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Everyone knows that one of the best things about a party is the food. Guests look forward to a day or night out to get away from the norm and you won’t disappoint with any of these recipes.

Finger foods are the best option for a party when you want your guests to be social and mingle with one another. It allows the freedom to roam while still enjoying in the delicious items that you have to offer.

There are just some occasions where a sit down dinner just is not necessary: Pool parties, graduation parties, some weddings depending on the hour of the day it is held, corporate events, and so many other alternatives.

These cucumber roll ups with sun dried tomato sauce will have you throwing your cut veggie straws and dip aside and letting these bad boys take the crown. They are such an upgrade to the traditional party snack and your guests will love them.

We got the recipe and picture from and the recipe is so simple that you can make these up for your next party or even just for a snack to enjoy.

Crispy baked ravioli is a great option for hosting a small group or a large bunch since it is so easy to double or even triple with this recipe from My Recipes.

Mmm! Roasted red peppers are so beneficial to your health and skin so it wouldn’t hurt to add more of them to all of our menus.

The photo above and yummy recipe come from Two Forks One Love. This recipe may be a bit more time consuming since you have to char each pepper and then rub the char off but if you have the time or some little helpers to assist you it would be well worth it. The dish is so bright and fresh and is the perfect appetizer for the summer time.

This is a cute twist on the standard cheese and crackers. This is a great way to dress up a standard appetizer and we’re guessing it will be quite a conversation starter as well.

Cute Food for Kids posted this adorable picture and idea using a little straw (from a juicebox) to cut the circles out of black olives for buttons. If the olive gets stuck in the straw simply push it out with a tooth pick. So cute and you can see the entire tutorial HERE.

If you are looking for something a bit heartier or filling, these lobster sliders will do the trick for you! These babies scream summer time and offer a nice refreshing option as opposed to the common, mini burger. Not that we don’t love us a mini burger as well but it is always nice to let your guests experience something different that they will truly consider a treat.

We found the picture and full recipe can be found at taste by Williams Sonoma HERE.

Whatever you decide to serve at your next party just be sure it is something that gives you joy.


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