Are you considering attending a bridal show this year? Millions of brides and grooms attend bridal shows before getting married. 2 out 3 brides and grooms will book a vendor they met at a bridal show. So are bridal shows really worth attending? You can decide if a Chicago bridal show is right for you. We did some research and addressed some frequently asked questions and here’s what we found.

How Do I Find Bridal Shows? Bridal Shows take place year round. They are held in hotels, convention centers, department stores or other venues. Shows range from the intimate with a dozen wedding vendors to huge shows that have well over a hundred vendors. Check websites, wedding publications and bridal shops to see where shows are in the Chicago area. If you’ve registered your name anywhere as a bride-to-be, you will more than likely receive information about Chicago bridal shows in your mailbox or e mail.

Do they cost anything to attend? Some are free while others may cost up to $25 or more. Many times, participating vendors give out free tickets. Often times, there may be a coupon in the paper. Pre-registering may also get you a free or discounted ticket.

Can I bring a guest? Absolutely! You may want to consider bringing your mother, fiance, maid of honor. Having someone with you is a great way to bounce ideas off of or just to help you carry the many items and ideas you will pick up at the show.

Pre-Registering. What is that? When you arrive at the show, you will be asked to register for the prizes. You can save a lot of time by pre-registering online at the bridal show’s website. Pre-registering may also get you a free or discounted admission ticket, early admission or preferred seating during the fashion show.

Do I need to visit every vendor? Some shows will require that you get a program signed or marked by each vendor in order to be eligible for any prizes. There is another good reason to visit all the vendors, even when you have a particular service already booked. Many vendors can tell you other people they work with and who they recommend. Talk to everyone. By the way, you’ll want to take the literature or brochure they are handing out. Many vendors have specials, or discounts, to offer if you book their services on the day of the show. You may want to have your checkbook or credit card with you to hold your date.

Will there be food and drink available? At many bridal shows, there are food tastings available from the hotels, country clubs or caterers present. At others, you can purchase food on premise or nearby. Wedding cakes are another tasty treat you’ll find at all shows. Some shows will have a champagne or punch fountain or a bar set up for beverage sales.

Is there a fashion show? Most shows have some kind of entertainment or runway show, especially wedding gowns and/or tuxedos. In smaller cities, you may just have some models walking around in gowns or tuxes. Runway type fashion shows with numerous models, are generally found at larger Chicago shows.

Do they really give out prizes and honeymoons? You better believe it! We have talked to so many brides who tell us they never thought they would win a honeymoon in the Caribbean. Fill out as many entries as are offered. Sure you’ll get stuff in the mail, but it’ll be worth it. Many vendors will send you coupons, offers, discounts and just great information that you can use to plan your wedding.

We hope this information has helped you decide if a Chicago area bridal show is the right choice for you! Photo Booth of the Stars participates in many bridal shows every year. Come check out one of our photo booths at a local show near you! Please contact us for a list of local Chicago area bridal shows. Photo Booth of the Stars loves bridal shows and will continue to snap photos at many local Chicago shows!


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