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Halloween Photo Booth Props That Will Get The Party Started!

PB Halloween Prop INspirations


Photo Booth of the stars has been busy getting ready for Halloween and we have been having a spooky good time doing so. If you are hosting a Halloween bash this month, attending one, or even participating in a work function, you know there will be a photo booth ready for action. Get your photo booth props ready now, so you can pose and join in the party later.

We always find the best inspiration online and there are so many resources to choose from now thanks to Etsy, and Pinterst. Even better, you can find an abundance of pintables, (many for free) that you can just cut out and enjoy. We know how convenient those are for those times you may have forgotten to order your fun props and don’t have the option to wait for them to arrive at your door.

(Not that that ever happens to any of us.)

Since you still have some time before Halloween, you can hurry on over to Etsy, and grab this adorable Pumpkin Happy Halloween Banner to include in your decorations.

Each letter is approx 4.5″ tall

This Happy Halloween banner is made from 2 layers of durable card stock, and strung on pretty natural tone or crisp white bakers twine, (depending on which I have in stock). The letters are all movable so you can space them out if you like, or have the letters closer together, your choice.

The banner folds up nicely too so that you can store it away and re-use it each year.

This 15 piece photo booth prop set features 3 different style vampire lips. These will be a hit at your bash!

If ordering the photo booth props may have slipped your mind, don’t worry, here’s some instant downloadable props that your guests are going to love.

This set includes a whopping 25 kid friendly props!

The 25 photo booth props are:
– 1 witch hat
– 1 wizard hat
– 1 pirate bandana
– 1 pirate eye patch
– 1 pirate hook
– 1 Frankenstein mask
– 1 skeleton mask
– 1 black cat mask
– 2 princess crowns
– 2 googly eyes
– 2 caramel apples
– 3 festive mustaches
– 2 vampire lips
– 1 hanging spider
– 3 speech bubbles (“boo”, “eek”, “trick or treat”)
– 1 banner
– 1 “grab a prop and strike a pose” sign

We found these kid friendly props over on One Creative Mommy.

The printable includes:

  • Frankenstein and Quote
  • The Bride of Frankenstein
  • 2 Bat Masks
  • Harry Potter Glasses and Quote
  • Vampire Teeth (with and without mustache)
  • Vampire Quote from “Hotel Transylvania”
  • BOO! Glasses
  • Silly Mouth

If you have kids at home that love a good project then these instant downloads are a great idea for you. Just print them out, preferably on card stock to make sure they are as sturdy as possible, then let them cut them and tape or hot glue them to wooden sticks, or skewers.

You could make it an outdoor activity as well, and have the kids go gather sticks to use in lieu of the wooden skewers. Kids always love a good scavenger hunt.

Have fun with your photo booth props this Halloween!

Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Pumpkin Halloween Banner – CreativeButterflyXOX

Vampire Lips – BeBopProps

25 piece set – ChelaWilliams

Halloween Prop Printable – OneCreativeMommy

Spooky Cocktails That Will Make A Splash This Halloween

Halloween is just weeks away and Photo Booth of the Stars couldn’t be more excited for all of the Halloween bashes that our photo booths will be a part of this year. The best part about these parties is the cocktails that are served since they are so different from any other holiday party.

It is so much fun just researching all of the different recipes and even more fun to look at all of the fun plastic bugs and festive props included in many of them. We have put together some spooky cocktails that topped our list and hope that you will try them out this year!

Is there a better name for a cocktail than The Confession? This cocktail will have all of your guests spilling their secrets and will leave no skeletons in the closet after having some of these devilishly delicious cocktails, according to IVillage.

This is a really good option for a signature drink for your party since you can make a big batch of it and simply poor over ice. Toss in some creepy plastic spiders, or whatever bug you fancy, and enjoy.

The ingredients are nothing out of the ordinary either so this will be a breeze for you to whip up. All you need is some gin, limoncello, peach nectar, and raspberry juice. Yum! You can get the recipe for this beverage HERE.

This hocus pocus punch is as scrumptious as it looks. Using Skinnygirl Sangria, and slicing blood oranges and red apples you will be on your way to a Halloween Party for the ages. The black licorice wand garish is a must have touch! We love it and you will too, get the recipe from Country Living HERE.

We love this festive Witches Brew since after all it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy and cocktails, and this drink is truly mixing it up. Definitely a treat for the adults at the party to enjoy! Thank you Latina for this great idea that will look oh-so-brilliant in photo booth pictures this Halloween!

Your Halloween bash wouldn’t be complete without floating eyeballs in your Dark and Stormy Death Punch. How festive are these cocktails! The floating “eyeballs” are made with lychee syrup and lychees stuffed with brandied cherries. Guests will be talking about these cocktails and wishing they would have been the ones to create this delish concoction. You can get the recipe on Food and Wine

This year you have got to try a Vampire Cocktail, complete with a syringe full of “blood” to top it all off. Fun for guests and delicious, you can’t beat that. The blood filled syringe is really raspberry puree.

