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Fabulous Fall Cocktails

Well Chicagoland, we have been having some incredibly gorgeous weather and Photo Booth of the Stars has been enjoying all of the weddings, parties, and events that have been going on over these past few days of fall bliss.

Today we are sharing some fabulous fall cocktails with you to enjoy as your signature drinks at your fall festivities, or even just to enjoy tonight. It is so much fun to make different cocktails and there are so many to choose from. Make a party out of it!

Let’s get this Photo Booth party started with something pumpkin related since you can’t have fall without them. This drink we are featuring is called a Spiced Pumpkin Cocktail and we found the recipe over at The Blond Cook and it is delicious!

Have you ever been at Binny’s perusing the various flavors of vodka there are and you come across one and you just think to yourself, eew!?!? This is not one of those times, PUMPKIN PIE VODKA?? Think of the possibilities, or better yet Google Pumpkin Pie Vodka drink recipes like we did and start concocting libations.

Head over to the Blond Cook and get the recipe HERE and enjoy this deliciousness tonight and throughout the fall season. It is going to be a favorite of you as well as your guests attending your upcoming events.

Naturally we had to include an apple related beverage and this Apple Cider Punch was just what we were looking for.

The visual appeal of this cocktail is out of this world. It is the perfect fall shade of orange and will compliment any table setting out there.

We found this cocktail on Cosmopolitan along with several others that looked divine!!!! The apple cider, grape juice, sparkling apple cider, orange juice, apple slice combination really sparked our interest. You can check out the entire recipe and whip up a batch of these pronto!

Pumpkins and apples are amazing all on their own, but combine the two with Pumpkin Apple Cider Cocktails. Yummm!!! It is made with that lovely pumpkin pie flavored Pinnacle vodka just like the spiced apple cider. We got this recipe again from The Blond Cook and you can get it too HERE.

Sangria is a Photo Booth of the Stars favorite cocktail and with this recipe from Cooking Channel TV we can now enjoy it throughout the year.

Nutmeg, cloves, sliced apples and pears mixed with white wine, champagne, and Damiania liqueur sound like heaven to us and hopefully to you too. You can get the recipe to indulge in for yourself HERE.

We hope that these lovely cocktails will allow you all embrace fall. Each one of them will pair equally fabulously with your next wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or any event that you are celebrating this fall season. Enjoy!


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Fall Party Buffet Ideas

Now that we have officially switched gears into full on fall celebrations, it is time to get the party planning in full swing.

One of the best parts about fall entertaining is the endless possibilities for hosting events with make-ahead food. This makes it so easy for the host or hostess to plan as much ahead of time so they can actually indulge and enjoy the event themselves.

Let’s get this party started by sharing some really fun food bar, stations, and/or buffet ideas that your guests will be craving for many falls to come.

Ever thought of hosting a soup bar? Now is the perfect time for a celebration that is worth of a soup buffet.

The good folks over at hosted a soup bar at a winter event, and after we took a staff poll at Photo Booth of the Stars it was official that now is the perfect time to include this at your next soiree.

We love the way the served the soups in individual espresso cups adorned with miniature spoons for guests to dive in with. Now all you need is a bread roll buffet to dip into all of the delicious soups you decide to serve.

May as well pair up your soup buffet with a salad bar. No matter how casual or formal the event is, nothing goes better with a soup bar than a salad bar. These ideas are great for those trying to stay healthy while entertaining, or the perfect spread for a bridal shower for all of the brides and bridesmaids trying to fit seamlessly into their gowns and dresses.

An obvious choice to fall appropriate food is chili! Chili is such a fall staple that it is almost mandatory to host a chili party with all of your friends.

Whether you are making turkey, chicken, or good old fashioned beef chili, your topping can include:

  • Chopped white onions
  • Sliced Spanish olives
  • Chopped fresh cilantro
  • Sliced boiled hot dogs
  • Avocado
  • Chipotles
  • Salsa Verde
  • Different crushed peppers
  • Sliced black olives
  • Corn Chips
  • Scallions
  • Sliced jalapeno
  • Bacon
  • Chopped green peppers
  • Cheese

Bonfire season is upon us now, and what pairs with nice toasty fire? s’mores of course. This classic has been around for years and is not going anywhere. This timeless dessert is so simple and yet oh so good.

