Best Party Hacks Yet!

Before you throw your next party and start planning what to serve for drinks, the menu, and what décor is suitable for your event, take a look at some of these amazing party tricks and hacks so you and your guests will have the best time ever.

Bottled water is something on hand at any function and one way to really spice it up is by taking off the boring old labels that it comes with and replacing it with your own theme coordinated labels.

The Robins Nest has a great tutorial on DIY wedding water bottle labels that includes the really cute template for you.  The labels would be a wonderful for baby showers, birthday parties, family reunions, or any celebration.

All you have to do is customize the template to your needs and either print them yourself or have them printed.  If you are going to be placing the bottles in an ice bucket a great tip is to cover each label with clear tape before you attach the water bottles so that your ink will not run and you will avoid the paper from turning into mush.


Instead of having printed labels you could also glam up a water bottle with a festive duct tape, or use Washi tape to give the bottles some pizzazz!

Save yourself time and money when you are planning your next out door event, cook out, or even road trip.  Instead of buying a back of ice to toss in the cooler, just freeze balloons filled with water and you are ready to go!  They look so festive when placed in hurricanes as shown above!

This is brilliant for throwing a party at your home!  Turn you washing machine into an extra cooler and have ice cold drinks ready for action when the others have run out.  This is a great tip especially if you are entertaining in a small space.

Getting ready to send out your wedding invitations, or party invites?  Do not lick the envelopes, yuck!  Just take a little water on a foam paintbrush or cloth and wipe it along the edge, seal, and send.  You don’t need any fancy envelope glue, water will do!  If you want to eliminate the envelopes altogether just use post cards.

If you have been stressing out over all of the planning details and you happen to get a horrendous zit, grab some Listerine and dab a little bit on the blemish.  While it will not magically clear your zit, the swelling will go down and make it easier to hide with cover up.  At least your photo booth strips will not pick up on a 3D mountain coming out of your cheek while you were posing in the photo booth rental.


Mmmm!  Refresh your guests with some cotton candy bubbly at your next event.  Fill a pretty glass with some cotton candy and pour champagne over it.  If you are hosting a kid friendly event make them one with lemon lime soda.  They will love it!

Photo Credit:  The Robins Nest, Formal Fringe, A Subtle Revelry, Pinterest pinned by Lianne Petrucelli, Her Cincinnati

Author:  L. Fulton- Events by L

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