Sound a little too “involved” for you? Don’t worry, all you do is put the raspberries in a blender or food processor and puree them up. Using a mesh strainer, separate the pulp from the seeds and discard the seeds. Get the whole recipe from Self Proclaimed Foodie right HERE and enjoy the festivities!

Author: L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Spooky Screwdriver via Cosmopolitan

The Confession Image via Today

Hocus Pocus Image via Country Living

Witches Brew via Latina

Dark and Stormy Death Punch image via Food and Wine

Vampire Cocktail via Self Proclaimed Foodie

Get Ready For Homecoming!

Homecoming season is upon us and there are so many fashionable looks that every girl can achieve this year. It doesn’t matter if you are able to splurge on a designer budget or on a moderate priced ensemble, there are so many fun trends for you to try and rock your dance with this season.

Short dresses are always a prominent choice for homecoming and we found some dazzling designs for you to add to your collection.

We found this exquisite lace ball gown on for under $100! It is

Wow! We found this chic piece on TeenVogue. It looks like stained glass and will make you the talk of the dance in this show stopping, and unique piece!

A sparkly, glistening, colored baby doll dress is ever loved. You can select from a wide variety of color options with this one as well. We found it on Vivadresses. The best part is it is only $160!

You don’t have to get overwhelmed anymore when trying to decide what color or shade dress you want to flaunt. Head over to Faviana and check out their guide on how to choose the perfect color for you. Their guide will help you to determine what will look and make you feel your best by considering your hair color, skin color, and above all your preference on what you want to wear.

Photo Booth of the Stars knows that getting ready for homecoming, or any dance and event, for that matter can be quite tricky. You want to look perfect and make a great impression while feeling as stylish as ever. If you are having trouble trying make your pick, Seventeen online has a really fun and quick quiz that will surely help you out. You can head on over and take the short quiz HERE and get the shopping started!

We all know that Pinterest is a lady’s best friend when it comes to considering hairstyles for a dance, wedding, and all of your special events. Homecoming hair trends are very similar, if not the same as a bride, or her bridesmaids at a wedding. Here are some of our favorites that we came across on Pinterest:

We just love this look for medium length hair. This is an impeccable upgrade to the half up and half down that will leave you looking polished yet not so different that your friends and family won’t recognize you. It is understandingly refined.

Have longer locks?

Try this look from Glamradar for long hair.

Messy, loose up do hairstyles are so popular and are not going anywhere any time soon. You can count on looking right on point by going with this option.

Author:  L.Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:


Top Photo Booth Trends – Backdrops and Props!

We are loving these glitzy photo booth props and the way they scream “celebration.” They are so appealing to the eye and we are looking forward to seeing lots of glitz and glam in the months to come. Photo Booth of the Stars has put together this list of photo booth trends for you so you can stay on point at your next wedding or special event.

social media1

Social Media Sharing

It is amazing how often we are checking our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and all the other social media outlets we are all using today. Uploads of life’s special events cannot be uploaded fast enough for today’s world. That’s why we include social media sharing right there in the photo booth so it is as convenient as possible for you to share your milestones immediately with your friends and loved ones over social media platforms.

Top Open Photo Booth Backdrops

Damask (dam´ask) Backdrops are rich, elaborately patterned materials that add an elegance to any photo booth backdrop. This classic look is back again and is available in thousands of colors and varieties which make it a top choice for events.

Barn Wood Backdrops are the craze right now and we love it. It is the age of rustic, barn, reclaimed wood, and DIY and the barn wood backdrop embraces every part of it.

Petal backdrops add a really pretty and whimsical feel that lets your guests know they are in for a good time at your party or event.

Palette Backdrops are another huge trend that we are seeing more and more. It started off with a slew of at home DIY projects that have now spread into every aspect of your life. Including wedding ceremonies and receptions. Palette backdrops adorned with everything from bunting to feathered boas have been spotted at many events.

Geometric Backdrops add a fun and colorful splash to any photo booth. 2015’s big trend is geometric patterns with lots of metallic and shimmer.

Twinkle Lights which add a romantic element to weddings and parties alike are not being limited to hanging from trees or balconies anymore. They are being included in backdrops, dessert tables, and so much more.

Top Photo Booth Props

Chalk Board Props are another huge trend we have been seeing, and will continue to see for a long time coming. They provide endless prop options and sayings and are great to re-use at a variety of occasions.

Glitter and Sparkle photo booth props will probably never fade and that is just fine by us. They are so fun to look at and easy to make if you are a DIY-er. Fun for the kids too!

Masks are BIG right now as you can imagine since it is October and Halloween is right around the corner. Whether it be masks from a costume shop that your guests can select from, or print out props that you have printed, cut out, and attached to sticks for your guests to hold in front of their faces your Halloween party cannot go without mask props.

Author:  L. Fulton-EventsbyL

Photo Credit:

Glitzy Photo Booth Props – Ruffled, Photos By:Izzy Hudgins