Use Up That Wrapping Paper With These Awesome Ideas

Now that Christmas has passed we’re thinking you might just have piles of wrapping paper, bows, and tissue paper, lying around that you are wondering what to do with. As it turns out there are actually tons of clever ways that you can use your leftover paper that will have you feeling merry even though Christmas is over.

We love BuzzFeed Life’s list of 19 Genius Uses For Leftover Wrapping Paper. All 19 ideas are pretty spectacular, and we wanted to share some of them with you, along with other inspiration that might help your wrapping paper woes.

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Make tiny envelopes. These would be perfect for next year’s gift cards, cash gifts, sending cute little messages, DIY Advent Calendars, and so much more. We talked to some of our Photo Booth staff, and they thought that using these to keep your earrings or necklaces organized would be a really fun use as well. So creative!

Now, this is a great idea for throughout the year. Ever notice how the few times you actually want to send something via snail mail, you never have an envelope? Now you can make them yourself with this tutorial from without using any special tools!


Make DIY Wrapping Paper Bunting. Re-purpose your festive paper for your New Year’s Eve party. It’s sparkly, it’s shiny, and it screams HAPPY NEW YEAR! If you have an abundance of red and white papers, make it now, and have it ready for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

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Shred It Into Confetti. With NYE just days away, using your leftovers for confetti is another great way to make use of those crinkled up wrappers. You can color coordinate by keeping the colors separate and even use hole-punches to create a bit of diversity. With so much red and white paper for Christmas, re-using it for Valentine’s Day is almost a must. Punch out some red and white hearts, stars, or just plain old hole-punches and back them up now so you are all set for V-day.

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Make some beautiful streamers.  We at the Photo Booth of the Stars absolutely love this idea because it is the perfect fit for your photo booth backdrops. You don’t have to cut out circles either, cut out strips and you will still have a festive fun effect that your guests are going to love. It really adds to a celebration to have streamers.


Create festive tray liners. Simply using wrapping paper to line your trays really makes them pop! This is a great way to use up all of those scrap pieces you had left from your rolls too. Lining a plain, white shirt box with some holiday wrapping paper would be a perfectly easy last minute DIY to place some cookies and treats on for that person you forgot about. They won’t feel forgotten with this one little embellishment.

Still staring at that pile of paper? Check out the entire 19 clever ideas to demolish it HERE.
Happy re-wrapping!




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