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Superbowl Sunday Funday Photo Booth Props, Backdrops, & Fun Galore!

Hi, everyone!  We’re just days away from the big Game Day!  We have been having a blast rounding up some fun and festive ideas for you to enjoy in your photo booth rental this Sunday.  Let’s get the party started!

First up, it’s all about the props.  We’ve had our Photo Booth of the Stars’ Staff searching high and low throughout the World Wide Web to find you their favorite pictures and inspiration that will have your photo booth rocking all night long.

Hostess with the Mostess

One of our top ideas we came across was this DIY Football Party Photo Booth Backdrop from Hostess with the Mostess.  A good backdrop really sets the tone for your special event and this is especially festive to highlight your game day.  (Side bar, this would be a really cute idea for a boy’s birthday party, or for school functions as well.)

You can check out the whole tutorial HERE and while you are there, pick up your very own Sports Fan Hand Silhouettes so you can DIY your very own photo booth props to go along with the backdrop!   Just click on the word HERE above to check this one out.


For you Seahawks fans, we’ve got the props for you!  Best of all it’s an instant download, which if you didn’t know, the entire crew at Photo Booth of the Stars adore!  It’s one of the simplest ways to customize your event and not only that, it’s cheap too!

For those who have not tried your hand at printable props, fear not it’s as easy as it sounds! You literally purchase a digital copy, print them out on cardstock, cut out, tape or glue cut outs to long sticks and create stunning props for your guest list to get their game on with.  It’s really that easy!

Now, back to the adorable printables!  We found these on Etsy from OldMarket and you can head there too to get yours for this Sunday.


Patriots fans need not worry we didn’t forget about you!

Check out their Ultimate New England Patriots Super Bowl Party Package Printable HERE and you can feature both sets of props in your photo booth.  A little friendly competition will spice the party up!

The Inspired Treehouse

If you are entertaining children this weekend, one thing you might want to prep for are some fun activities for the kids to partake in during the game.  Let’s keep those kiddos busy with some DIY Game Day Pom-poms that they can help make and use to pose with in the photo booth.

You can check out The Inspired Treehouse for their complete tutorial HERE and let your kids cheer on the day.

Simmworks Family Blog

We are loving this football pennant banner we found on HERE Simmworks Family Blog and agree that it will be perfect to hang above your food buffet, in the photo booth, or even above your TV or couch.

Do you have your props ready for the game?  What activities are you featuring for your younger guests to enjoy and keep busy with?  We’d love to hear all about your Super Bowl tips and tricks!

Cheers to Superbowl Sunday!


Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Superbowl Sunday Snack Time!

Whether you are looking forward to the Big Game or the Half Time Show, one thing is for sure, Superbowl Sunday should be a hit at your house!  Photo Booth of the Stars has put together some really fun picks for some easy and amazing treats that will kick off your celebration.

For you photo booth fans sticking to resolutions for the new year, we have picked some super simple, and lower calorie options to help keep you on track.

Photo via Martha Stewart

Shrimp cocktail is a wonderful go-to, not only because it is a lower calorie option but, it is just so simple to throw together no matter what the occasion.  We are a fan of Mel’s recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Café for making shrimp cocktail from scratch.  It will having you ditching the store bought bottle every time.  Head over and check out the recipe HERE.  (Just click HERE to be taken to the recipe.)

Joyful Abode

If you are searching for a low-carb snack option, just go ahead and stop now because we have it here for you.  Try these low carb Fauxtato Skins from Emily over at Joyful Abode.  We aren’t going to spill the beans with the special ingredients that make these faux-tato, but you can head over to Joyful Abode HERE and you can get all of the fauxtato details.  (Just click the HERE and you’ll be on your way.)

The Comfort of Cooking

For those of you looking to go all out and take on the YOLO approach during the big game, we have the perfect little munchies for you, too.  Like these Cheesy Bacon Oven Chips with Chipotle Dipping Sauce.  Don’t they just sound delicious?  Our entire photo booth staff agrees that these look too good not to make!  Head on over to The Comfort of Cooking and check out the recipe HERE. (Click the HERE to get the recipe.)

