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Time to Celebrate Labor Day!

Well everyone this Monday is always bitter sweet! Of course it is always nice to have a day off to spend extra time with friends and loved ones, but Labor Day also symbolizes the end of summer. That means our days of frolicking in the sun by the beach are counting down. Let’s all make the most out of these final glory days of summer by having a smashing Labor Day party to remind us what summer is all about.

Since Labor Day is an American made holiday, patriotic décor and accents would be very festive. Pull out the red, white, and blue and get the party started!

We just love these American Summer Fans and there are so many things that you could do with them to make your party pop. Whether you hang them from your front porch to welcome guests like the pictures or use them as photo booth backdrops, they will certainly bring a bright and fun element to your party on Monday.

Perhaps you are feeling crafty, you can go ahead and DIY your own paper fans for any occasion. Head over to the Pinning Mama and get the full tutorial so you can make these for your Labor Day fun! One thing Photo Booth of the Stars loves about the DIY, is that by using wrapping paper and coordinating 12×12 scrapbook paper you can make carrying sizes for the fans which is so visually appealing, especially in your photo booth rental.

Mason jars are still as popular as ever for weddings, parties, and all celebrations.  Using a galvanized tub, or any container filled with ice to place mason jars full of your delicious beverages will keep your event right on trend. It will also keep the drinks nice and cool as well as allow you to enjoy spending time with your guests rather than mixing up cocktails and playing bartender to your guests.

Star Spangled Sangria would be the perfect signature cocktail for you to make ahead of time, and pour in the mason jars. The star shaped pineapple and brightly colored fruits floating around in the drink would look so festive on ice and ready for your guests to have a cold and refreshing beverage at their leisure. Labor Day is supposed to be a day of resting from work after all!

Get the recipe for the sangria from Simply Swider HERE.

No celebration would be complete without some Party Printables and we found some really adorable ones that you are going to love over on Hostess With the Mostess.  Head on over and print out their drink flags, cupcake toppers/party circles, and a couple of decorative signs which are fabulous. Get yours HERE.

No matter what you decide to do to celebrate Labor Day, make the most out of having an extra day to spend with the ones you love and enjoy it.

Author: L. Fulton-Events by L

American Summer Fans – Windy City Novelties

DIY Paper Fan – The Pinning Mama

Mason Jar Ice Statioin – Babble

Star Spangled Sangria – Simply Swider

Sleep In, Drink, Be Merry – Hostess With The Mostess


Host an Emmy’s Screening Party Tonight!

It’s time for the 66th Prime-time Emmy Awards tonight! For those of you who do not know, Photo Booth to the Stars loves a reason to celebrate, and this will be no exception.

Host your own red carpet event with a black velvet photo booth rental and red carpet. Tell your guests to dress as glam as possible to really get in the Emmy’s spirit. Don’t forget to set up a step and repeat so that your guests can flaunt their looks as much as possible.

Your guests will really get in on the excitement when you have them select their picks on a ballot you can download right off of NBC’s Emmy’s website. You can snag the download HERE.

This years Emmy award nominees will walk away with a $50,000 swag bag. Not too shabby.

Some of the items include:

  • 5-night stay in Bali
  • A $1,500 psychic reading –“Nominees and presenters will be treated to an Intuition Breakthrough Blueprint Reading from Joanna Garzilli, who will “map your soul’s purpose…and the life you are meant to lead without limitations.” The blueprint is said to reveal the natural talents and gifts hidden within. Hopefully she can see if an Emmy is in their future.” Quote sited from CNN Money.
  • LIQRpop- Don’t know what it is? “For actors needing to let loose, LIQRpop will be there to help. It’s a patent-pending device that’s an ice pop on the outside, and a full-serving of alcohol on the inside. It can either be injected over a frozen cocktail, sipped from the inside of the pop, or shot 4 to 6 feet away for a “playful serving method,” according to the company.” Quote sited from CNN Money.
  • A stay at Moon Palace Resort
  • A food tasting party for 10-15 of your closest friends from Corazon’s Custom Catering which specializes in Filipino-French fusion food.
  • Five-star trip to Aspen.
  • Luxury queen-size mattress and $1,000 gift certificates that can be used towards Maxim Mattresses luxury line.
  • A membership to David Barton Gym.

So, maybe your Emmy screening party swag bags may not be as luxurious as the items the stars get to take home. No big deal! You can still wow your guests with these fun swag bag ideas.

We found these cute and simple swag bags over at About A Mom. Using just brown paper bags, glittery star shaped sticker and ribbons, these adorable bags can come together in a snap. Your guests will be so excited to see a cute and festive swag bag waiting for them. Fill them with whatever fun treats you can dish out.

This Hollywood Party Decorating Kit from Party City is the perfect embellishment to your photo booth rental, and would make the perfect photo booth back drop. You could hang the banner, and fun honeycomb balls in the photo booth, and use the others as festive themed photo booth props. Hot glue them to some sticks for your guests to pose with.


Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Hollywood Party Decor

Black Velvet Photo Booth

Emmy Award

Swag Bags

10 Piece Opening Night Decorating Kit

Candy Land Themed Party

Every now and again it is important for us to stop taking life so seriously and remember what it is all about… making fun memories. Children are always so happy and entertained over the smallest things. Today Photo Booth of the Stars decided we should all take a page out of children’s books and host a Candy Land Themed party!

Time to relive some of those child hood memories by calling some friends over to celebrate the little things in life that can make such fond memories for everyone. We found some really fun and festive ideas for the Candy Land theme that we can’t wait to try out and hope you will too.

Let’s jump on into this Gumball Lake! How fun for everyone! If it is really hot outside it would be really fun to add water into the pool too and have the colorful balls floating on top. The kids are really going to love this one!

These giant lollipop props are fantastic and would look awesome in the photo booth as your photo booth props. Can you believe they were made out of pool noodles?   We found this image on Pinterest, and there is no description. Best we can guess is it is made out of the pool noodles, and PVC piping. You could have these giant lollipops scattered all along your yard and create the perfect backdrop for your party!

Next, we came across these DIY giant Lollipop Party Centerpieces. Can you have too many lollipops? We sure don’t thinks so. As suspected, the tutorial shows they used paper lanterns with PVC piping and clear plastic wrap. These paper lanterns are everywhere right now and so easy to construct in any color to match your party theme. You can check out the complete tutorial HERE and start making your lollipop centerpieces and photo booth props right away.

This is one way to capture your guests attention right off the bat and get them oh, so, excited to dive into this sweet party.

We love this idea for a simple-to-make photo booth back drop. Just take a white piece of paper and glue or tape circles made from card stock, construction paper, or any colorful paper you can pick up. This would be a great activity to get the kids in on too. If you are feeling lazy you can always find pre-cut shapes online or in stores like Michaels, or Hobby Lobby.

These “Grab a Prop & Smile Sweet” printable photo booth props are the perfect addition to the party décor. Place it next to glittery candy props on a stick, mustaches, and other colorful and entertaining items guests can grab and strike a pose with inside the photo booth.

You can’t host a Candy Land theme party without a candy buffet. The more colorful and bigger the better. Have fun at this sweet party.

Author: L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit

Candy Land Entrance

Gumball Lake

Giant Lollipop

Giant Lollipop Centerpieces with tutorial

Candy land Entrance

Photo booth Backdrop

Photo booth props

Candy Buffet

Tips for Hosting a College Send Off Party

Well the kids are getting ready for back to school, and for some they are heading off to college. This can be an exceptionally exciting and terrifying time all at once, and not just for the student’s. Here are some great ideas for hosting a farewell party for your collegiate that will have them feeling ready for the future!

The picture above shows wonderful décor ideas for a college sendoff! The bulletin board back drop and desk great props for this type of party!

Feature a farewell message center at the party so that guests can leave messages to the guest of honor.  If ever they are feeling alone while away at school, they can pull these messages out.  It’s a great way to send them off with a piece of home and loving words from friends and family that will make them feel special.

As you know a photo booth rental is a great way to capture some really fun moments from loved ones.  We found these really cute DIY editable photo props signs that you can customize for your farewell party on the Etsy store for SunshieAndPop.

Be sure to order or put together a photo booth strip album so that your college student can look back at all of the cool pictures that the photo booth captured when they are up and away.

Another great photo booth backdrop idea is to have some fun change of address announcements printed out at your local FedEx, or any place that can enlarge and print on papers.   Get the dimensions of the photo booth, or you can use wrapping paper sheets as a guide to get an estimate of what size print will work best with your free standing photo booth, or in the space you are looking to entertain in.

It’s not only an eye-catching as a back drop for photos, but it is completely customizable to your guest of honor.  That is after all, what it is all about.

On that note, we love this awesome idea of having a 10 things we love about the guest of honor that they can take with them as wall art.  There is such an abundance of chalkboard materials and vinyl which are completely removable and makes them easy to transfer to different locations.  If you are worried about it getting damaged or the chalk getting smudged or smeared, get it framed so this keepsake will last forever.

Parent’s, be sure to include a journal like the one we found on JournalingJane, in hopes they will leave you with a nice letter of how much they appreciate you, and are ready for the world thanks to all of your hard work and efforts in their upbringing.  Well, OK, maybe not for all that, but it is still a really cute idea for a gift.  Love it!


Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Bulletin Board and Desk Décor Pic

Message in a bottle

Customizable Photo Booth Props

Moving Announcement

10 Things We Love Pic



Outdoor Entertaining Musts!

We hope you are enjoying the final days of summer. It is coming and going by so fast, as always. We are going to make the most of what time we have left of nice weather and have some more BBQ fun with family and friend’s sand you should too.

We love finding new ideas all over the web to make our events and soirees a hit and today we are going to share some really fun outdoor and BBQ photo booth fun ideas for you all to enjoy.