Hosting an indoor only event? Fear not. You can make s’mores right in the oven and make a large amount each batch which makes this treat pretty entertaining friendly.

Just pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Then place a single layer of graham crackers on a cookie sheet. Once the graham crackers are in place, simply place a marshmallow or several if you are using minis, onto each graham cracker. Place in the oven for around 5 minutes, or until the marshmallows have a nice poof to them. Take them out of the oven and place a slice of chocolate on top of the gooey marshmallow and top off with the other graham cracker. There you have it – Indoor s’mores at your service.

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Fall Photo Booth Back Drop Inspiration

Whether you are getting married, celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or attending a red carpet event, you know you are bound to find a photo booth. We love having festive photo booth backdrops so we have put together a list of some fun fall photo booth backdrop ideas that your guests will adore!

We love the look of this leafy fall backdrop inspiration we found over at Ruffled. The 3-dimensional look of it makes for a really nice pop behind posing guests in the photo booth rental.

Next up is this banner we found over on where she has a great DIY tutorial for you to create your own. The fall colored felt balls are befitting for this time of year, and we appreciate the way they really pop against the Happy Fall lettering made from none other than old book pages. Go on and check out the tutorial HERE and enjoy the fruits of your labor with this cute touch to your fall festivities or home décor.

Garlands always make a really eye-catching backdrop for photo booth rentals. They are so functional and painless to make. The fall leaf garland above is a prime example of how easy yet impressive garlands are. This particular strand was made by cutting out felt leaves and stitching some thread, cord, or yarn through with a needle. We love the colors that were chosen from A Beautiful Mess.

We love finding intriguing DIY banners to share with you and this feather one is no exception. This could be used many different times throughout the fall holidays. Hang it near your Thanksgiving buffet or dessert table for your family and guests to enjoy.

If you are going to use it in your photo booth it would be great as shown in the picture. You could also create additional rows and hang them vertically or horizontally on your backing for the photo booth. To hang them vertically you could just thread right through the paper or use your hole punch to create holes to hang them from.

Since we know you will be fond of the feather banner as much as we do, here is the link so you can head on over to Wedding Chicks and get the tutorial HERE.

Fall, lace, and burlap seem to go hand in hand and this garland really shows it. We adore the rustic vibe it exudes. The best part is the variation of the laces and burlap in texture and heights really makes this a DIY must since the imperfection makes it a no fail project.

Gather some fabrics that will go with your fall party décor and get cutting away. Have any old sweaters or shirts you want to upcycle? This is where they can shine!

We hope these photo booth back drop ideas will inspire you and get you feeling festive for fall!

Author:  L.Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Fall Leaf Inspiration – Ruffled

Happy Fall Felt Banner –

Fall leaves garland – A Beautiful Mess

Feather Banner – Wedding Chicks

Lace and Burlap Garland – Carissa Miss

Host A Farewell Grillers Party

Let’s fire up the grill and plan one last cookout before packing them up for winter. With everyone getting prepared and fired up for football season to kick off now is the perfect time to squeeze in one last hurrah!

A pineapple palm tree will be a show stopper for your grand finale cookout party. It’s shockingly simple to make too. You can get the directions HERE.

If hot dogs are your go-to crowd pleaser, then try one of these fun ways to top a dog from First Home Love Life. Here are just a few ideas that top the list:

Chicago style- It starts with an all-beef dog on a steamed poppy seed bun. Toppings include a dill pickle spear, tomato wedges, pickled peppers, onions, and pickled relish. WHATEVER YOU DO THOUGH- DON’T ADD KETCHUP!

Chili Cheese Dog- A.K.A Coney Dog…Covered in beanless chili, mustard, and chopped onions, with Cheddar cheese sprinkled on top.

Pulled Pork Dog- A hefty mound of BBQ pulled pork on top of the top, with an equally delicious mound of coleslaw on top of that.

