4 Reasons You Must Have A Photo Booth at your next Party!


Having a photo booth at your party or event really takes it up to another level.  It’s no mystery why photo booth rentals have become a popular must have and form of entertainment at gatherings.  They provide you a completely different perspective than any other type of professional photographs that you will receive.  There is something about being in the confines of those velvet curtains that really allows people to let loose and get spontaneous!

  •             The Unique Experience!

Make the most of your event by featuring several events during your wedding, or office Christmas party.  Having a traveling photo booth provides another element than the dance floor.  Not everyone likes to get out and dance and those that do will need to take a break from cutting a rug at some point.  Having a luxury photo booth will provide your guests a nice escape while allowing them to get as goofy as they want in the booth!


  •             The Convenience!

One of the best things about having a photo booth, other than how fun and affordable they are, they are super convenient!  Just let us know the time of the event and we will deliver, set up, and have everything ready to rock two hours prior to the event start time.  It’s as easy as that.  When planning any type of event, you have more than enough things to worry about.  The last thing you need is more stress.  There will be a competent staff attendant on site the entire event so any assistance your guests need will be readily available.

Probably the best thing about having the photo booth is the ‘instant gratification’ if you will.  Your guests get to immediately receive their images right there on site.  Pictures are such a huge part of today’s society thanks to social media.  It seems like there is a always a race of who can upload their images the fastest to facebook, or pinterest.  Obviously professional photography is a major part of an event but you have to wait weeks, even months before receiving the final edited images.  The photo booth images are a great way to sort of fill the void so that by the time the pictures are available they haven’t already lost interest.

  •             Bringing Guests Together!

Since the main reason for any social or private event is to ultimately get a group of people together to celebrate something there are surely going to be guests who haven’t seen one another for some time, or extended families coming together with people that they rarely see.  The photo booth will let those people get together and capture their own special moments that show cases their personalities.  Then they can print out their pictures and mix and match so that everyone gets special memories to take home with them that will last forever.


There are endless hours that go into planning a wedding, holiday party, bar mitzvah, you get the point.  With all that planning it would be a shame to not capture everyone having a blast and enjoying all of your hard efforts!  Be sure to rent a photo booth for your next event because there are sure to be memories made but you only have one chance to capture them all.


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