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Ultimate Super Bowl Sunday Party

Super bowl Sunday is almost here and even if you don’t love the game it is a great reason to throw a themed party!  Score!  Since the Super Bowl has more and more viewers each year over any other televised event it’s no wonder so many will be hosting a party this weekend.  If you are in need of some inspiration on how to make your super bowl photo booth party memorable check out these suggestions. 

We all know that a super bowl party is synonymous with food and it is the time of all times to go overboard and eat like theirs no tomorrow or calories!  So we have to start off with some festive food items for you to enjoy!

Prepare these Vegan Potato Skins ahead of time and have them baking and your guests mouths will be watering as they are arriving!  Cancel the catering.  They are so easy to make for crowds of few or crowds a plenty. You just need some potatoes, spices that you probably already have in your spice rack, bacon, cheddar cheese, and some green onions.

Bake the potatoes for 30 minutes in the oven, remove them and scoop out the centers.  Spread a mixture of spices and oil on the outer layer of the skins and add your cheese and bacon.  Back in the oven they go for a few more minutes and you have got your crowd pleaser ready to be devoured. 

It’s as easy as that, and everyone loves a good old potato skin.  You can see the entire recipe HERE.

For the Photo Booth!

Custom backdrops are always fun to have in your photo booth rental and we are more than happy to help you select one that will photograph best so we can ensure every photo will be a fun takeaway for your guests.  We came across this great DIY football party photo booth idea from Hostess With The Mostess.  It is so cute and super easy to create!  All it requires is 2 sheets, an iron, and some safety pins.  You can find the whole tutorial HERE

Don’t forget to have your football themed photo booth props set up.  Hostess with the Mostess has a tutorial for some of these as well for you to enjoy.

Now Back to the snacks!

Recipe & Photo credit to

Dips are another hot ticket to serve up this Sunday!  This spinach artichoke dip is sure to score a touch down with your crowd and we don’t see it lasting very long so be sure to make plenty!  You can get the full recipe for this scrumptious dip as well as 14 other dip recipes which include queso, ginger wasabi edamame hummus, mushroom and goat cheese, and more HERE.  Stock up on chips!

Don’t fumble on dessert!

These chocolate covered potato chips are just the solution for a salty and sweet crave.  Supposedly they are extremely easy to make and would be a fun project for the kids as well.

The recipe calls for 30 of your favorite salty potato chips and you want them whole and unbroken so they will provide aesthetic appeal.  It also called for one 12 ounce bag of vegan chocolate chips that can definitely be swapped out for regular chocolate chips if you would like.

Then all you do is sort through all of the chips to ensure quality control of each chip and set them aside while you melt your chocolate away over a double boiler.  Then you dip each chip and cover it entirely with chocolate.  Put them on wax paper to dry and add some sprinkles if you like, preferably in football team colors to make it festive! 

You can get all of the details and the full recipe HERE.

Super bowl parties are one of the best types to host because there are so many different foods you can make and have ready in advance.  Another bonus is that you get to keep it casual, now is not the time for fine dining save that for weddings and other events.  Bust out the paper plates and napkins if you want too.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday from Photo Booth of the Stars!


Ideas For Throwing A Party For No Reason!


Hosting parties are a great way to get everyone together in one place that you normally wouldn’t see very often.  Now that the holidays have past, that doesn’t mean the parties have to end.  We at Photo Booth of the Stars think you should throw a party just for the sake of throwing a party!  During the Christmas season we have cookie baking parties, ugly sweater parties, office parties.  There is no reason why we can’t party all year round instead of cramming in a bunch of parties in a few months during November and December.

Surely we know the Super  Bowl is right around the corner and we know you will be hosting parties for that and you have likely gotten all of your festive football themed photo booth props ready for the fun.  Shortly after that we have Valentines day but why not have a party just to have one and get all of your friends and family together to have some good old fashioned fun.  It’s cold outside but there are still plenty of options for entertaining in doors.


Try hosting a grilled cheese party!  Everyone loves the warm, cheesy, crunchy goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich.  It is comforting and euphoric and there are so many creative options that you can make.  You will want to allow for a variety of options for each component of the grilled cheese.  Most importantly have plenty of condiments so people can really have some fun and concoct some really exotic sandwiches.

Delicious topping ideas could include caramelized onions which go with both sweet and savory flavor profiles, mushrooms, arugula, tomatoes, jalapenos, apples, cantaloupe, bacon, etc.  Have fun with it and this idea could easily be turned into a Panini party using different lunch meats and vegetables.  Sounds like reason enough to us for throwing a party!


A wine and cheese party is a great to consider for any time of year and is a lot less hands on than the grilled cheese or Panini option.  You can go nosh style on a Sunday afternoon, or you could incorporate the theme at your next dinner party.  For the nosh route, simply select different cheeses alongside nuts, olives, chopped fruit trays, breads, and crackers.  This is a low fuss option that your guests are sure to love.  If you decide to serve dinner after the pre-cocktail hour take the workload off of your shoulders by having the food catered to your event.


Cooler weather and chili are the perfect pair for a party!  Throw a chili cook off and get your friends involved or make different varieties for your guests to enjoy.  You can make a chili bar stocked with all of the must have condiments, chopped raw onions, shredded cheese, jalapeños, tortilla chips, hot dogs, saltines, and whatever else you like with your chili!  This idea is pretty self explanatory and we are pretty sure you got the idea.