Baker by Nature

Your guests are sure to get a kick out of these delicious meatballs that pack a surprise!  Ok, meatballs on their own are always a crowd pleaser.  Whether they are smeared with BBQ sauce, marinara, or a honey glaze they always seem to be the first to go at parties.   With these babies you might just want to triple the recipe because they are going to be flying out of the dish!  Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs?  We are sold!  You can get the gooey, scrumptious recipe by Baker by Nature HERE.  Be sure to send Photo Booth of the Stars a message to tell us how amazing these little guys were.


We could not have been more excited when we strolled across this recipe on Pinterest.  SCORE!  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Dip. Now that just sounds life changing, doesn’t it?  We cannot wait to try this one out and dip some pretzels and cookies right in, or maybe just eat it by the spoonful.  You can make it,too. Click on over to ShugarySweets and get the recipe HERE to whip up your very own batch. (Just click the word HERE and you will be teleported to the recipe.)

We hope you all try these ideas and they are a real touchdown!  Stay tuned for some photo booth fun ideas for the upcoming Superbowl Sunday!

Until then, Cheers!

Photo Booth of the Stars

Author:  L.Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Booth Fun Fit for a Snow Day – Or Any Day!

With all of school cancellations due to cold-weather, and then Martin Luther King Jr. day this week, our Photo Booth of the Star’s staffers got to thinking about all of the fun activities that make snow days/cancellations so darn special.

If you think back to when you were a kid – and for some of you it may not have been that long ago, what was better than hearing or seeing the name of your school listed in the school weather closures? Ummm….nothing! That was so exciting, and even more so if you had an exam or a book reading due the following day that you were not prepared for. Score!

We Photo Boothers thought it would be really fun to put together some photo booth fun fit for a day off of school, work, or really any day!

Girl in Air

Make a Giant Photo Booth Style Picture!

We love, love, love this photo booth fun inspiration from Girl in Air! You can check out her really easy to follow step-by-step tutorial here.

Sugar Aunts

Now here’s some really fun inspiration we found over on Sugar Aunts. We know, we know, Christmas is over, but use your imagination and think of the endless possibilities you can create with this idea. The bean bag toss activity is a great idea that not only the little ones will enjoy. Best of all, cut the holes big enough and they can stick their heads inside the cutouts for photo opportunities.

Sugar Aunts

This little snowman is just what any snow day photo booth needs! Wouldn’t your kids just love it? You can check out the info on these adorable cutouts right HERE. (Just click on the word here and it will take you away to the info.)

Paper & Cake

Are you ill prepared for a snow day and have no idea what to do to keep the kids entertained? Printable photo booth props will be your new best friend. How cute are these little photo booth props that you can just purchase, print, and cut. Let the kids do it! Keep them busy and they are going to have a blast with them. This particular set includes:

Lips and Mustaches, Snow Beanies, Snowman, Gingerbread, Snow Globes, Hot Cocoa, and more! You can check them out right HERE and either purchase yours or bookmark it for the next snow day.

Lila Was Here

We just love this branch with snowflakes hanging down from it. Why, it certainly would make an exceptional photo booth backdrop. Let the kiddos have their fun by making the snowflakes and string them along to be hung from the branch.

It seems like it would be a simple DIY that could use some fish wire, or clear thread and sew it through the snowflakes. Once you have your snow flake strands you could use some eye hooks to hang the flakes down from the branch. Once assembled, let everyone strike a pose in front of the DIY photo booth back drop so they can review and admire their hard work.

We think some hot chocolate would be most suitable afterwards. What are some of your favorite memories, or things you share with your family on snow days?

Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Host a Red Carpet Worthy Golden Globes Party

This Sunday, the Beverly Hilton will be holding The 72nd Golden Globe Awards in their infamous International Ballroom. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be providing hilarious entertainment while co-hosting the extravagant affair. This will be their final time co-hosting the award show so we are looking forward to what exciting and memorable antics the two will come up with this year.

Photo by Erin Franzman via Los Angeles Magazine

It’s always entertaining for Photo Booth staffers to check into what the elite will be feasting on during these award shows. We found a sneak peek over on Los Angeles Magazine. It sounds incredible. Attendants will be starting with Modern Waldorf salad which forgoes the traditional mayonnaise based dressing and uses a lemon emulsion instead. Mmm!