Ok, on a hot day of entertaining, these sparkling Peach-Mint Ice Pops with Prosecco look like the perfect thing to have on your bar!

We found them on an older article from Fox News Magazine, where they featured 10 frozen boozy treats to beat the heat. The recipes include:

  • The Frozen Frenchy
  • The Peach-Mint Ice Pops with Prosecco from the above picture
  • Frozen Orang Dreamsicle
  • Absinthe Slushy
  • Strawberry Surfer Gelatini
  • Cool Melon Mint Wine-Sicles
  • Strawberry Margarita Pops
  • Frozen Mint Julep
  • Fernet-Branca Ice-Cream Sandwhiches
  • Loaded Frozen Pina Colada

Each and every single one of these look as good as the next! You can check out all ten recipes HERE.

We thought we would share this picture of a great salad bar set up. It is really important when entertaining outside to keep things cold. Especially if they contain mayonnaise or refrigerated ingredients so no one gets sick. This picture is a great example of how simple keeping things cold can be. You don’t need a fancy chiller table or anything overly extravagant. Simply fill a container with ice cubes or crushed ice and place the food in containers right on top to stay cool.

Yard games are a necessity when entertaining out doors and boy did we hit the mother load when we came across this pin for giant DIY Jenga! Your guests will be in awe when they head outside to see this giant, statuesque game set up. Game on!

That’s not all we found! Here are the other DIY yard games we found:

  • Painted Horseshoes
  • Ring Toss
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Designer Beer Pong Table
  • Cornhole
  • Big Bananagrams
  • Gnome Lawn Bowling (YES!)
  • Twister
  • Pinata Kit

Head over to Brit + Co and see all of the cool ideas and how to create them for your own fun HERE.

Be bright and go bold at summer parties! Summer is all about fun and freshness and your party should be no different. We just love these fun, bright, geometric, touches from this summer party we found. Don’t you?

These photo booth props are perfect for your summer cookout, or beach themed party. We love the ice-cream, seashells, and the cute little sun tan lotion tube! Don’t for get to SPF!

We love this DIY home décor project that easily translates to a perfect summer photo booth backdrop. Pick out some fresh and bright colored plates that of course match your theme perfectly and hang on your wall.


Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Sparkling Wine Popsicle

Cold Salad Bar

Giant Jenga Game

Bright and Fresh Summer Party Pics

Beach and Summer Photo booth Props

DIY plate décor

Time For A Back to School Party

If your email is anything like ours at Photo Booth of the Stars, it is being flooded with Back to School specials from just about every store imaginable. Let’s get the kids excited about going back to school by hosting a back to school party.

Unfortunately the inevitable has to happen and summer must end but that doesn’t mean it can’t go out with a bang! Here are some really lively ideas for hosting your back to school party that we thought would be a major hit!

Let’s get the party started with these impressive suggestions from Parties for Pennies. Heidi created all of her ideas using school supplies.

The bunting was made using post-it-notes and attaching paperclips together, and it looks adorable on the black board sign.

She used binder clips to hold up post-it-note labels. Everything turned out really adorable and the kids will definitely get into the school spirit with her ideas. You can check them all out for yourself right HERE.

This pencil vase is the perfect décor for this fun theme and is really simple and inexpensive to put together as well. We found it and many other really festive ideas over at Home Stories A to Z.

Head on over to see the entire display of back to school party fun inspiration HERE.

We fell in love with these back to school photo booth props from Mrs. Patton’s Patch. They are so adorable and she did a great job with them for her new student’s to enjoy for her classroom. See how she made them all HERE.

We found these photo booth props on Etsy that would be a fun touch at your back to school, end of summer party. You simply print, cut out, glue to sticks, and you are ready to strike a pose in the photo booth. This photo booth prop kit includes:

– 5 classic mustaches
– 4 stylish sunglasses
– 3 puckering lips
– 2 Popsicle
– 2 soft serve ice cream cones
– 2 chalkboard signs
– 1 flower lei
– 1 baseball cap
– 1 snorkel mask
– 1 watermelon
– 1 “Summer Fun” banner

Here is another great set of props that will gear everyone up for getting back into the school routine. Of course, we found this on etsy as well.
This collection includes 5 glasses, 3 bowties, 2 ties, 3 lips, 3 mustaches, 3 balloons, 6 stars, 2 apples, 3 books, 1 book with worm, 1 book stack, 6 arrow signs, plus another 15 sayings and signs. You will also receive 2 banners, one that says, “Welcome Back” and the other says, “Read A Book.”

You will also receive the FREE Prop Set as seen on the 5th picture. This includes 1 banner and 18 images!

Be sure to include some fun school-related themed snacks like these apple pretzels from Make Bake Celebrate. They are so adorable and you can see how to make them HERE.


Author: L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

1. Back to School Chalkboard Sign

2. Popcorn Label

3. Pencil Vase

4. Photo Booth Chalk Board Props

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7. Apple Pretzel Snack