Other great party ideas include hosting a pizza party uing a variety of dough, flat breads, French breads, as your base and build on up with all of the delicious toppings to choose from!  Burgers and sliders are a very affordable way to feed a crowd and great for prepping in advance as well.  We love party ideas that let everyone join in the fun and no one is stuck on their own in the kitchen cooking away and missing all of the memories being made and these are all some great options to choose from!



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How Much Food and Drinks To Serve the Party

One issue that is bound to come up when planning a wedding or event is how much food and drinks are necessary to serve the party?  The worst thing that could possibly happen when hosting an event is running out of food, drinks, or unthinkably both!  Not a good situation.

Food, cocktails, and photo booth are essentials for celebration and guests are looking forward to treating themselves in honor of a special occasion.  Many people will cut back on caloric intake to make sure they can squeeze into a little black dress or just to look their best for a special occasion.  Perhaps they are expecting to indulge a little as a reward of their hard work and resistance when your event date finally comes and righteously they should.  Now, consider the disappointment when they excitedly walk over to the hors d’oeurve tray to find that they have ran out.

How do you feel when you are hungry?  Anxious, irritable, and not functioning at your maximum capacity?  It’s really hard to enjoy things in life if you are hungry.  No matter how fabulous an event, if your audience is hungry they will not get as much enjoyment out of it as you had hoped and it can really cloud their memory of the entire event. The first thing that will usually come to mind is that the food ran out and your guest left hungry.

So, how do decide the right amount of items to have so you can serve your guests and ensure they will leave happy, well at least fed?  Planning the right amounts are part science and part art.  Things to consider are:

How many adults are attending?

How many children?

How long is the event?

How long is your photo booth rental?

What type of party is this going to be?  Cocktail party?  Dinner party?  Dessert party?

Are you having bar tenders, if so how many?  Will there be drink stations?  Are you having a signature cocktail?


When it comes to food always buy MORE!  For instance if you are serving sandwiches at a luncheon, plan for one and a half sandwiches per guest.  When serving appetizers prior to a full meal you can expect guests to eat about 6 pieces per person.  If no meal will be served double the amount and even add a few extra pieces just in case you run into situations where a guest hadn’t gotten a chance to eat prior to your party.

Are you a visual learner?  Here is a great little chart we came across from Heather over at, she loves charts too!  You can even Pin it so you can refer back to it when needed.  Love that Pinterest!


What type of drinks do your guests like to partake in?  Consider this before you stock up on wine to find out that they are all beer drinkers.

It’s great to have a nice variety for your guests to choose from.  That’s not to say you need to have a fully stocked bar, but depending on the number of guests it’s nice to have a few different beer options, wine options, as well as cocktails.

Here is a handy dandy little Party Food and Beverage Calculator from that you can use to enter how many guests you are expecting, and if children are invited as well.  By entering those two amounts it will generate a nice list for you with amounts you need for wine, beer, basic liquor, optional liquor, juice and soda, seltzer and tonic, juice boxes, appetizers, and more.  Click here to check out the calculator.

If you are planning your wedding they also have a wedding wine and liquor calculator too.  You just enter the number of guests, what you are serving, and the time of day you are celebrating and it will give you a nice little estimation for your drinks.  Click here to see the wedding calculator.

Author:  L. Fulton-Events by L

Credit:  Pinterest pinned by Kerry Rossow, RitzyBee,,, pinterest pinned by Regenboogboom


4 Ways To Save Money On Food at Your Wedding or Event!

We’ve yet to meet anyone planning a wedding or event that doesn’t want to save money any way they can.  We get it, it is costly to throw a killer soiree so here are some tips to help you save a little cash that you can hopefully put towards your honeymoon or some other area that you will get to enjoy.

1.  Research.

Not every caterer uses the same policies and procedures so it is imperative that you understand the service you are signing up for. Find out how the final cost will be factored.  Many places will use the number of people at the event so it’s important to be on top of your head count so you know in advance how many people are expected to show.  Don’t get stuck throwing money down the drain and having to pay for meals for people who didn’t attend.  While it is in extremely poor taste to rsvp and then not make it to an event, things do happen so make sure to allow for this in the budget.

2.  Cut it out!

There are certain elements that are a must when having a wedding or event: dj, photo booth rental, photographer, etc.  But, if you are finding that you have cut back everywhere you possibly can and are still over budget, first of know you are not alone.  It happens more often than not, unless you have hired an experienced wedding or event planner that can keep you on track it is easy to underestimate the budget and the multitude of hidden fees that you had not contemplated.  Now if you haven’t hired a planner, grab some wine and cut out some of your courses.

Are you serving soup and salad?  Pick one or the other and stick with it.  Often times people over do it on the food items.  For instance at weddings, in addition to the cake there will also be: a sweets bar, miniature pastries, cupcakes, pie pops, you get the point?  It’s too much of a good thing and will likely go to waste or towards the staffs’ enjoyment.  Some times less is more, so don’t go overboard unless you can afford it.

3.  Bring your own.

If possible, select a venue that allows you to bring in your own liquor, and/or food.  This will save you loads of money if they permit it and enable you to bring in your own appetizers that you DIY or purchase from a wholesaler or anyplace you choose.  We all know there are millions of creative ideas you can find on Pinterest.  It can be as simple as making vegie trays, bruschetta, or whatever is easy for you to DIY or delegate upon your loved ones.