Throw a Last-Minute Fuss-Free Holiday Party

Are you itching to get in on the holiday party festivities?  It’s never too late to throw a last-minute holiday party!  So fear not all of you holiday procrastinators that are probably out right now wrestling the crowds at the stores in search for that one gift you forgot to get until today.  Oops!  Its ok, we are sharing some ideas that will only take a few moments and are super simple.


One way to have a fuss-free party is to ditch the stiff, formal dinner party and opt for a casual, open-house-style cocktail party.  Finger foods only here folks.  You can find a large variety of delicious already made appetizers in the freezer section of your local grocery store.  Pick out several different options and serve them up buffet style.  Use a crock-pot or warmers to keep everything nice and warm.  Dips and vegetables, cheese and crackers, and hummus are all great low maintenance choices as well.  No panicking here just finger foods, quick cocktails, easy décor, and plenty of holiday cheer!



Although you won’t have time to mail out custom invitations you can still send something special to your guests.  Get online and select a festive holiday designed e-vite and send it to everyone on your guest list.  There are many free outlets for you to choose from, and those that charge are very inexpensive and well worth it.


We came across some great tips over at Cooking Channel tv that we thought we should share.  They have put together five essential ingredients for hosting your own last-minute holiday cocktail party.


  1. Gilded elements from nature
  2. Holiday knick knacks
  3. Assorted ornaments
  4. Hors d’oeuvres
  5. Printable cocktail labels – and they even provided the template for you which we love!  Thanks.


They suggest using a sideboard or dining table for your drinks and appetizers buffet.  We agree with this completely.  It’s always a good idea to have food spread throughout the event space so it is easily accessible and allows for your guests to mingle while they nibble.  If you have all of the food set up in the kitchen on the counter, then everyone will be crowded into that one area battling it out for the last cocktail weenie.  We’ve all seen it.

We love the “wow” factor the makeshift tabletop Christmas tree adds to the buffet as well.  They just arranged leafy branches in a large glass container and attached an assortment of trim and ornaments-so easy.  You can do the same with branches from your own yard if you don’t have any leafy trees to clip from.  If you are lucky enough to have a Christmas tree stand nearby you can purchase tree trimmings from them for very little money and then you will get the added bonus of the Christmas tree scent throughout your house.  Now we’re talking festive!


In case you didn’t know, Photo Booth of the Stars loves Pinterest as well as weddings, corporate events, bar and bat mitzvahs, and anything worth celebrating.  So here are a couple of our favorite holiday décor pins for your last minute holiday party.


These over sized mason jars are magical and look so awesome but illuminating them with LED fairy lights inside each jar.  You can get the step by step for making these jars over at Making Lemonade.



Check out this great centerpiece that you can throw together in no time, and most likely have all of the items on hand to make the tiered gift centerpiece.  Even better if you have already wrapped your gifts, just place them on pedestals and you are ready to entertain.


Now you have no excuse to host a last minute holiday party.  Have fun and enjoy these moments with your friends and loved ones!  We wish you all a very merry Christmas from all of us at Photo Booth of the Stars!




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