE this can get very taxing.  If you are a new to the experience and want to make 101 different decorations, start small.  Even the simplest looking project can be daunting to complete.


Before you go out and buy 100 mason jars for an idea get one and execute the entire project.  How long did it take?  Will you be able to do 100 of them by your party date?  If so congratulations, if not, at least you don’t have to take back 100 mason jars, or start to can tomatoes and make jam to use them all up.  This will allow you to either veto the project or try something else, or move forward and complete your beloved craft.



  • Prioritize

Determine all of the tasks you need to accomplish before your guests arrive.  Think it through.  How much time do you have to put together all of these items?  Is it possible?  Once you have established everything you want to achieve then it is time to prioritize so that you can ensure the ideas that are a must-have to your holiday event will be completed.


  • Finish a project before starting a new one.

This is important.  It’s a lot easier to take things off of your plate if you haven’t already started them.  If you had planned to make festive photo booth props, a dozen desserts for your sweets table, and X-amount of favors for your guests to take away, but now you are getting down to the wire and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all you have left to do.


Start with the task at the top of your list so that if you do run into a time crunch you can make cuts where you feel appropriate.  Maybe instead of a dozen desserts you only have time to make five.  At least your other projects are finished and you aren’t left with 10 different “started” tasks that will be impossible to finish.  This will save you a lot of time and headache.


  • Give yourself a deadline.

Since the holidays are all about spending time with those loved ones – do it.  Give yourself a due date and whatever is left on your list that hasn’t been started on that date, forget about it!  Go spend time with your family instead of running around frantic because you still have X, Y, and Z to finish.  If you are happy and calm, everyone will be right along with you.


Happy holiday entertaining to you all and we are looking forward to being a part of it.  Call today and book your photo booth 815-975-8762 or click here!





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