Photo by Erin Franzman via Los Angeles Magazine

Next, will be a delicious surf-and-turf duo featuring Filet Mignon and Arctic Char and vegetarians can feast on a delightful cannelloni.

Photo by Erin Franzman via Los Angeles Magazine

Once guests have indulged in enough goodness throughout dinner, there will be a delectable dessert trio that words won’t be able to describe. It looks out of this world.

For those of you that will be enjoying the show from home with your photo booth rentals, there is no reason you can’t celebrate right along like you are at the Golden Globes right? We found some red-carpet worthy ideas that will have you feeling like you are among Hollywood’s elite this Sunday night.

Paperless Post

First, invite over some friends to watch all of the Red Carpet fun. We love this glamourous golden invite you can customize and send from Paperless Post. It will really set the tone for your evening. If you would prefer to send an actual mailed invitation they have a huge variety of options for you to choose from as well.

Once your guests have arrived, the best way to help provide stress free entertaining is to have a signature cocktail. You can also have some items like beer, wine, juices, and sodas set out on ice for guests to help to serve themselves. Be sure to have an ice bucket ready for guests who want to help themselves to re-fills or make something else. This way you get to enjoy the show too!

Photo by The Effortless Chic via Bustle

The Golden Globes are celebrated with champagne and your soiree should be too! Try one of these 9 Champagne Cocktails or all of them from Bustle. They are sure to help you forget about the cold snowy weather we are having here in the Chicagoland area. Brrrrr!

There’s no better way to warm things up than with a photo booth rental and award shows always have one to capture this year’s nominees and fun moments.

Photo via ThePaperAffairShop on Etsy

These instant download printable photo booth props are perfect for your event. You can order up yours from The Paper Affair Shop’s store right on Etsy. Just order them up, print them out, cut and attach them to dowels, wires hangers, or whatever you have laying around to use. It’s going to be a blast!


Downton Abbey Season 5 Premiere Party Ideas

The Downton Abbey season 5 premiere is the perfect opportunity to host a viewing party. It’s a great reason to get together and have an exciting afternoon or evening in with your favorite people.

A fun way to make your party memorable is to include menu, décor, and dress, that ties in to whatever it is you are viewing. Photo Booth of the Stars is thrilled whenever guests pop into a booth rental dressed to the nines appearing as if they were attending an award show even though they are at private residence. It really gets people excited and pumped up for the event they are about to view. We just love the atmosphere it creates and how it gets everyone involved.

There are tons of great ideas for Downton Abbey themed weddings, viewings, and various events all over the web. Today we are sharing ones that we found that are perfect to include this evening during the premier.


We found tons of different menu options that may even cross the TV screen tonight.

Bakin’ Bit

These Stilton Pear Tarts from Bakin’ Bit are a great starter that even a beginner in the kitchen can put together. They look delicious and best of all seem like they could easily be prepped prior to your party and thrown in the oven as guests are trickling in.

Get the recipe for these little pastries HERE.

Other popular menu options can include Charlotte Russe, and Salmon Mousse just to name a couple.

Downton Abbey Cooks

You can find a huge list of menu ideas over on Downton Abbey Cooks. There are over 200 recipes that are traditional to the period that you can enjoy making from various skill levels. Head on over and check out the Downton Recipes Index HERE.

Table Setting

How to Decorate

If you are planning on going all-out and hosting a formal Downton Abbey meal, be sure you know how to properly set your table. Head over to How to Decorate where you can find wonderful visual how-to’s for setting every table that will fit your party style HERE.


Party Bluprint

We found some really yummy drink ideas to sip on during your viewing over on Party Bluprints. From Royal cocktails to Downton Abbey wine to enjoy you can find it HERE.

Fun & Games


These Downton Abbey bingo cards will help to keep interruptions to a minimum during show time. Everyone will be so involved in trying to win that they will be completely absorbed by the drama and goodness of the show. For a fun prize you could give away a Downton Abbey Wine gift set. Get the free printable game from Paste HERE.


Of course, no party would be complete without some festive photo booth props. We found these instant download printables over on Etsy from Design Kids Habitat out of Kansas City, Missouri.

Still looking for more party ideas? You can find a ton of them over on A Night Owl in a complete round up of ideas along with some really nice printables that will really complete your party tonight. Head on over HERE and check them out.