5 Fun Photo Booth Backdrops For Your Next Party!

We all know a photo booth rental is a must-have item at any party so that everyone in attendance has pictures of themselves to take home with them.  YAY!  Celebrities are showing off all of the fun they are having by posting their photo booth strip shots on every media outlet under the sun while they are working red carpets, charity events, and even their family holiday parties as shown below by the Kardashian family who hosted their annual Holiday party on Christmas Eve.

Celebrities are not the only ones getting in on the photo booth action.  Whether you are planning a New Years Eve bash, office holiday party, wedding, or just feel like adding a little something to your next party you are hosting at home, one way to really set the tone and get any party started is by creating a fun backdrop that will have everyone inspired to strike a pose and have a ball!  Here are some ideas that we hope will inspire you to create a festive backdrop for your next event.

We found this glamorous backdrop over at Weddingchicks.com.  Although they admit this DIY is a bit time consuming, we think it is well worth it for the dramatic effect this backdrop would add to your theme.  We just love the shades of ribbon they used for this piece.  They were nice enough to post a step by step tutorial and list all of your supplies as well.  All you need is 120 yards of ribbon, thumbtacks, needle and thread, tape, scissors, and a 4 foot wooden dowel.  So festive!  You could do this with fabric in colors or patterns that go with your theme or wedding colors as well.  It would look so awesome inside your photo booth rental at your wedding reception.

We love the look of this DIY herringbone backdrop.  It is a bit labor intensive and more of an intermediate DIY project so keep that in mind before attempting to create this look last minute.  According to Confettipop.com this killer backdrop will take around 15 hours to complete.  The pattern is made by sewing together chevron cut shaped pieces of paper in a vertical type of bunting.  You can find the entire tutorial here.


Can you believe these gorgeous cascading paper flower garlands?  Just gorgeous!  LIAGRIFFITH.com posts a tutorial n how they made this using a garland template printed onto letter weight papers.  The garland is hung from a branch found at a floral wholesale house.  The results are breathtaking and the full tutorial for this can be found here.

This circle backdrop just makes you feel cheerful and happy with all of the bright colors!   It’s a great way to add lots of colors to your party or event.  It was made with some paper, glue, and a sewing machine!  Not too shabby.  See the full tutorial here.

With New Years being right around the corner, we have to include some giant sequins that are screaming out Happy New Years!  We found this tutorial over at Ohhappyday.com as well as the circles from above.  They used 60mm sequins which are also called pailettes.  The finished product is amazing and has us feeling ready to celebrate!

Are you ready for a celebration?  Then call our Chicago area Photo Booth of the Stars office today at 815-975-8762 and reserve your date and get your DIY backdrops ready for your party!


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