Festive Holiday Backdrops For Our Open Photo Booths

Have you tried our Open Photo Booths yet? If not, this holiday season is the ultimate time to include one in your celebrations. For those of you who have experienced the classic photo booth style only, you are in for such a treat by switching it up with one of our open booths. They offer the same fun and festive atmosphere as a traditional booth plus so much more. Best of all are the endless photo booth backdrops that you can customize for your package.

Here are a couple of our most popular ones our clients are getting festive with, and you can too!

Photo Booth of the Stars backdrop

Everyone is loving the silver and gold snowflake backgrounds. They are so cheerful and make for a joyful backing to any events photo booth.

Photo Booth of the Stars Snowflake BDrop

We can’t get enough of photo booth backdrops for any occasion whether it is your wedding, office holiday party, or for you next family celebration. We decided we would treat you today with some of our favorites we have come across on the web.

Christmas Ornament Backdrop – Found on POPCOSMO

We just love this idea from on Pinterest from POPCOSMO.  It’s so inspirational for the Christmas season. You can see the fun DIY tutorial HERE.  Another idea would be to  take fabric like tulle or something sparkly and string some holiday ornaments in front of it.  What a great idea for a backdrop that will get your friends and family ready to pose and make memories of the season.

Photo by Crystal Downs found on Wedding Wire

This is the solution for you last minute types, and you all know who you are. This backdrop is so simple to throw together that you could even assign a few of the younger kids to assemble it while you wrap up the loose ends before your party. Pick out streamer colors that coordinate best with your holiday fun. Check out the fun tutorial on Wedding Wire HERE.


We love coming up with ideas to spice up your photo booth rentals. We’ve seen firsthand that even a simple banner that states Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, or anything special to you and your loved one can make for a really fun picture to remember.

If you are searching for a budget friendly option just pick up some wrapping paper. You can find the prettiest paper for next to nothing at various stores that will meet any budgetary needs, and is also a really quick setup for your photo booth. If you really want to get crazy you can purchase several different types and colors of paper and switch them out periodically throughout your event.

greetings from the DELACROIX family

We absolutely love the idea of taking all of your holiday wishes cards you receive in the mail and putting them to great use. Punch some holes in them and string them together with pretty bows or ribbons and hang it up like garland. Your guest will get so much merriment from seeing their cards hung up and being put to use instead of getting opened and thrown away.  Perfect!

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