Real Entertaining Tips 101


Photo Booth of the Stars knows having a successful party or event is not rocket science to pull off.  When entertaining there is a simple formula involved insuring success – Simple food, cocktails, good company, and an enjoyable setting is all you need.  Well, that and a few tips that we have listed for you.

Create the mood– Answer the door with a big smile, even if you don’t feel like smiling.  The mood of the host sets the tone for the entire soiree.  If you are having fun it will be contagious and everyone will have fun with you!  Never let your attendants (or your enemies) see you sweat.  If something goes wrong or doesn’t go as you had envisioned, what ever you do – don’t cause a scene, no one knows it didn’t go as you had hoped but you.  So put on a smile and keep on going.

Stick with the old– Just as a bride has a trial run for hair and makeup before her wedding day, you should never attempt to try a new recipe on the day of your grand event.  Stick to what you know so you can avoid a disaster (and meltdown) if your recipe does not turn out as planned.  There is no need to try and be gourmet either.  Stick with simple foods and prepare a home cooked meal that everyone can appreciate.  Some of the best meals are the most simple yet scrumptious!

Be strategic with the bar – You can’t be hostess, photo booth attendant, chef, and bartender, so plan accordingly.  Do as much as you can prior to your party.  Setting up a DIY cocktail bar is an excellent idea for any event!  Let your guests help themselves and make their own cocktails with the ingredients you have available and have set up handy for their enjoyment.  If you have a signature drink that you would like to use that is great too but have it out and accessible as guests are arriving so they can help themselves.


Expect more – Always make plenty of extra food.  There is no greater faux pas in entertaining than running out of food or ice.  Be sure to have an abundance of everything!


Introduce your guests – Even if you know they have met before always introduce them as though they haven’t.  There is always a possibility that they can’t remember someone’s name or that they don’t even remember meeting them.  That could be pretty ackward!  Make sure you also seat your guests wisely and set out place cards so your guests know exactly where they are to be placed at the table.

Seating arrangements can be a major pain but it makes all the difference in the world when your guests are clicking and engrossed in fun conversation. It is definitely worth the time and effort to make a seating chart when you can sit back and see your visitors relishing in their discussions.  Also be sure to make creative photo booth props that will get your guests talking!

Noise Patrol – It’s always great ambiance to have a band or music playing at a gathering.  You want to be sure to keep it at a modest volume so that guests can hear it enough to enjoy it, yet still be able to converse and hear over it.


Cleanup – Start with an empty dishwasher so you can just fill as you go.  Also don’t feel the need to clear off the dirty plates the minute people are finished eating their main course or dessert.  If you clear the plates too soon it gives guests the impression that the party is over.  Don’t spend the entire night cleaning in the kitchen.  The dirty dishes will be their forever, so forget about it and enjoy your time with your guests and the traveling photo booth.


The best advice is to not take yourself or anything too seriously.  Anything goes in the world of party food and décor so do what makes you feel marvelous and don’t worry about wearing yourself out with an endless list of DIY décor ideas so that your party will look like your Pinterest board.  You can easily pick up fun items for your photo booth rental at the dollar store too.  Above all unwind and savor in the company of your guests!



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