How To Look Picture Perfect Every Time!

Christmas is almost here and with that in mind Photo Booth of the Stars wants to give you the gift of looking photogenic even though you may not be.  You deserve it, you’ve been good this year!   Although a lot of company holiday parties and corporate events are being pushed to January this year, you still need to be photo ready for your family gatherings.  We wanted to share some great tips to help you strike that perfect pose this holiday season!

As you know planning a special event can add a lot of stress on a person and that is not good for ones skin.  We’ve got a tip that will have your skin looking flawless in your pictures without having to spend time on Photo Shop for touch ups.  Get as much light on the face as possible.  It’s that easy, if you are indoors get as close to the window or light as possible, and use a flash no matter where you are.  The light of the flash bounces off the skin and illuminates it allowing the light to conceal all of your imperfections.

In order to look great in every photo you need to nail down the right pose!  Don’t stand up straight with both arms behind your back.  It looks completely un-natural!  That is not the look you are going for.  The most flattering pose for any body type is when you are standing partially sideways to the camera.   Take it one step further and plant one foot in front of the other while placing all of your weight on your back foot.  Think red carpet, why do you think all of those women pose the same way?  It’s the most flattering method of standing.  Never stand square on in front of the lens.


Another common dilemma for photos is looking hunched over.  A very simple way to avoid this problem is to imagine you are squeezing a lemon in between your shoulder blades.  We are pretty sure Jennifer Garner is squeezing lemons in the picture below.  There is no way you will come across slouchy if you follow this tried and true method.  If you are taking lots of pictures the next day you might be a bit sore from using those muscles but no pain no gain!

We can’t think of anything worse than to have a picture shot from your wedding day, which is said to be the biggest day of your life and there it is… the horrible double chin.  Even if you don’t truly have one in reality, if you are positioned just the wrong way during a photo shoot, you will appear to have a double chin.  This can easily be avoided by pulling your head slightly forward and downward to tighten those muscles in the chin area and to avoid drooping. So whether you are taking a photograph for your wedding, birthday, anniversary party, or any special event just keep in mind to stick your head out (envision a turtle’s neck) and downward and you will be looking good.

When you are inside your photo booth rental please keep in mind that the most flattering shots are taken when the lens is eyelevel or higher.  So if you are really tall be sure to bend down a little bit so you are at least eyelevel and you will walk away with picture perfect shots on your photo strip.  Don’t for get to use these tips at your next soiree and you will see a huge difference in the outcome of your photographs.  You may actually LOVE them!  Here are 3 more simple tips to leave you with.

  • Do not say CHEESE.  It makes everyone look tense and is not the least bit flattering to your face.
  • If you wear glasses take it off for the photograph to avoid any dark shadows they will cast on your face.
  • Apply some color on your lips before the picture.  It will really brighten up your face and if you don’t have any color on them they will disappear right into your face in the picture.

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