Some of the best places to entertain and relax in the warmer months are your own front porches or back patios.  There are many ways to bring comfort and functionality into your own outdoor spaces that don’t take a lot of time or money.  Now that it is getting nicer out it’s the perfect time to spruce up your own space whether it’s for you alone, or for 100’s of guests you will be entertaining at your next celebration.

Before you get started, determine how you will be using your space. Will the space be used to eat dinner or have your morning coffee on? Are you utilizing the space for a birthday party or special event?  Once you decide how you will be using it you can then establish the layout that will work best for your area. For instance, you could have adequate space for a dining table, a nice lounge area, and much more, but it all depends on how you will be using the space and how many people you foresee enjoying your spot.

Once you have determined your needs you can start incorporating the furniture you currently own, or buy new if the budget allows. Of course, you could always do a fun DIY if you are so inclined like below.  Photo Credit: Pinterest pinned by Anna Haines Quigley.

 A little spray paint can completely transform furniture you currently have. Just be sure to use the right exterior or outdoor paint that is proper for the material you are updating.

If your budget and space allow for it, reimagine it as a room without walls. This should help you to focus in on the area you want to use to make an intimate gathering space that is ready for entertaining. Include seating elements of lounge furniture, wicker sofas, umbrellas or other features for shading, and by all means if you have the space and the budget a fire pit is a fire pit. There is nothing that will end an outdoor party faster than cold weather, or rainy weather so factor that in so you can keep the party going.

Adding a water feature instantly creates a calming tranquil environment.

Check out this DIY Pyramidal Pots Water Fountain from Martha Stewart. You need 3-“display” pots and 2-“support” pots. You will also need some foam sealant to plug the drainage hole of the largest pot, a pump in the base pot, and that is really about it. You can check out the entire tutorial here and begin to enjoy a serene outdoor water feature in your own yard.

The outside of your house can look just as pretty as the inside and one inexpensive way to make a pretty impact on your home is to paint your front door! It is one of the It is one of the easiest makeovers you can do and it is guaranteed to leave an unforgettable first impression.

Happy entertaining!

Photo Credit: Pinterest pinned by Anna Haines Quigley,Rancho Reubidoux, Pinned by Stacey Lambert, Martha Stewart,

Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL


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