Who doesn’t love to Pinterest?  No one we can think of, that’s why Photo Booth of the Stars decided to start a weekly Pinterest Picks post.  This weekly list will consist of the top staff Pinterest picks relating to weddings, special events, and all things worth celebrating.


Let’s get started!


Bride to be, Weddings, Bridesmaid Dresses
Tips for the bride – skip the bridesmaid dresses and go with a skirt!


We love this idea of having bridesmaid skirts instead of dresses!  This is such an affordable, practical, idea that will allow your bridal party an opportunity to wear their items time and time again.  You could pick the skirts individually, or with the help of your bridesmaids.  Each bridesmaid could pick their own blouse to pair with the skirt, or they could all match.  There are a lot of different options but this is just too cute!  Great pick!


Next up…

Mother of the bride, gifts


What a joyful way to share your love and gratitude.  This is a thoughtful touch to have set at your mother’s seat.  This keepsake would make a wonderful gift and provide a sweet surprise that will come in very handy throughout the day.

 Mother in law, wedding, gifts


Don’t forget the mother-in-law.  What mother wouldn’t appreciate this great gift idea!  No matter what type of gift you choose, be sure to have a special saying that will touch your mother and mother in law, remember they have been waiting for this day just as long as you.


If you are planning your wedding like many couples you want to ensure your guests have a great time and share in many memorable moments throughout the day.  There is nothing worse than seeing your guests just sitting at tables uncomfortably.  Not sure how to get everyone involved and create spectacular memories?  Aside from having a photo booth here are some staff picks to help you along.


wedding reception games, wedding games

Who doesn’t like to play bags or as some may refer to it as corn hole?  This is a crowd pleaser and what a great design!


Advice box, wedding reception

An advice box is a fun addition to a reception table.  Guests can write their words of wisdom throughout your reception.  Family and friends will get to give you their best tips to keep you on your toes.  The bride and groom can either read them as they wish, or could save it for their 1 year anniversary, or whenever they decide.  While some of these will be on the more serious side, think of all of the hilarious and crazy advice you could be reading!  This is a must have and a very simple DIY.


Wedding Card Holder, Weddings, Tips

If you have seen your share of birdcages or lanterns as card holders use a suitcase, hatbox, or something that holds a special meaning to the bride and groom.  This is a very simple and very transportable option.


Wedding favors, wedding party gifts

Everyone knows that it’s all about the details.  For you beer or whine cooler drinkers, this is such a fun touch for the wedding party to have!  You could even use them for the parents and wedding party for all of the wedding festivities and activities.  People can tell by your drink which party you are supporting.

Now lastly, our favorite pin….


Cake toppers, wedding cakes, brides


For the accident prone bride, this is the cake topper for you!  This is sure to have your guests talking!

We hope you enjoy our staff picks and can’t wait to share many more with you.


Photo Credit via Pinterest

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