BLT Dog- (my personal favorite) grill your hot dog up while its wrapped in bacon, then top with mayo, lettuce and tomato. Oh my yum!

Salsa Dog- Topped with fresh salsa, and a sprinkle of queso fresco and cilantro

Vietnamese Dog–  spicy mayo, sliced cucumber, shredded carrot, and fresh mint leaves will excite your palate with this dog!

Pizza Dog– You guessed it! Topped with tomato sauce, freshly sliced mozzarella, and fresh basil

Mac Daddy– So simple, but such a childhood classic…top that dog with mac and cheese to warp you back in time!

Check out more topping suggestions HERE.

Now you know we have to include some photo booth prop ideas for you and your guests to enjoy. Photo booth props are something that you can do as an activity with little guests or big guests alike. Simply find some theme related images online by doing a Google search, or you can scour Pinterest for ideas as well.

We found this image for printable photo booth props by doing a Google search for ‘BBQ Grilling Photo Booth Props.’ They are very inexpensive from Etsy and you can purchase the printable file HERE.

You can even you Microsoft Word images to search for images you like or search Google for items that strike your fancy. Enlarge them if you like, print them, and cut them up. Once they are cut, glue them to Popsicle sticks and these props are ready to go in your photo booth rental.

Since this party is all about grilling, you have got to see the suuuuper cute cupcakes with mini grill toppers. The little gummy bear kabobs are the cats meow to these cupcakes. Your guests are going to get a kick out of these. You can get the recipe and tutorial over at Two Busy Blondes by clicking HERE.

Author- L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Grill – AmeriClean

Pineapple Palm Tree – Ehow

Hot Dogs – First Home Love

BBQ Grilling Photo Booth Prop Images – Etsy

Cupcakes – Two Busy Blondes


How To Celebrate Grandparent’s Day Sunday!

GPDAYGrandparent’s Day is just a few days away and we have found some really fun and cute ideas to celebrate all of the love that Grandparent’s share with us. This Sunday be sure to spend some extra time with your Grand P’s and if that is not logistically possible set aside some time to give them a phone call and see how they are doing. Just checking in and catching up will mean the world to them especially if it is not a common event.

If you are like Photo Booth of the Stars and love celebrating all festivities, than a party is definitely in order. Put one together and really treat the guests of honor to a grand celebration by having their favorite foods, snacks, and anything that they love on hand.

Print out some of these FREE Grandparent’s Day party circles, designed by Amy of Amy Mattes Designs. You can string them together and make a cute garland with to add some pizazz to your entertaining area. They would be really cute as place cards on the table for all to see and remind everyone why you are together and celebrating.

These little cupcake toppers are too cute not to share with you from Sweet Metal Moments. You can get the free printable HERE and use them for a variety of things as well. That is the best part about all of the printable options that you can buy, create, or print for free, they are so versatile that it is impossible not to take the extra time and really embellish your parties.   If you don’t have the time, hire an event planner to do it for you.

If the idea of DIY-ing scares you to the core, you are going to love Thoughts in Vinyl. You can order these hand crafted un-finished projects that are totally customized for you and all of the leg work is done for you. You just receive the package and finish it by painting it, or adding craft paper for a bit of color depending on what look you are trying to accomplish.

There are some really neat ideas that would be prefect for Grand P’s day and would be easy for you to complete as well.

These picture refrigerator magnets are by far our favorite pick for gift ideas. Any ideas why? Of course it is because they resemble a classic photo booth strip. Your kids are going to love participating and making these.

If you don’t have a photo booth rental for the weekend, it’s no problem. You can make these at home with your own camera by following the tutorial over at I Can Teach My Child. If you are attending one of our upcoming photo booths keep this idea in mind and bring along some letters for the photo booth props and you’ll have your own photo booth strip that you can use for Christmas, or any upcoming even that you would like to create them for.

Happy Grandparent’s Day to all of them out there from the Photo Booth of the Stars!

Author: L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Circles – Catch My Party

Cupcake Toppers – Sweet Metal Moments

Grand Parent’s Vinyl Wood Craft – Thoughts in Vinyl

Photo Magnets – I Can Teach My Child