Month: July 2015

Beat the Heat Photo Booth Style

We’re having a heat wave here at Photo Booth of the Stars! Here are some ways to beat the heat and still have a blast at your next event!

Whether you are hosting a kid-friendly birthday bash, or just looking for a way to entertain the little ones this weekend, we think you will love these ideas to beat the summer heat.

We found this one from Hands On As We Grow!

Photo via Inner Child Fun

We thought we’d kick things off with the famous – the Slip and Slide. This classic is fun for all and will keep you feeling nice and cool on a sunny, hot, day!

Check out the DIY over on Inner Child Fun by clicking HERE and let us know what a blast you had this weekend!

Water balloons are another tried-and-true way of keeping your cool when the temperature is soaring. Balloon tossing is a favorite game among family reunions, birthday parties, and much more!

It’s really easy to play too. Each player gets a partner and a water balloon. Starting at an arm’s length, the person holding the balloon hands it to their partner. From there, each player takes a step back, and now toss the balloon to their team mate, and repeat until the balloon breaks. The winner is the last one standing with a full water balloon. Easy and fun for everyone!

Photo via Herbal Health Care

For those of you getting married or planning a formal event, water balloons and slip and slides might not be acceptable. But, you can still be considerate of your guests by making cooling sprays for them to mist on themselves. You can even personalize your spray bottles with covers, tags, and much more. Head over to Herbal Health Care to scope out their array of cooling methods that are all safe for kids and repel insects as well! Click HERE to check it out!

Photo via I Heart Dogs

Don’t forget about your pooch! The heat is rough on them too and there are lots of easy tricks to help to keep them pleasant. We found this “Cool Collar” over on I Heart Dogs that you can have ‘chilling’ in your freezer ready to grab when the heat wave hits. Check out this and many other tips for your four legged friends by clicking HERE.

Photo via Super Promo Stuff

These Cool Wraps we found on Super Promo Stuff are a must-have for your outdoor events. Guests wrap them around their necks, rotating them every 5 minutes. The wraps will stay cool for 45 minutes so that everyone can enjoy the event rather than complaining about how hot it is outside. You can even customize them and order them with your logo. Click HERE to find out more information on how they work.

Photo via Frontgate

Outdoor fan misting kits are another great way to keep your guests comfortable while they mingle. We found the one above on Frontgate and you can check it out by clicking HERE.

What are some of your favorite ways to beat the heat? Do you have any tricks for entertaining while the temperatures are at an all-time high? Let us know in the comments below!


Until next time, stay cool and Photo Booth ready!


4th of July Photo Booth Inspiration

It’s all red, white, and blue here at the Photo Booth of the Stars! We have been preparing for a huge weekend jam-packed with patriotic festivities and events and it has inspired us to check out some of the amazing 4th of July inspiration that is available on the web! Here are some of our favorite discoveries that we hope you will enjoy this weekend!

Photo via Fox Hollow Cottage

Lips and mustache photo booth props are timeless! We got so excited when we came across this free set of patriotic themed ones that we had to share them with you! Thanks to Fox Hollow Cottage, you can have your very own set of these bad boys – for free! Just click HERE to head over to their page and get the high resolution download for your party fun!

Photo via I Heart Naptime

Here are some more treasures that you must check out for your shindig this weekend! We can’t get enough of the darling hat, flag, and beard set! We adore the idea of adding little personal embellishments like bows to the dowels as mentioned in the post. Check it out and get your props by clicking HERE to head over to I Heart Naptime.

Photo via Kristen Duke Photography

Photo Booth of the Stars is a colossal fan of featuring banner backdrops inside photo booth rentals. It really enhances the theme of any event. We found this cheerful banner that comes with even more marvelous printable props, and over 100 ideas for food, fun, décor, and fashion for the 4th of July. Now that is some creativeness! You can check it all out by clicking HERE and get your props from Kristen Duke Photography.

Photo via Design Dazzle

If you are looking for an economical party or photo booth backdrop that you can make yourself in 10 minutes or less, look no further! You have no excuse not to deck out your holiday pictures with this DIY back drop tutorial that we found over on Design Dazzle. It’s easy and better yet, only costs $5 to make! You can check it all out by clicking HERE.

Photo via Etsy

Another backdrop idea that we love is this white paper star garland party banner or bunting that we found on Etsy. You could effortlessly make this one yourself with some red, white, and blue cardstock and string. Simply cut out a bunch of stars and glue them to string. If you don’t have the time to make them yourself, click HERE to order up your own set. They are wonderful!

There is such a wealth of free printable photo booth props, that you no longer have an excuse NOT to include them in any (or all) of your festivities! Same goes for your party back drops! With the endless number of tutorials that show you exactly how to make easy and stylish props, backdrops, décor, etc., that no party should be left without them!

What are some of your favorite 4th of July photo booth props and backdrops that you are excited to feature at your weekend bash?

Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL