Cool Photo Booth Props For Boys

Whether your little one likes cowboys, superheros, or a good old train theme, there are photo booth props out there for every type. We have put together some of our favorite props for your special boy’s next function.

Photo Credit: Fynes Designs

This photo booth prop idea will have you saddle right up for some western themed party fun. We love the inspiration and this is a simple DIY that will really add a special touch to your day. You can check out all of the details on this prop and other really cute Western inspiration by clicking HERE to head over to Fynes Designs.

Photo Credit: Lets Get Decorative via Etsy

Do you have a little (or big) “Star Warrien” on your hands? If so, we’ve found the perfect homemade props for you over on Etsy. They kit includes:

-1 Storm trooper

-1 Yoda

-1 Darth Vader

-1 Luke Skywalker

-1 Princess Leia

-1 R2D2 -2 light saber

Each one comes attached to a 12” wooden dowel for your convenience. You can head over and order some of these props by clicking HERE.

Photo Credit: Printable Prop Shop via Etsy

If your little guy is a big fan of a work zone, this construction set will have him ready to get to work! It comes as a 7 page PDF file that contains a whopping 22 props!

The set includes:

  • (2) Construction Helmets • (1) Safety Goggles • (1) Sunglasses • (1) Beard • (3) Mustaches • (2) Toothy Smiles • (1) Power Drill • (1) Hammer • (1) Screwdriver • (1) Wrench • (1) Pliers • (1) ‘PARTY ZONE’ Sign • (1) ‘HAMMER TIME!’ Sign • (2) Blank Speech Bubbles (add your own phrases!) • (1) ‘PHOTO BOOTH’ Sign • (2) ‘GRAB A PROP’ & ‘STRIKE A POSE’ Arrow Signs

Click HERE to grab your set and get ready to print, cut, and glue to some sticks, dowels, or whatever your heart desires.

Photo Credit: One Stop Digital via Etsy

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s knows who Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael are! If your little guy knows them too, then you are going to love these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle props we found. You can click HERE to get your set.

Photo Credit: Paper Built Shop via Etsy

Planning a carnival themed party for your next event? You are going to love this set that comes chock full of 30 sheets of props!

The full set includes:

• (1) Ringmaster Hat
• (1) Ringmaster Moustache
• (1) Megaphone
• (1) Acrobat Hat
• (1) Acrobat Glasses
• (1) Smiling Lips
• (1) Ticket Booth
• (1) Greatest Party on Earth Sign
• (1) Daredevil Helmet
• (1) Daredevil Moustache
• (1) Daredevil Cannon
• (1) Clown Umbrella
• (1) Clown Rainbow Wig
• (1) Rainbow Glasses
• (1) Clown Horn
• (1) Clown Balding Head with Hair on Sides
• (1) Clown Cone Hat
• (1) Floppy Hat with Flower
• (1) Red Clown Nose
• (1) Clown Polka Dot Collar
• (1) Big, Oversize Clown Glasses
• (1) Clown Grin
• (1) Clown Frown
• (1) Clown Smile with Nose
• (1) Clown Car
• (1) Pie in the Face
• (1) Ring of Fire
• (6) Balloons (Red, Blue, Pink, Turquoise, Yellow, and Green)
• (1) Cotton Candy
• (1) Box of Popcorn

These are just a few of our favorite themed props. What are some of your favorite photo booth props that you are using at your next special event?  Leave a message in the comments below!