Must-Have Makeup Tips from Photo Booth of the Stars!


Photo courtesy of Michael Essig
Photo courtesy of Michael Essig

Looks are important and on your wedding day it is no exception.  Photo booth of the stars knows how important it is to look and feel your best on you big day and that is why we decided to do some research from the experts and get the best tips for looking your best on your big day!  

It’s Prime Time!

Use a primer!  For those of you who don’t know what a primer is or have never used one, think of it like a paint primer.  Before you paint your walls or furniture you prime it.  Priming creates a nice, even, protective base coat for your walls to then be painted the color you have selected.  Same goes for face primer.  It fills in any pores and makes the skin a smooth even surface; it will also keep you foundation in place the entire day!

Conceal It!

Odds are you might be a little anxious the night before your walk down the aisle so cover up those dark circles with concealed.  If you were crying the evening prior hearing stories and well wishes from loved ones at the rehearsal dinner your eyes may be a bit puffy.  Before you head to bed throw 2 metal spoons in the freezer.  Once you wake up, place one spoon over each eye while the coffee is brewing to get rid of that puffiness.

Powder It!

Using a powder over your foundation and concealer will help to lock everything in.  It will also help if you have oily skin so you do not look shiny in all of your photographs that you are investing in.  Your foundation and powder should be the same shade and you only need to lightly dust all over your face to lock everything in.  Less is more with powder, especially if you are touching up throughout the day.  If you use the same shade and lightly dust this will ensure you do not create the horrible caked on foundation look that no bride wants.

Shadow It!

Use a light eye shadow all over the lid up into your brow bone.  Light does not mean white, try to find a more natural creamy, light tan, base.  The shadow should be lighter than you skin tone so it will stand out, but not WHITE where it looks un-natural and takes you back to the 80’s – unless that is the look you are going for.

Blend It!

Blending is the key to good make-up and you have to be patient with it.  Do it well and all over.  Pay special attention to the corner of your eyes where the shadows tend to build up.  This happens frequently when using any shades of eye shadow but more so if you are doing a smoky eye look.  Also, professional quality cameras are very good at picking up visible makeup lines so be sure to be cognizant of blending.

Water-Proof It!

Tears will be shed!  Be prepared by using one coat of your favorite mascara and using water-proof mascara on the second coat.  This will lock in your mascara so your tears will not wash it away and make a mess of your whole face.  If you use waterproof mascara in your daily life then just use two coats of it for your special day.  If you are wearing false lashes, remember to put the lashes on first before your mascara.

 Line It!

Photo courtesy of Michael Essig
Photo courtesy of Michael Essig

If you are going all out dramatic with your eye makeup then keep your lips soft and subtle.  Good rule of thumb is either eye or lip can be dramatic – not both.  Even on your wedding day!  That’s not to say you can’t wear lipstick by any means.  Line your lips with a lip-liner that matches the shade of your lips and blend with a cotton ball to eliminate bleeding.  Once blended apply a soft shade of lipstick or lip-gloss to cover the liner.

There are many tips and tricks to looking your best on your wedding day and there are certainly plenty of products to purchase.  The best advice to keep you photo booth and wedding day ready is stick with what you know.  Do not try a new product the day of.  Only use products you are familiar with and know look fabulous.  Be sure to schedule a trial run with your hair and makeup artist so you achieve the look you envision and also see how long it will take to create this look for planning.  Follow these tips from Photo Booth of the Stars and you are sure to be flawless in all of your photos!

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