There is something that organically happens once spring finally comes and the weather starts to become pleasant.  People seem to act a little nicer, smile a little more, eat a little healthier, and exercise a little more.  Along with taking extra care of yourself, now that we finally get a chance to go out and enjoy the outdoors let’s take a little extra care in our planet as well.  So, to celebrate the fact that we get to go out and enjoy this wonderful Earth we are going to share some amazing tips on how incorporate a little green at your next party or event.

As if planning a wedding, baby shower, bbq, graduation party, or any event isn’t hard enough you also have to worry about all of the clean up after the party ends.  It is always amazing to see how much waste comes from throwing a big celebration and it’s never fun having to sort through the waste to separate the recycling, or to clean up your possibly trashed yard.  Stop the waste by hosting a green event.  Choose one or more ways that you would like to go green at your soiree and be sure to make it clear on your invitation so everyone can get in on the green action.

Keep in mind that not everyone may understand, “Please join us for our eco-friendly wedding reception.” Include specifics and ideas like homemade gifts only, or reusable gift wrap only to give your guests some guidance.  They can wrap in newspaper, paper grocery bags, and so much more.  Here are some really creative, and easy ways of eco-friendly gift wrapping that we found on good old Pinterest.

These bright and cheery reusable cloth napkins from Hen House Linens make a fun eco-friendly gift wrap that any guest would be happy to receive.

These DIY washi tape boxes are easy to make and are definitely reusable.  You could re-use these boxes to put your scarfs, makeup, photo booth photo strips, and any kind of nick knacks you have laying around the house.  We love this idea from Homey Oh My.

Don’t forget about the favors.  Choose a nature related favor like seedlings, or the seed papers that guests take home to plant.  You can find the ones above on Naturefavors Etsy Site.  They also have heart shaped birdseed favors that are adorable!

These DIY soy wax candle favors made using recycled materials, natural ingredients, and are also budget friendly.  The complete DIY can be found on Ruffled.  Not only are they green but you can completely customize the scent of your candles which makes them so special and personalized.

Remember the whole part of throwing a party, or having a celebration, is to enjoy it.  So if you are stressing out about hosing an eco-friendly party, just chose one element to focus on and stick to that.  A little goes a long way when preserving the earth and if we all just do one thing to help out it adds up.  Cheers to your Green event!!!

Let Love Grow Wedding Favor Seed Kit Photo Via Etsy AproposRoasters

Author: L. Fulton-EventsbyL

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